Civil law compensation about life and school harassment

Date: 100/01/04 @ 12:14
TO: Judicial Yuan
Name: David CK Chang
Telephone: 89529809
Title: Civil law compensation about life and school harassment(The enclosure of 2006 letter sending to Taipei District Court Judge Liu Ting-Boer)
Dear Chief Justice Mr Hao-Ming Rai:

In 1987 the law environment of Taiwan was still very strictly conservative. The officials of the USA Department of Justice came to Taiwan to investigate a car accident murder case, a grammar school pupil in Taipei County was dropped out from sixth grade and died with a car accident one year later, happened in 1983 or 1984. The incumbent Kaohsiung City Mayor(2011) Ms Chen Chu at that time was the casher of an American reading auxiliary machine company, and Mr George W. Bush was the public relationship manager, later when she graduated from the National Cheng-Chi University, the company manager asked Ms Chen Chu to sign a national defense subsidy contract. At the time Ms Chen Chu’s reading auxiliary machine membership had a territory including Taipei City and Tainan City(southern Taiwan) areas. Ms Chen Chu was told by that American company, “If your fee-paying members were harassed to be dropped out from school or have a low school performance, you shall use the machine resource to get even from the pupils of the opponent company. Or you would never have the chance to collect that membership fees again.” But the pupil of car accident murder case which the USA Department of Justice came to Taiwan for investigating around 1985 did not pay any membership fees to Ms Chen Chu’s American machine company agency or another machine membership collecting company, which company was represented by Mrs Lien Fun-Yee, the wife of former Minister of Transportation and Communications Mr Lien Chan. That sixth grade pupil in Taipei County shared the reading auxiliary machine resources of both the two machine membership companies before that pupil was dropped out from the grammar school. My sister Ms Chang Mei-Ling in 1987 enrolled the Private Xia-Hsing High School at Taipei City when Madam Chiang Soong Mei-Ling was the school principal. Ms Chang Mei-Ling, my sister, had never paid any membership fees to either agencies, but both two reading machine membership agents claimed both me and my sister Chang Mei-Ling was included in their reading auxiliary machine resource utility. In another words, in 1987, my sister and that car accident murder case victim the grammar school pupil were of the same condition to be subject to be dropped out from school classes. But Ms Chen Chu in 1987 during the USA Department of Justice investigating period had another school pupil who paid the membership fees for Ms Chen Chu’s agency company in Taipei City membership territory, which membership territory was mostly defended by Mrs Lien Fun-Yee’s membership agency. Ms Chen Chu had far reached to supply the reading auxiliary machine resource utility to that pupil in Taipei City but failed by the pupil’s low quiz scores and the pupil going to the mental clinic for therapy, no less than drop out from school. Ms Chen Chu previously was told by her American company to make revenge for such circumstance, but she was hesitated at the moment, considering that she alone might not be afford to attack pupils in the territory which defended by Mrs Lien Fun-Yee’s agency. Finally Ms Chen Chu selected the Chia-Yi County born Ms Chang Mei-Ling, my sister, who at the time was the first grade high school student of “the Forever Admirable Madam Chiang” as the high school principal, to be her target of revenge attack. The late President Mr Chiang Jing-Kuo in 1987 knew this, he made someone to investigate the backdrop of Ms Chen Chu’s revenge target deciding process. The late President Mr Chiang Jing-Kuo concluded that, “There was Americans guiding Ms Chen Chu’s revenge target selecting from behind, or Ms Chen Chu would not select Ms Chang Mei-Ling for revenge to avert the membership territory of Mrs Lien Fun-Yee, the wife of Dr Lien Chan who was the University of Chicago alumnus majored in politics.” Ms Chen Chu was using a pretext that Ms Chang Mei-Ling the Private Xia-Hsing High School student repeated the critique content of the China Times newspaper report to have an insult to that “Forever Admirable Madam Chiang”, the school principal. Ms Chen Chu almost using a tone of demonstrating to say that, “Taipei County Chief Executive Mr Lin Fong-Cheng and the membership agent Mrs Lien Fun-Yee: you all agree that such harassment to the school pupils when they are studying homework are legal? Therefore, I have harassed Ms Mei-Ling Chang, that would be legal, too.” Ms Chen Chu meant that she had harassed my sister Ms. Chang Mei-Ling Chang to be dropped out from the high school and by asking the official for herself to be acquitted. But Ms Chen Chu was anonymous at that time to make such a debate in public. The identity of Ms Chen Chu was until very late in 2006 to be discovered by me in National Central Library, after Ms Chen Chu had served at Council of Labor Affairs and then made a campaign for the Kaohsiung City mayor for the Democratic Progressive Party(DPP). The USA federal official Mr George W. Bush had ever warned them not to serve a government post openly for their secrecy. But she and the other DPP official apparently did not listen. Why Ms Chen Chu in 1987 harassed my sister Ms Chang Mei-Ling to be dropped out from Principal Madam Chiang Soong Mei-Ling’s Private Xia-Hsing High School? Because this harassment to the high school girl could divert the USA Dept. of Justice investigation activity focus to be away from Ms Chen Chu, a National Defense subsidy payroll enlisted military staff, thinking Ms Chen Chu not involved with the grammar school pupil car accident murder case years ago, and Ms Chen Chu therefore could stay away from the troublesome investigating activities.

