The law applicable to the NSB harassment

Date: 100/01/05 @ 14:20
TO: Judicial Yuan
Name: David CK Chang
Telephone: 89529809
Title: Details of the Long-term Harassment by NSB Agents and The Law Applicable to the Case
Dear Chief Justice Mr Hao-Ming Rai:

This document is related to two criminal suspected cases in Taipei District Court both dismissed by the prosecutors of the District Court in 2000 against the request for prosecution of the plaintiffs of both cases or maybe the want for prosecution of the defendant in the first petty theft case. The first dismissed suspected criminal case was involving a Panchiao citizen Mr David Chang who was alleged to be the suspect of a petty theft case which was dismissed by the Taipei District Court Prosecutor Ms Yang Shru-chen on March 29, 2000 for the reason that the suspect had a mental illness. Another dismissed suspected criminal case in August 2000 was involving a Tainan citizen Ms Chang Lee-chuan who was the suspect of car murder case in Panchiao City which was dismissed by Prosecutor Ms Chen Shru-lee for the reason of the prosecutor’s discretion to replicate the dismissed petty theft case on March 29, 2000 by Prosecutor Yang of the same jurisdiction of Taipei District Court. This Taipei District Court dismissed car murder suspect case in August 2000 was with a deliberate confusing process to make the police patrol who came to the first murder scene to be claimed as the sexual offender who was attempting to conduct a sexual intercourse by coercion to the car accident victim Ms Chang Lee-chuan, misleading the court of the evidence that the criminal case was only the sexual harassment case that the police patrol came to the car accident scene with the discipline breach to attempt to make a sexual intercourse by coercion to the criminal case victim Ms Chang Lee-chuan, who should be the car murder case suspect. The forty-something police patrol who came to the car murder first scene who was fired by the Taipei County Police Station with the police discipline breach was diagnosed with a disease other than his previous prescription drug mental disorder when came to the car murder scene, died within a year after August 2000 at home in Panchiao City. The car murder case suspect and National Security Bureau undercover agent Ms Chang Lee-chuan in 2001 through Taipei District Court Prosecutor Ms Chen Shru-lee assumed a secret witness identity under Taipei District Court government judicial protection for the petty theft case happened in Mr Douglas Tong Hsu’s French Mall of the dismissed case on March 29, 2000. Therefore, these two Taipei District Court dismissed cases in 2000 were combined and involved together to be totally a chaos situation. The related ROC law applicable to these two criminal cases are discussing in the following:

1. My brother-in-law(actually a cousin in law), Mr Da Yew-tsong still was the Taipei County deputy sheriff in August, 2000. In 2000 he was summoned by the president-elect Mr Chen Shui-bian’s spouse Mrs Wu Shru-chen to the Taipei County District Investigating Court for the petty theft case happened in Douglas Tong Hsu’s store. Because a witness may refuse to answer questions or give documentary evidence only if the answer or document would incriminate the witness. An answer is considered self-incriminating if it would lead to criminal liability in any jurisdiction. An uncle and niece in the collateral line, third degree; first cousins in the collateral line, fourth degree. The applicable law was the ROC Code of Criminal Procedure Article 180: Witness of the following circumstances, may refuse testimony: 1. At present or ever be the defendant’s spouse, lineal blood relatives, relatives in the three degree collateral consanguinity, marriage within the second degree, or parents, family members. In spite of this law provision, that was depended on the law court to decide if request Mr Da Yew-tsong to make a testimony was necessary.

2. The former Panchiao Military Police Station Second Lieutenant Officer and at the moment Taipei County Panchiao citizen Mr David Chang, the suspect of petty theft case happened in Douglas Tong Hsu’s French Mall, he had a dialogue in February 2000 with the NSB Second Lieutenant Officer Ms Yang Shru-chen, who was the later Taipei District Court Prosecutor Ms Yang Shru-chen in March 2000, to say that he was engaged in a process to investigate the local human rights offense and drug gang activities, and the energy device or weapon harassment of resulting fraud caused by gangster criminals which may cause the death of a lot of citizens. Mr David Chang spoke out his investigating intention in public, and with the apparently acoustic device to record and process of mutual communicating with the Taipei District Court and National Security Bureau from February through August of year 2000, therefore this petty theft case happened in Douglas Tong Hsu’s French Mall was lacking the essential law element of motive(actus reus and the mens rea) to be called a criminal theft case, sir. Besides, the young son of Mr Douglas Tong Hsu, the petty officer or sergeant of the Panchiao Military Police Station in 2000, was said to be appeared in the Mall on the very day, sir. This suspected petty theft case of Panchiao citizen Mr David Chang was of the self defense that citizens have the right of self-defense to protect themselves and others, as established in the state Constitution. That’s the motive and intention of this accused petty theft case reviewing in Taipei District Court and ruled by Prosecutor Ms Yang Shru-chen on March 29, 2000, which dismiss ruling for the petty theft suspect out of having a mental illness, was invalid to be against the law of the ROC Code of Criminal Procedure Article 63.

