The constitutional rights and freedom concept

Date: 099/12/17 @ 12:43
TO: Judicial Yuan
Name: David CK Chang
Telephone: 89529809
Title: The constitutional rights and freedom concept under democracy political system
Dear Chief Justice Mr Hao-Ming Rai:

The New York City Council Member Ms Wu whose parents were from Taiwan ever witnessed Taipei City Mayor-elect spouse Mrs Wu Shru-chen harassing student Mr David Chang in August 1996 in New York City, using a Japanese machine account. The New York City Council Member Ms Wu criticized then Taipei City Mayor-elect spouse Mrs Wu Shru-chen against the student David Chang’s human rights since Mrs Wu Shru-chen not only did that harassment in New York City but also had been doing that machine energy harassment upon Mr David Chang when David was a younger student at school in Taipei. Before August 8, 1996, the date my grandmother died with an alleged deliberate medical fault at Veteran General Hospital of Taipei City, I think it was around August 2, 1996, the New York City Council Member Ms Wu was observing the Taipei City Mayor-elect Mr Chen Sui-bian’s spouse Mrs Wu Shru-chen manipulating a Japanese machine (online) account to harass the City University Baruch Business Graduate School student Mr David Chang(and that student in New York City was me), when he was studying the Calculus, Statistics, and Economics of university textbooks which he brought with him to New York from Taipei. From a public conversation communicated in Taipei during an international weapon purchase show and the military exercise occasion in 1994, evidence showed that Mrs Wu Shru-chen acquired that Japanese machine account information from the National Defense subsidy payroll listed member Ms Chen Chu(Ms Chen Chu is the incumbent Kaohsiung City Mayor, 2011), when Ms Chen Chu with a triumph tone told Mrs Wu Shru-chen that she not only was getting commissions from the former Legislator Wu Shru-chen’s membership money collecting of that reading auxiliary machine sold by the pubic relationship manager Mr George W. Bush’s USA company in 1970s but she was also representing as a Taiwan agent for the Japanese reading auxiliary machine membership money collecting to be getting commissions. Ms Chen Chu of the National Defense subsidy payroll listed member in public answered that she was wealthy enough and did not need that National Defense subsidy money. Ms Chen Chu was blaming Mrs Wu Shru-chen, the former Legislator, did not continue to give her the second term of congress assistant subsidy just before 1994, assistant subsidy money amount was around NTD$20,000. Ms Chen Chu told everybody in the international military weapon purchase show in 1994 that subtracting NTD$20,000 of Mrs Wu Shru-chen’s congress assistant subsidy from the NTD$60,000 Ms Chen Chu’s previously monthly earnings, remained only that National Defense subsidy NTD$40,000, this was an unbearable allowance for her getting by monthly. In 1996 summer when I just arrived at New York City for graduate business school study, the Taipei City Mayor-elect Mr Chen Shui-bian was taking a vacation visit with his young son to the Washington DC, USA, via JFK airport of New York City, staying from July to August, 1996. Mr Chen Shui-bian came back to Taipei City to report his mayor duty with the previous legislator’s congress national defense privilege, he quickly approved a military order to summon back those obligated national service military reserve officers who went to the USA for university and graduate school study. Ms Chen Chu at that time in July 1996 was with the Military Police SWAT recruit troop transferred to military base at Chang-Hua County. On August 9, 1996, the day my grandmother died at Veteran General Hospital of Taipei City, Ms Chen Chu was right there at the Veteran General Hospital of Taipei City for only a day with an observing task, sir. The typhoon days of the hospital emergency room in Taipei lasting for two weeks with an intended medical fault to cause the death of my grandmother Mrs Chang Wang-me when she was 89 years old, was pronounced by the American observers in New York City in 1996, sir. That is to say I was enduring the political intervention to summon me back from the USA graduate school study, sir. After August 9, 1996 the fatal medical deliberate fault happened at Taipei, the New York City Council Member Ms Wu kept on observing the human rights victim and Taiwanese international student, Mr David Chang(and that was me), studying graduate business school homework at Queen Borough home-stay family. The New York City Council Member Ms Wu whose parents were from Taiwan was criticized by the other USA citizens that she was of such a poor ethnic status to be incapable of assisting such a human rights case victim of the international student Mr David Chang who comes from Taipei, resulting to Mr David Chang’s grandmother was immediately bereft after the New York City Council member Ms Wu’s human rights comment to the Taipei City Mayor spouse Mrs Wu Shru-chen. Until October 22, 1996 when the international student Mr David Chang had been suffering heavy energy abuse upon his CUNY Baruch business graduate school study to be emotionally hijacked back to Taipei, the New York City Council Member Ms Wu never said a word with such a Japanese machine account energy harassment and the Taiwan human rights or civil rights issue again.

When we speak of democracy, the political system of democracy, that is to say the government power was designed to be limited by division of power: the executive, the legislative and the judicial powers. This is of the constitutional rights revealed by the ROC Constitution Article 2 with an idea of individualism. For this constitutional rights when 1994 Ms Chen Chu of the legislator assistant told me, a National Chiao Tung University graduated student, that I proclaimed and thinking of myself a Chia-Yi County origin citizen(she and other power wielding Taiwanese took it as a taboo, for a pretext of discrimination) in the military police station, therefore I was subject to be military controlled by the Democratic Progressive Party(DPP) military council member Mrs Wu Shru-chen, or I should sign a military contract instead. Ms Chen Chu claimed that this was the so-called “Rebellion” stance, or the “Loyal Opponent” stance raised by the late President Mr Chiang Jing-Kuo. Ms Chen Chu meant that when I rejected then Legislator Mr Chen Shui-bian’s soliciting to join the Democratic Progressive Party(DPP) and also refused the military contract recruiting soliciting in 1994 military camp, such a political incorrectness stance was the only modus vivendi to be taken in for me. But we say that individualism with democracy, the long time knowing harassment causes and reasons a national university graduated youngster Mr David Chang, the philosophy of rebellion was not his only choice, he could choose the “Freedom” concept of the capitalism after the industrial revolution which entrepreneurs asking for government authority. That is to say Mr David Chang could choose to stay away from the mess of local politics by the “Freedom” concept under democracy political system.

Best Regards,

Panchiao Citizen David CK Chang,
December 17, 2010,
National Central Library,
Taipei City

Translated by DB, Jan. 6, 2011, National Central Library, Taipei City

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