After the USA Department of Justice had done the investing of the car accident murder case of the 1984 pupil at Taipei, and after a law suit against the American machine company of a high school student of Taipei City had been lost at Taipei District Court, the American machine company was bankrupted and Mrs Lien Fun-Yee’s membership club was dismissed. I heard that Mrs Lien Fun-Yee had a OCD(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) treatment at Taipei City clinic. That was some kind of behavior like frequently washing the hands, or always dusting the grounds, something like that. I remember that there was a message with a complaisant tone to say that, “Mr David’s (short stature)mother did not have an anxiety treatment in psychotherapy clinic, right? (What he tried to hint was that the lady in charge was registered to the clinic at the moment.)” Around my house which was near the Taipei County Chief Executive Mr Lin Fong-Cheng’s house, a broadcasting alike message communicated that Mrs Lien Fun-Yee’s son Mr Lien Sheng-Wen(Sean) was finding Ms Chen Chu to join her reading auxiliary machine membership and paying fees himself. But I and my sister Ms Chang Mei-Ling never managed to pay that reading auxiliary machine membership fees. At the time my father Mr Chang Cheng-Chi had a salary increase from NTD$8,000 to NTD$12,000, and the reading auxiliary machine membership monthly fee was only NTD$2,000, but we never had a channel to submit the membership monthly fee since the Mrs Lien Fun-Yee’s agency and membership club had dismissed earlier. Meanwhile, addressed in the name of the Yale Law School student Ms Hillary Rodham in 1983, argued that the USA not only had the capitalism but also had the democracy system, this pupil David Chang though did not pay the membership fees as he went to school, this pupil David must be offered adequate (reading auxiliary machine resource)utility to persist his excellent school performance. Then there was the Texas Governor Mr George W. Bush in 1994 Taipei military weapon purchase show telling me the second lieutenant military police officer Mr David Chang, “Mr David, at Taiwan this country, you are on the side of the poor, while I am standing on the side of the rich.” The status “poor” or “pauper” of the pupil David Chang at Taipei County was addressed by Ms Chen Chu to the United Nations opinion survey in 1988, and filed a report to some USA congress member’s office through the Japanese channel. At the moment in 1994 Madam Chiang Soong Mei-Ling was in New York, USA, online spoke out against the comment of Texas Governor Mr George W. Bush by saying that, “Mr George Bush, the lieutenant David Chang was not that poor to not afford that membership monthly fee in his grammar school age, of course you know that, right? He was not a pauper.” From these information, evidence shows that Ms Chen Chu happened to be related to these conversation contents, hereby hand in as the submission to the Judicial Yuan for reference.

The USA White House President First Lady Mrs Hillary R. Clinton in 1994, during the Taipei military weapon purchase show, was speaking to the military training troops in Taipei areas, saying that the first lady she was law school alumna and she hated the Chinese I-Ching philosophy, for such I-Ching philosophy would reverse the rights from wrongs. But Ms Chen Chu had reported in 1988 to file a secret document to some UN office and also file to the USA congress member office about the stuff related to the testament of human rights violations which Madam Chiang Soong Mei-Ling made for her high school pupil Ms Chang Mei-Ling in New York City in 1988. Furthermore, Dr Ma Ying-Jeou of Harvard Law School and Mr Chen Shui-Bian of NTU Law School successively were both First Lady Mrs Hillary R. Clinton’s direct report liaison. In 1994 that was Ms Chen Chu the former legislator assistant who handed in a revenge name list of Mr David Chang, me, to the Republican visiting congress member. In 1987 that was also Ms Chen Chu the former casher of the American machine company who harassed my sister Ms Chang Mei-Ling to be dropped out from high school. But as far as I know, except that in 1994, the DPP(Democratic Progressive Party) Legislator Mr Lin Chung-More rejected to hire Ms Chen Chu to be his legislator assistant, all the politicians in Taipei area either would be citing what the DPP member Ms Chen Chu said about the human rights, or at least would indirectly make a quiet consent to what the DPP member Ms Chen Chu done to harass the victims. Ms Chen Chu in 1994 harassed me by telling me that you were Ms Chang Mei-Ling’s brother and you had to handle this harassing case yourself, to go to the law court filing a law suit or we DPP members could still harass you. Something like this. The DPP Legislator and the DPP National Defense Affairs Reviewing Congress member Mr Chen Shui-Bian in 1994 of the Taipei international military weapon purchase show, in public, he told everybody, including those foreign buyers and visitors, that he and the DPP members would harass Mr David Chang, me, the military police second lieutenant officer as the only victim of the human rights abuse which the late President Chiang Jing-Kuo had burdened upon him, except that for him at the moment he was of a high social status official as the legislator while I was just graduated from the university. This method the incumbent Kaohsiung City mayor Ms Chen Chu utilized with the other DPP official members was just the Chinese I-Ching philosophy mentioned by the USA President First lady Mrs Hillary R. Clinton to reverse upside down the real situation of this human rights or civil rights case. When the very victim of the long term harassment of such human rights case or civil rights case, writing legal documents, submitting to the Judicial Yuan email account, and notifying related officials, it would be a surprise to the victim when finding out that Ms Chen Chu asking for human rights assistance from the victim family in 1994 was the very one who harass the victim and the victim’s sister to drop out high school(in 1987).