The applicable law were :
The ROC Criminal Code Article 23: For now unlawful infringement, and for the right to defend themselves or others act, not of punishment.
The ROC Criminal Code Article 24: Behavior to prevent themselves or others because of life, body, liberty, property out of the emergency, not of punishment.
The ROC Code of Criminal Procedure Article 63: The presiding judge, ordered Judge, Magistrate or Prosecutor entrusted with the law court proceedings date specified, should notify the related persons to be summoned to attend and present in the litigation proceedings. But this provision can be skipped if the litigation related parties have presented or if there are other special provisions regulated in this law.

3. The Tainan citizen and National Security Bureau(NSB) undercover agent, Taipei County Hope Elementary School teacher Ms Chang Lee-chuan involved a suspected car murder case happened in Panchiao City in August 2000 to hit down a male Chang-hua city origin Hope Elementary School teacher, a Panchiao citizen of NSB undercover agent. The murder suspect Ms Chang Lee-chuan was dismissed by Taipei District Court Prosecutor Ms Chen Shru-lee in the same month of year 2000.

The applicable law should be:
The ROC Criminal Code Article 165: Forged, altered, destroying or hiding evidence related to others of criminal defendant cases.
The ROC Criminal Code Article 273: Second degree murder committing to be full of righteous indignation.

The car murder suspect Taipei County Hope Elementary School teacher Ms Chang Lee-chuan in 2001 was with the assistance of the Democratic Progressive Party(DPP) apex politicians(Ms Chen Chu of DPP incumbent Kaohsiung City Mayor in 2011, Mrs Wu Shru-chen of the former DPP Taipei City Legislator and president-elect Mr Chen Shui-bian’s spouse, etc.), the assistance of military officer NSB general chairman Mr Ting Yee-chou, the assistance of the NSB military lieutenant officer Ms Yang Shru-chen(later deployed to the Taipei District Court as Prosecutor Ms Yang Shru-chen) and the assistance of Taipei District Court Prosecutor Ms Chen Shru-lee, transforming her identity to be the secret witness of the 2000 Taipei District Court dismissed petty theft suspect case and to be under government judicial protection. In the August 2000 Taipei District Court jurisdiction of a car murder case, the murder suspect Ms Chang Lee-chuan was hitting down the victim by car because the victim was of the same NSB undercover agent who told her that he wished to present in the district court testifying for the petty theft suspect Mr David Chang to be out of drug gang investigating motive and he also said that he wished to assist to defend Mr David Chang in court with the application of law provision of self-defense criminal code. But this male undercover NSB agent of Panchiao citizen who said that he wished to testify in court was also in January, 2000, appeared at the front door of the National Security Bureau(NSB) on Yang-Ming Mountain with watching camera overhead to call the Hope Elementary School teacher Ms Chang Lee-chuan, “Whore, whore, wait for me!” This made the NSB agent Ms Chang Lee-chuan ignored the car murder victim on the scene. They shall be having several sex intercourse transactions for real money return in the NSB formal occasion started before January 2000. In August 2000 Ms Chang Lee-chuan hit down the victim by car she was after a quarrel with that male undercover agent who was saying that, “Mr David Chang is my brother!(of the same KMT party member with him and Ms Chang Lee-chuan, they apparently in 1994 NSB military exercise observing, watching Panchiao Military Police Station training by video tape with the MP second lieutenant officer Mr David Chang appeared, the video tape program supposed to be recorded by the dead USA Sergeant Ms Eva Ivory of KMT party member as the movie alike program director.) Mr David Chang was my brother! You betrayed him and betrayed our KMT Party(Nationalist Party), so I have to leave you.(and I had transferred to Pu-Chen Elementary School, no longer to be your colleague in Hope Elementary School.)” But from the lateral information showed that this NSB undercover male agent on the day hit down by Ms Chang Lee-chuan’s car he was giving his wedding invitation card to the elementary teacher Ms Chang Lee-chuan, who seemed to have only one sex partner which was him, which was described on the scene as her sex transaction soliciting prostitution partner by saying that she was wearing too exposed to be a good teacher and to be his wife. The car murder victim had tapped at the car roof to tell her to quickly drive away from his house before hit down by her car.

