National Security Bureau American lawyer was suspected of bribery

Date: 099/11/23 @ 12:14
TO: Judicial Yuan
Name: David CK Chang
Telephone: 89529809
Title: National Security Bureau American lawyer was suspected of bribery

Dear Chief Justice Mr Hao-Ming Rai and Judicial Yuan Justices:

In the summer of 2002, an American lawyer hired by National Security Bureau(NSB) at Taipei City was suspected of bribery by funneling money with agent contract to the National Taiwan University(NTU) law school alumna young prosecutor Ms Chen Shru-lee of Taipei District Court after a car crash murder case in August 2000 was dismissed. One of his client Ms Chang Lee-chuan of the National Security Bureau(NSB) agent and informant, a teacher at local public Hope Elementary School was involved in a car crash murder case at Panchiao, Taipei County. The American lawyer hired by the NSB persuaded the young prosecutor Ms Chen of Taipei District Court to dismiss the car accident death case and urge the parties to make a reconciliation when the victim family was seriously in need of money. The agent contract to funnel money to the prosecutor was of the Central Intelligence Agency contract but the recruiting agency deceived the NTU alumna as a Federal Bureau Investigation contract, sir.  For we all know that the FBI agents would only appear in the United States of America to fulfil their duty, not outside the USA. The top agent monthly salary in Taiwan area was currently said to be NTD$200,000, take the example of the one of the former Legislator Chen Shui-bian’s contract as Taipei City mayor, plus the young prosecutor’s monthly salary around NTD$60,000(may report to the recruit agency that the Taipei District Court prosecutor monthly salary up from NTD$80,000 to NTD$100,000 in 2001, to reach the NTD$200,000 USA agency class subsidy in Taiwan area), would amount to a salary of NTD$260,000 a month. That significant amount of money funnelled without real duty when the contract described as an FBI contract, was surely a bribery paid by the client’s American lawyer hired by NSB in return for the murder case being dismissed in August 2000. But that American lawyer of NSB was cunningly absent from the court when the young Taipei District Court prosecutor Ms Chen dismissed the car accident death case. Please refer to the following explanations:

Born in 1975 or 1976 at Taichung military community, the name of that young prosecutor of Taipei District Court of NTU alumna may be called Ms Chen Shru-lee, or Ms Chen Shru-hua, of height about 170cm to be imposing as a female prosecutor, supposed to be graduated from high school in Taichuan City area, then went to National Taiwan University Law School at Taipei City. Afer Ms Chen graduated she had been through Judicial Officer Training Class to be deployed to the Taipei District Court as prosecutor. The Taipei District Court prosecutor Ms Chen Shru-lee(hua) was easily to be confused with another young prosecutor Ms Yang Shru-chen(lee). During February and March of 2000, the president-elect Mr Chen Shui-bian’s spouse Mrs Wu Shru-chen assigned the Fu Hsin Kang College(the former Political Warfare Academy) English or History department alumna, her name may be called Ms Yang Shru-chen or Ms Yang Shru-lee, the newly deployed NSB lieutenant officer, to be as the Taipei District Court prosecutor. The prosecutor Ms Yang Shru-chen(lee) was born in 1979 or 1980 at Chang-Hua County(Hsien), of height about 162cm, was previously assigned by Mrs Wu Shru-chen to the Taipei District Court to process a suspected petty-theft case informed by the NSB agents and informants Ms Chang Lee-chuan and Ms Lin Ya-chuan, meanwhile both holding the teacher’s jobs of public Hope Elementary School at Taipei County, by making an anonymous email impeach to the Taipei District Court citizen complaint email account, and later the court complaint mail box. Because of the pressure from her supervisor Mrs Wu Shru-chen and the pressure from her Taipei District Court colleagues lasting months in year 2000 to make the petty-theft suspect case a dismiss ruling without physically notifying that petty-theft suspect or the defendant to be violating Code of Criminal Procedure, Article 63, the ruling of this petty-theft case by prosecutor Ms Yang Shru-chen of Taipei District Court was to be an invalid case.