In 1985 when I passed the entrance examination to go to the Taipei City Municipal Chien-Kuo High School, within that half year, Harvard alumnus Dr Ma Ying-Jeou was making a decision to choose from two candidate students to make one of them to go to study in the Harvard University in the coming years. One of the two high school students was me, a Taipei County citizen lived near the house of Taipei County Executive Chief Mr Lin Fong-Cheng. The other was a Taipei City citizen. The lobbying and consulting staff including the Taipei City student’s parent suggested Dr Ma Ying-Jeou to choose the lobbying staff’s son as that Harvard University prospect student, a candidate backup by the ROC Harvard Alumni Association(Harvard Club). That lobbying staff said, “Dr Ma Ying-Jeou, please thinking about that you are a Non-Taiwanese(in Chinese, Wi Sheng Zen), you should make my son, also a Non-Taiwanese(in Chinese, Wi Sheng Zen), to be the official back-up Harvard University prospect student.” Mr Ma Ying-Jeou at the time totally agreed by the strict political environment previously to lose the Taipei City Council member elections, but he answered by saying that, “This prospect high school student in Taipei City was from a rich family, and we should choose the rich to be my official back up prospect student to go to the Harvard University in the coming years.” This prospect student who Mr Ma Ying-Jeou said that was from a rich family, supposed to be also the Taipei City Municipal Chien Kuo High School student, supposed to be the Taipei City Nan Men Junior High School alumnus, supposed to be subscribing to the Taiwan Shin Sheng Daily newspaper, and further more supposed to be paying reading auxiliary machine membership fees to the Taipei City membership territory agency. After the Harvard alumnus Dr Ma Ying-Jeou decided which one to be the official back up prospect Harvard University student, that is, to choose the Taipei Citizen from a rich family while exclude me from the Harvard prospect student list, my regular student daily routines was altered, my school study cannot get progress, my class scores plumbed. During this half year there were a lot of events happened, including Mrs Wu Shru-Chen hit by a car to be paralyzed in the election campaign of Tainan City, the lifting of the ban of political parties, the lifting of the ban of newspapers, the lifting of the ban of visiting Mainland China, and also the lifting of the ban of dancing for high school students. The late President Mr Chiang Jing-Kuo finally say good-bye with making a will saying to everybody that, “I was a Taiwanese!” When I passed the university entrance examination two years later to go to the National Chiao Tung University(NCTU) in Hsin Chu City, the 1986 White House 40th President First lady who was the former California governor first lady Mrs Nancy Reagon, she had a review to my university study. They told in the message form that first lady Nancy Reagon previously chose me to be the prospect student of Harvard University when I was a younger teenager in school, but when she found that in 1989 my Microelectronics course in NCTU was flunked with the scores 56 and 60 in hundred percent score, the staff(White House) told the first lady Mrs Nancy Reagon that with this flunked scores Mr David Chang you chose was almost having no chance to be the Harvard prospect student. Then the first lady Nancy Reagon just answered, “All right, let’s just forget previously what we mentioned to make this pupil David to be the Harvard prospect student.” When I graduated from the National Chiao Tung University(NCTU) in 1993, my total GPA score was only remained a C+ score. This modus operandi they used was that pupil David would find himself not worthy with these flunked scores, and pupil David would never find them and even make a protest to those who decided in his earlier teenager age to exclude him from being the Harvard University applying prospect student. Another important thing at the moment was that the late President Mr Chiang Jing-Kuo’s trusted confidential follower, a Chia-Yi County origin figure was executed by the Hsin Chu Military Police Station. He was used to be my private counselor in my teenage years. I heard that the Chia-Yi born confidential trusted follower of the late President Chiang Jing-Kuo was too confident with the manipulating of the machine to mistake another Kaohsiung City student for me, the Taipei County citizen at the time studying at Hsin Chu City National Chiao Tung University(NCTU). Because the student in Kaohsiung City who prompted up to have a dialogue with the confidential trusted follower and Madam Chiang Fun-Liang, the late President Chiang Jing-Kuo’s wife, discussing some concept of democracy which tone was appeared to be too radical and to be taken as insulting the Madam Chiang Fun-Liang, the late President Chiang’s spouse, that confidential trusted follower of late President Chiang had to redeem that insult his young apprentice made to be shot dead at the Hsin Chu Military Police Station. I