Another context of this suspected car murder case was that before August 2000(Ms Chang Lee-chuan and Ms Lin Ya-chuan of Hope Elementary School teachers had a sarcastic remark about their salary and NSB subsidy money amount around April 2000 discussing in front of the NSB undercover director Ms Yang Shiao-dei in Hope Elementary School teacher’s office, who was a senior administration staff in that school), Mrs Wu Shru-chen of DPP’s NSB recruiting director supposed to be under pressure from the elementary school agency’s report and then told the agents in NSB meeting session that their subsidy of NTD$40,000 would be shrunk not only by dollar amount but also by the existing member’s quota, this announcement may cause the pressure of the undercover agents to lead them to be aggressive in behavior. Meanwhile, the president-elect Mr Chen Shui-bian of the same Tainan City origin with Ms Chang Lee-chuan, was under the challenge of the later People First Party Chairman Mr Soong Chu-yee to propose a presidential election invalidating polling campaign appealed directly to the voting citizens. On the day of the suspected car murder case in August 2000, Ms Chang Lee-chuan and the car murder victim both had attended the NSB meeting session in the morning, for they both not only were the Hope Elementary School teachers but they also had a NTD$40,000 of NSB undercover agent monthly subsidy. In the beginning of NSB meeting session, the president-elect Mr Chen Shui-bian, also an agent of contract signing, appeared in the NSB forum from a side ladder to have a speech to the NSB agents and his supporters, but the newly elected president Mr Chen Shui-bian was said to be hit directly on his head by a low end military staff to embarrass him. The president-elect Mr Chen Sui-bian with a smile to continue his speech by saying that, “We are very familiar friends, he is making joke on me, never mind.” Therefore, when Ms Chang Lee-chuan picked up the male undercover agent with her borrowed car(maybe Ms Chang Lee-chuan borrowed the car she wished to celebrate some victory with her only sex partner by suggesting to go to some motel as she observed Mr David Chang did previously with his university girlfriend Ms Lu, they hinted it in the April 2000 false love match activity in Hope Elementary School of teacher’s network which was turned out to be only collecting petty theft case evidences secretly.) Ms Chang Lee-chuan drove the male agent to his house in Panchiao City after the NSB morning meeting session, the car murder victim told Ms Chang that she wore too exposed to be his wife and tapped at Ms Chang Lee-chuan’s car roof to tell her to drive away quickly, that was sure to be a provocation to cause Ms Chang Lee-chuan to hit him down with the car.

The Taipei District Court Prosecutor Ms Chen Shru-lee was signing a USA agent contract in 2001 with the deceiving explanation by NSB recruiting officer, who was apparently of the same party with the American lawyer defending for the suspect of the dismissed murder case in August 2000. The recruiting officer told Prosecutor Ms Chen Shru-lee that the contract was an FBI contract, not a CIA contract. But if Prosecutor Ms Chen Shru-lee signed that contract of FBI without presenting in the USA to fulfil the USA federal government duties, it was no less than a bribery paying for that murder case dismissed by her one year before. It was a monthly subsidy about NTD$200,000 in the payroll class matched her district court prosecutor salary level NTD$100,000 class to be a significant money amount to be called a bribery. Basically seven years of a contract if signed twice was of fourteen years duration of a contract with monthly subsidy and salary money amount NTD$300,000 expecting totaled to NTD$58,800,000. Later after such a de facto bribery paid by the NSB defending lawyer related party, the Taipei District Court prosecutor Ms Chen Shru-lee further assisted the car murder case dismissed suspect Ms Chang Lee-chuan to transform her previous criminal suspect identity to be a secret identity for a petty theft suspect case witness. This was totally nonsense to be only served as the purpose of service for the bribery returning favor, sir. For that petty theft case happened in Douglas Tong Hsu’s French Mall which was dismissed by Taipei District Court Prosecutor Ms Yang Shru-chen on March 29 2000 shall be apparently against the ROC Code of Criminal Procedural Article 63 to be invalid.