Prosecutor Ms Chen Shru-lee(hua) was alumna of NTU Law School through the formal law school training process to hold the place at the judicial court. When Prosecutor Ms Chen Shru-lee(hua) heard this petty-theft case lasting for months, finally dismissed by the National Security Bureau lieutenant officer and the newly Taipei District Court Prosecutor Ms Yang Shru-chen(lee), together with summoned Taipei County Police Station deputy sheriff Mr Dai Yew-tsong, my brother-in-law, who was summoned by the president-elect spouse Mrs Wu Shru-chen of the NSB lieutenant officer Ms Yang Shru-chen(lee)’s supervisor, and the French Mall owner Mr Douglas Tong Hsu’s employees who was the plaintiff at Taipei District Court, Prosecutor Ms Chen Shru-lee(hua) she expressed disagreement with the prosecutor Ms Yang Shru-chen(lee) of the same Taipei District Court who made that dismiss ruling. In August of 2000, one of the Panchiao Police Station police patrol of Taipei County Police Station who appeared to be undergoing some antipsychotic drug treatment, was called out to the scene of a car crash in Pu-Chen area of Panchiao City. He had a police disciplinary breach to accompany along with that accident driver, Ms Chang Lee-chuan, to the nearby Motel to wash and change her blood-splashed shirt which splashed when the driver Ms Chang Lee-chuan got off the car moving the dead body which she hit down by the car. That Panchiao Police Station police patrol had Ms Chang Lee-chuan’s national identity card carbon-copied with photocopier at nearby Convenience Store around the murder criminal first scene in Pu-Chen area of Panchiao City, during which period Ms Chang Lee-chuan stayed in the Motel bathroom, of which key information the death car accident offending driver Ms Chang Lee-chuan apparently did not quite aware, sir. But when the police patrol was thinking about a missed call dialed from the Mitac International Corp during the working hours to the young Hope Elementary School teacher’s cell phone lying on the motel bed, that forty-something police patrol (online observing, real-time connecting, and message received by many Mitac International Corp computer company engineers during the working hours; once my colleagues ever came to ask me about that observing contents but was denied by me) seemed quite obsessed with his single marital status and the psychotherapy drug use. This call was a double-blinded call to be a cue-up to the criminal scene with the police patrol in the motel, a cue-up call to the previously false dating love match of that car accident murder offender Ms Chang Lee-chuan from Mr David Chang of Mitac company’s engineer, which the NSB agents and informants Ms Chang Lee-chuan and Ms Lin Ya-chuan previously in April 2000 with their supervisor Mrs Wu Shru-chen using their political power through the Hope Elementary School teacher network to trick the caller Mr David Chang’s mother to believe that the two girls were going to be the love matches of his son. Mr David Chang’s mother was also a teacher at Hope Elementary School at the moment, sir. Meanwhile, another police radio call interrupted the police patrol from a conversation with the car accident driver Ms Chang Lee-chuan, to call him back to the police station, but there was no other police patrol coming to that motel or the first criminal scene to follow up the murder case, sir. The American lawyer hired by National Security Bureau of that accident driver NSB agent Ms Chang Lee-chuan finally suggested his client to accuse this police patrol coming to the first criminal scene and that Motel being attracted sexually by that young female teacher Ms Chang to breach the police discipline. It was a year later that a notified message sent to me, the timing was right before a military administrative car hit me to the hospital for an operation on November 29, 2001, near the McDonald’s fast food restaurant at Taipei City, that this forty-something police patrol died within a year after that car crash, by diagnosing a cancer disease in hospital, which was other than his previously antipsychotic drug treatment mental disorder, sir.

This car accident murder case was under prosecutor Ms Chen Shru-lee(hua) of the Taipei District Court, reported by the Taipei County police station on the day of the car accident. Earlier that day in August 2000, the NTU alumna Prosecutor Ms Chen Shru-lee(hua) had an appeal case rejected by the court judge and was teased by her Taipei District Court colleagues for not learning well in NTU law school about law, which she was infuriated and worried that reject would affect her future performance record at Taipei District Court. Just before sunset the police station transferred the car accident murder case to the Taipei District Court, because the police patrol at the first car accident scene and second motel scene was called away by unknown authority for another duty without other police members to take over, the car accident murder case was transferred to the Taipei District Court by my brother-in-law, the Taipei County Deputy Sheriff Mr Dai Yew-tsong, who went to the car accident scene for follow-up investigating, sir. The Taipei District Court Prosecutor Ms Chen Shru-lee(hua) knew this police officer Mr Dai Yew-tsong in March of that Mr Dougalus Tong Hsu’s French Mall petty-theft investigating, but I doubted that she did not aware of his Deputy Sheriff rank status. She dismissed the car accident murder case with the persuading of NSB’s American lawyer, who appeared to be like the foreign lawyer hired by Mr Dougalus Tong Hsu coming around in those months in Taipei District Court. Prosecutor Ms Chen Shru-lee(hua) seemed to be arrogantly making that dismiss ruling to wish to shame the county deputy sheriff Mr Dai Yew-tsong and also wish to shame her superior Taipei District Court judges who had her appeal case rejected and teased at her, for the same ruling as the Prosecutor Ms Yang Shru-chen(lee) did to the French Mall petty-theft case. That was what I know, sir.