remember that in 1984 when I was twelve years old and subscribing to the children’s newspaper, Mandarin Daily News, that Chi-Yi County born confidential trusted follower of late president Chiang told me that he would estrange me and to leave me to learn the Mandarin from those so called “Wi Sheng Zen”(Non-Taiwanese) in Taipei City, for he did not understand those stuff in my subscribing children’s newspaper, the Mandarin Daily News. Besides, both then Taipei City Mayor Mr Lee Tang-Hui, and Mr Ma Ying-Jeou at the moment within a year were successively departed from Taipei to the USA for the doctorate study of Ivy League universities, and each spending five years and six years separately to get their Ph. D.s before they came back to Taipei. In 1983 when I was a junior high school first grade student in Taipei County, I had a champion score in the first school examination. The Taipei City tutor came to Taipei County to make an IQ test for the three best examination performing students, which the third place was the son of County Executive Chief Mr Lin Fong-Cheng, but was the one who was absent from the IQ test. Meanwhile, the tutor who came from Taipei City to test the IQ of the pupils was planning to apply to the Harvard Law School or Business School for graduate school study, but she previously had her GMAT scores flunked by using too much time to finish the GMAT test. The test administration members told her that GMAT scores would be kept for her life-long record and definitely would affect the application of the university she wish to apply. Upsetting by this explanation of the GMAT test administration staff, the tutor from Taipei City decided to make a protest using the chance to test the IQ of the young pupil in Taipei County, she was pretending to be charmed by the young pupil to be only chatting to make only one-third of that IQ test questions to calculate the total score of the pupil. This young tutor from Taipei City she later applied the Harvard University graduate school for a Psychology major instead of the law school or business school and went to Boston immediately for her graduate school study. This IQ test scandal was immediately reported to Mr Ma Ying-Jeou who at the time studying at the Harvard Law School. Mr Ma Ying-Jeou then typed up a report about this IQ scandal of his Harvard fresh year student who majored in Psychology and submitted to the former Taipei City Mayor Mr Lee Tang-Hui, who was studying at Cornell University in New York State at the time majored in Agriculture Economics. That report was delayed for some reasons, and that IQ test teacher spending only a year to get that Harvard Psychology master degree to return to Taipei City and found a job in the China Youth Corps in Taipei City. Later the former Taipei City Mayor(and former Taiwan Province Government Chairman) Mr Lee Tang-Hui who was in Cornell University told Mr Ma Ying-Jeou who was in Harvard University that he thought that for this nation’s benefit, let’s forget this IQ score scandal happened between that Harvard Psychology master young teacher and the young Taipei County pupil David Chang, because the members affiliated to Harvard University had said that Harvard only want the rich to enrolled to that university and that IQ test scandal teacher who attended Harvard University majored in Psychology was from a rich family in Taiwan. At that time Mr Ma Ying-Jeou haven’t got his Ph. D. yet (not yet Harvard University alumnus), and Mr Ma Ying-Jeou earlier also had an operation to implant an artificial knee joint, therefore he said that since everybody agreed, that was O.K. for the IQ test scandal, he would take that as O.K., too. But his report had been typed up to send out to be filed, this report would not be O.K. If this Harvard alumna of the psychology master who has come back to Taipei was O.K. for the report, then the I.Q. test receiving pupil David Chang should be taken as the scapegoat of the report which typed earlier by Mr Ma Ying-Jeou in Harvard Law School. As told by that IQ test tutor when the IQ test was held, this Taipei County pupil David Chang he did not have NTD$10,000 to buy the examination timer, testing score cards, or even a testing plastic ruler, that was the fault of pupil David Chang out of his poor family. That would be the conclusion of that IQ scandal report, instead. Until 2010, the incumbent President Dr Ma Ying-Jeou and former President Mr Chen Shui-Bian both were said to file a lot of secret reports of so-called “human resource second division reports” in government, and they were both in public criticizing each other about such deeds to be unfair for Mr David Chang, me, the used young pupil in Taipei County. This is sure to be the political power which is still affecting me at this moment when I am forty years old, sir.

Best Regards,

Panchiao Citizen David CK Chang,
January 4, 2011,
National Central Library,
Taipei City

Translated by DB, Jan. 7, 2011, National Central Library, Taipei City


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