4. This paragraph is to enumerate the harassment of National Security Bureau(NSB) agents which mentioned in the document sending to the Judicial Yuan on October 19, 2010, “The secret witness judicial fraud case, of the Ms One Chang of Taipei elementary school teacher from year 2000 through 2010.”
In August 2003, at the Arima company in the Chung-her city which was manufacturing cellular phone, my colleague and the National Chiao Tung University(NCTU) Computer Science graduated Mr Brian, who served a local military contract payroll listed job in the company to have a salary NTD$40,000 paid by Arima company without other subsidy. I told my colleague Mr Brian that my university classmate of NCTU Control Engineering who signed the military contract and listed in the subsidy payroll in Lite-ON IT Corp. of Hsinchu Science Park had a monthly salary with subsidy totaled to NTD$70,000. But at that time I did not mention to Mr Brian in Arima company that the NSB agent Ms Chang Lee-chuan and Ms Lin Ya-chuan of Hope Elementary School teacher had a monthly salary with subsidy totaled to NTD$80,000. The communicating message in Chung-her city in August 2003 around Arima company mentioned that some of my university classmates at the moment in August 2003 were signing another contract again to be ranked Captain in the manufacturing company in Hsinchu Science Park and at the moment under an on-job military training(maybe a military observing job). During the same week in Arima company in Chung-her City when I had the lunch break using computer surfing the Internet in the office, I was heavily harassed by the energy device or weapon to cry out for a protest. This reaction during the lunch break caused the management of Arima to ask me to leave the company for only one month hiring. For the Arima company on-site agent military abnormal offense observing, the next day there was a female staff of Arima company came to my desk and saying, “This energy harassment in the lunch break was done by your acquaintance in the National Security Bureau(on Yang Ming Mountain). Do you know her name?” I did not answer that female staff in Arima company in August 2003 for I was not sure of that identity prompted. When I was leaving the Arima company I got a pay cheque for that month’s salary NTD$40,000, and I deposited immediately into my Panchiao Branch Citibank saving account of the same month in 2003. The agent who harassed me in Arima company was supposed to be the Hope Elementary School teacher Ms Chang Lee-chuan and Ms Lin Ya-chuan appeared in the NSB at lunch time, but there was still another possibility to be my classmate from NCTU Control engineering, who was said to be just signed a Captain contract to be under training for the military agency job in Hsinchu Science Park. Because their monthly salary with subsidy total money amount was way too high than the salary NTD$40,000 of the same military contract payroll listed Mr Brian of my colleague in Arima company, this was a good reason for that captain level agents to conduct the harassment to separate me from the Arima company Mr Brian of the payroll listed agent of lower subsidy amount. This is the National Security Bureau military officers of captain level harassing the Panchiao citizen Mr David Chang for only their subsidy money purpose. This harassment was confirmed in Arima company by a female staff with her male colleague followed up, who decided that I did not know such NSB undercover agency affairs by my lacking response in the Arima company office at lunch time of August 2003, resulting to my immediately layoff by the company noticed in the same week.

The previously handed in documents by email form to the Judicial Yuan was listing in the following:

2010/11/23 @ 12:14 “National Security Bureau American lawyer was suspected of bribery”
“In August of 2000, one of the Panchiao Police Station police patrol of Taipei County Police Station who appeared to be undergoing some antipsychotic drug treatment, was called out to the scene of a car crash in Pu-Chen area of Panchiao City. He had a police disciplinary breach…Prosecutor Ms Chen Shru-lee(hua)…for the same ruling as the Prosecutor Ms Yang Shru-chen(lee) did to the French Mall petty-theft case;(except that the smart American lawyer hired by NSB did not show up in court on the day the court decided to dismiss the murder suspect Ms Chang Lee-chuan and did not participate in the reconciliation between the warehouse relatives of the car murder victim and Ms Chang Lee-chuan before the dismiss court ruling)…But the NSB agents Ms Chang Lee-chuan and Ms Lin Ya-chuan using the human weakness of the Hope Elementary School teacher, Mr David Chang’s mother Mrs Wu Yu-Sing, anxiously wishing the antipsychotic drug intake son to have a love match and a marriage, through the elementary school teacher network to arrange for a false love match blind dating to conduct their supervisor Mrs Wu Shru-chen’s anonymous impeach National Security Bureau mission…taking a military aggressive behavior toward another male NSB agent who had a prostitute transaction with agent Ms Chang Lee-chuan…Ms Chang Lee-chuan and Ms Lin Ya-chuan of Hope Elementary School teacher in the first blind date of April 2000…and expressed their disagreement to the provocative words of that American girl Ms Eva Ivory for teasing the size of secondary sexual characteristics of Taiwanese to the NSB agents, and therefore was the common enemy of all NSB agents. Finally in the restaurant near Hope Elementary School for the blind love match dating, they had a quarrel replying to the air to cry out that although they had such an attitude toward USA Sgt. Ms Eva Ivory, the suicide case in 1994 August was not related to them because actually that still had quite a long distance between their attitude and what really killed Sgt. Eva Ivory.”