The telephone number of Mitac International Corp showed up on the cell phone of the NSB agent and the accident driver, Ms Chang Lee-chuan, who was at the second criminal scene of a nearby motel, which number could be used by Ms Chang Lee-chuan the NSB agent to file a falsified document describing as her member of prostitute soliciting, when she ever mentioned with another NSB agent Ms Lin Ya-chuan to say that she disagreed with the provocative words which the USA Sgt. Eva Ivory said to the NSB agents before Sgt. Eva Ivory’s suicide in 1994. Sgt. Eva Ivory ever had a prostitute soliciting cell phone number of the California girl Ms Lily King posted on the classified advertisement at National Security Bureau. The NSB agent Ms Chang Lee-chuan of Hope Elementary School teacher had a prostitute conduct soliciting at NSB, provided with the real money return to make a sex transaction to the very car accident death victim, a young male teacher of Panchiao City citizen who had an origin from Chang-hua County. The NSB agent Ms Chang Lee-chuan would probably make such a falsified document to the Mitac International Corp telephone number filed in National Security Bureau only for the reason to divert the investigating of car accident murder case, also probably could be encouraged by the former Democratic Progressive Party(DPP) Legislator and Taipei City Mayor Mr Chen Shui-bian who previously in August 1994 falsified a case of Sgt. Eva Ivory upon the Panchiao Military Police Station second lieutenant military police officer Mr David Chang of Panchiao City, to serve the need of DPP member Ms Chen Chu handed in a name list to the Republican Representative for USA military revenge purpose, the visiting USA Congress members. The NSB agents and elementary school teachers Ms Chang Lee-chuan and Ms Lin Ya-chuan were said that during which period, they were not only observing the French Mall, but also observing the suburb motel, taping what second lieutenant Mr David Chang making love to his girlfriend, a university student Ms Wen Lu, just like at the NSB in 1994 they taped the USA Sgt. Eva Ivory making love to her “boyfriends” for mandated prostitute services, as porn videos. In another words, these National Security Bureau agents Ms Chang Lee-chuan and Ms Lin Ya-chuan were quite familiar with this military police second lieutenant officer of Panchiao Mr David Chang by watching the Panchiao Military Police Station military open house video tape, before August 14, 1994 USA Sgt. Eva Ivory’s suicide, and therefore before they making that trick dating of love match in April 2000.

I was fired by Mr Lin Ming-chen of the Hua Nan Comercial Bank on May 1, 2002. From lateral information to know the HNCB just fired me for a pretext of that another newly hired bank employee Mr Wu Guan-dei, born in 1975, had signed a CIA alike military agent contract from then president Mr Chen Shui-bian, while I directly refused Mr Chen Shui-bian to sign and refused to join Mr Chen Shui-bian’s DPP but instead joined the KMT party in 1994. The undercover military agent Mr Wu Guan-Dei signed Mr Chen Shui-bian’s military contract no more than two years then transferred to the law enforcement agency, the Investigation Bureau of Ministry of Justice to sign another FBI agent alike contract. In 2002, Mr President Chen Shui-bian told Mr Lin Ming-chen of HNCB’s CEO that he wished to keep that two-agency contracts signer and the two-agency salary payrolls listed agent Mr Wu Guan-dei, staying inside the former Taiwan Province official bank, the Hua Nan Commercial Bank, for this nation’s interests for undercover agency affairs, sir.

That summer, the USA Federal Government officer Mr George W. Bush was the recruit director responding for the international recruiting affairs. The recruit agent in 2001 provided a quota to Taipei authority for CIA agency recruiting. The targets were including the Taipei District Court dismissed car accident driver Ms Chang Lee-chuan, the French Mall petty-theft case and Military Reserve Officer Affairs counselor, then NSB chairman General Mr Ding Yu-chou, the Taipei District Court prosecutor Ms Yang Shru-chen, or Ms Yang Shru-lee(she went to New York City along with the dismissed car accident death case offender Ms Chang Lee-chuan and detained by NYPD or Federal investigation court for three days in the autumn of 2000, and had signed a low level(no significant payment) Hillaryland affiliating alike USA government contract after that three-day detention, Mr Jen-F Gu of China Trust Bank later came to New York City asked the Federal Investigation Court to release Ms Yang Shru-chen(lee) for the reason that she was a judge at Taipei, but denied by the Federal Investigation Court), the national defense subsidy receiver agent Ms Chen Chu of DPP, and finally the Taipei District Court prosecutor Ms Chen Shru-lee(hua). All these four recruiting targets were demanded by the DPP governmental official to transfer that 2000 August car accident death case offender, Ms Chen Lee-chuan, to an identity of secret witness to the petty-theft case of the French Mall of March 2000, under the Taipei District Court governmental witness protection. In such case, the agency money funnelled to Prosecutor Ms Chen Shru-lee(hua) by the CIA agent contract while telling the prosecutor Ms Chen Shru-lee(hua) that it was an FBI contract to sign, obviously was a bribery in return for the car accident death case dismiss Taipei District Court ruling. Such a bribery from the American lawyer to the Taipei District Court prosecutor was leading to Mr David Chang, the former Panchiao Military Police Station second lieutenant officer, from 2000 through 2010, since he was thirty years old to forty years old, under a long term military harassement by the National Security Bureau and National Defense Department subsidy receiving agents, almost losing all his constitutional rights.