2010/11/07 @ 13:24 “The key clue to the fraud judicial protection of secret witness identity case”
“The Taipei County Hope Elementary School teacher Ms One Chang…utilizing the prerogative as a teacher to come to visit the family of Pu-Chen Elementary School pupils which was not her school pupils and questioned the pupils if there were any one around the area witnessed the car murder scene…”

2010/11/05 @ 13:51 “Ms Chen Chu and the fraud secret witness under judicial protection case”
“5….When they were walking out the front door of National Security Bureau(NSB) to have lunch, the Chang-hua County origin male teacher Mr One Changhua who seemed to be of a shorter stature, from behind chasing up the two NSB undercover agents of Democratic Progressive Party(DPP) member teacher Ms Lin Ya-chuan, and the KMT Party(Nationalist Party) member teacher Ms One Chang, crying out by saying, “Whore, whore, wait for me!” The Ms One Chang NSB undercover agent immediately ignored the teacher Mr One Changhua to go along with undercover agent Ms Lin Ya-chuan down the hill to have lunch.”

2010/10/19 @ 12:18 “The fraud case of judicial secret witness, 2000-2010, of the teacher Ms One Chang”
“…using secret identity and National Security Bureau(NSB) energy device or weapon to harass the victim, prolongs for more than ten years from 2000 through 2010…”

2010/10/12 @ 12:15 “Mr Douglas Tong Hsu’s French Mall petty theft suspect case in February 2000 and the invalid judicial procedure notification”
“NSB agent Ms One Lin when walking out from the front door of National Security Bureau(NSB) asking agent Ms One Chang by saying that because Ms One Lin she was an agent of the Democratic Progressive Party(DPP), while agent Ms One Chang was of the KMT Party(Nationalist Party), she mandated Ms One Chang to impeach the petty theft case anonymously to the district court. Because I was speaking out in the Mr Douglas Tong Hsu’s French Mall to say that I wished to investigate for the energy weapon harassing case, the acoustic of audience was very clear to be recorded, the whole National Security Bureau was all aware such expressing, Ms One Chang at the moment told Ms One Lin that this MP law enforcement officer could help us to solve the energy harassment(pressure) problem exerted upon us since 1994 USA Sergeant Eva Ivory death case of apparently the USA army revenge…”

2010/09/18 @ 12:00 “The Unresolved Civil Rights Issues to Be Transferred to Who May Concerned from 2004 through 2010 in National Central Library.”
“4….the summary reports including the Taipei County Hope Elementary School one young male teacher of Changhua County origin who lived in Panchiao City since he was a kid, secretly notifying me before he was hit dead by a car that Mrs Wu Shru-chen in National Security Bureau(NSB) briefing room and monitoring room requesting the NSB agents to volunteer an impeach to the Panchiao Military Police Station law enforcement officer who claimed an investigating intention to the unknown authority by the national law in Douglas Tong Hsu’s French Mall, which NSB gathering meeting session was involving the political activity against the former Taiwan Province Chairman Mr Soong Chu-Yee who at the moment proposed a president election invalidation polling appealed to the direct voting citizens before the May 20th of the president inauguration day.”

2010/08/13 @ 13:18 “The ROC Constitution Article Two (Sovereignty) and the Taipei Civil Rights Case”
“(The Taipei district court ruling of March 29, 2000 was against the ROC Code of Criminal Procedure Article 63) 1. According to related codes and articles in the ROC Code of Criminal Procedure and the ROC Constitution, that dismiss ruling of Taipei District Court made on March 29, 2000 without notifying the related persons or the defendant to present in court proceedings was against the Code of Criminal Procedure Article 63 and therefore was invalid.”

Best Regards,

Panchiao Citizen David CK Chang,
January 5, 2011,
National Central Library,
Taipei City

Translated by DB, Jan. 20, 2011, National Central Library, Taipei City

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