The first words after Taipei District Court Prosecutor Ms Chen Shru-lee(hua) signed the CIA contract, or the notified FBI contract, was that, “I did not know they had such a huge amount of contract money return by signing the agency contracts, thereby, their living standard would raise to be more well-off, their personality would be forged to be more fair, their morality would elevate to be more decent.”

The USA recruit agency was adapting to the political slogan “Dignity of Taiwanese”, said by the former president and Cornell University alumnus Mr Lee Tang-hui in 2001. Another recruiting slogan was adapting to the explanation, “(Signing the contract and receiving the agent payroll money) to make Taiwanese own high social class circle citizens”, spoken out by then President Chen Shui-bian of NTU Law School alumnus, and NSB agent Ms Chang Lee-chuan of the Hope Elementary School teacher from Tainan City, which city then President Chen Shui-bian was born. But the NSB agents Ms Chang Lee-chuan and Ms Lin Ya-chuan using the human weakness of the Hope Elementary School teacher, Mr David Chang’s mother Mrs Wu Yu-Sing, anxiously wishing the antipsychotic drug intake son to have a love match and a marriage, through the elementary school teacher network to arrange for a false love match blind dating to conduct their supervisor Mrs Wu Shru-chen’s anonymous impeach National Security Bureau mission. The timing was in April of 2000, and after that blind love match dating to complete the impeach evidence collecting requirement to the petty-theft case, taking a military aggressive behavior toward another male NSB agent who had a prostitute transaction with agent Ms Chang Lee-chuan in that earlier winter, just right before the president-elect Mr Chen Shui-bian took his president office oath and got an election invalid polling which was called out by later People First Party chairman Mr Soong Chu-Yee. Ms Chang Lee-chuan and Ms Lin Ya-chuan of Hope Elementary School teacher in the first blind date of April 2000, asking the 1994 military open house Panchiao Military Police Station second lieutenant officer Mr David Chang if he remember that American girl sergeant Ms Eva Ivory who served at the Sang-chuang Military Police Station, and expressed their disagreement to the provocative words of that American girl Ms Eva Ivory for teasing the size of secondary sexual characteristics of Taiwanese to the NSB agents, and therefore was the common enemy of all NSB agents. Finally in the restaurant near Hope Elementary School for the blind love match dating, they had a quarrel replying to the air to cry out that although they had such an attitude toward USA Sgt. Ms Eva Ivory, the suicide case in 1994 August was not related to them because actually that still had quite a long distance between their attitude and what really killed Sgt. Eva Ivory. From this quarrel replying to the air in the restaurant, the context which the case dismiss decision of the car murder case ruled by Taipei District Court Prosecutor Ms Chen Shru-lee(hua) of the NTU law school alumna, and later the judicial process to turn Ms Chang Lee-chuan of that car murder offender into a new identity of secret witness under governmental judicial protection, as to the motive of the law concept it was apparently lacking of the element what Justice required.

When Mr Stephen Young(Yang) of AIT came to Taiwan to report his post as director in 2007, I was quite informed of that the revenue of local McDonald’s in Taiwan partly allocated to the above high class agents payroll in Taiwan area. It was after the Twin Tower #79 McDonald’s near my house at Panchiao City closed with the Bill Clinton’s suggestion that Mr David Chang all you had paid would go into raising those agents who offended you. Former President Mr Bill Clinton and the Yale lawyer hindered me from going to dine at the McDonald’s for my own benefit! Mr former President Bill Clinton finally answered my noisy dispute to the air by saying that the USA had deserted you, Mr David Chang, and you would be more wise and having dignity and possibly better off to act as a so-called “rebellion”, not to dine at the USA fast food restaurant, McDonald’s. But I had a CUNY Baruch College Business School Organizational Behavior program to give me a lesson, having a “diversity” concept beside my social security number getting from Brooklyn Borough in 1996. To dine at McDonald’s is my own business, sir. 

Best Regards,

Panchiao Citizen David CK Chang,
November 23, 2010,
National Central Library,
Taipei City

Translated by DB, Dec. 21, 2010, National Central Library, Taipei City

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