A Miscarriage of Justice Case Mentioned by Mr Bill Clinton

Date: 100/01/15 @ 13:12
TO: Judicial Yuan
Name: David CK Chang
E-Mail: chaokai_chang@hotmail.com
Telephone: 89529809
Title: A Miscarriage of Justice Case of Hsinchu City in 1990 Mentioned by The Former USA President Mr Bill Clinton
Dear Justice Yuan Chief Justice Mr Hao-Ming Rai:

Six years, from 2005 through 2011 I have been stayed at this National Central Library which located at Taipei City, #20 Chungshang South Road, handling the energy harassment case mentioned by the USA dead sergeant Ms Eva Ivory in the summer end of 1994, which case also led to a Canadian second lieutenant officer committing suicide at the restroom of this same library on the next day of the death of Ms Eva Ivory, saying that she was to redeem the faults of military harassing the citizens who came into the library from June through August of 1994, which military action lasted for four more months until October of the year. The documents which I sent to Judicial Yuan by email and by postal service, addressed to the former Judicial Yuan Chief Mr Ying-chao Rai, the former Judicial Yuan Chief Mr Yee-sheng Wong, and the former Ministry of Justice Minister Mr Shih Mao-lin, the only several replies including a document with Ministry seal and an online email from Minister Mr Shih Mao-lin, which was with a reference on-line to the Judicial Yuan internet web page, saying that the government was under an action called “Judicial Reform” at the moment when Judicial Yuan Mr Yee-sheng Wong served as the Chief Justice. About this “Judicial Reform” of a reply and sort of an official explanation from local justice institute several years ago to my legal complaints of civil rights case concerned with the energy harassment, I would like to provide another miscarriage of justice case to Judicial Yuan Chief Justice Mr Hao-Ming Rai, which case happened in 1990 Hsinchu city when I was in my sophomore year as the student of the National Chiao Tung University(NCTU). It happened in a restaurant across the street of the National Hsing Hua University(NTHU) when I had lunch with the former Arkansas Governor Mr Bill Clinton. The female keeper of that restaurant and who also served as the chef seemed to press the alarm bell to inform the police station during we were having lunch, and was seized by an investigation officer of Ministry of Justice when we were still in that restaurant. The female chef was forced to leave her restaurant by the plain clothes investigation police officer with a reason of identity theft with illegal immigrant status to work in the country, detained for a month or so to exceed the deadline to pay a sum of money in bail for herself and thereafter to be sentenced to be jailed for more than one year in the prison after serving the former Arkansas governor Mr Bill Clinton. She was told by the police station which detained her to pay for her bail in a sum money in ten more thousands of New Taiwan dollars, but she told the detaining police officer that she was Taiwanese citizen not an illegal immigrant and did not violate the law, besides she did not want to inform her family members because she seemed to be participating for some military action outside the NTHU university campus at the moment. She told the police station in Hsinchu city which jailed her that she pushed the alarm bell simply was her responsibility to guard the students around the campus of NTHU(and NCTU). The duty to keep the safety of students in nearby university campuses seemed to be her most important responsibility there to manage a restaurant. The former USA President Bill Clinton in 1994 on the formal occasion mentioned this miscarriage of justice case happened in Hsinchu city of 1990 without directly addressing his official identity, the timing was just before the former USA First Lady Mrs Hillary Clinton leading the congress members to visit Taipei City for a military weapon purchase show, and also assisting the training of military reserve officers in August 1994. The details of this case was describing in the following:

As the question to the authenticity of the identity of former Arkansas Governor Mr Bill Clinton who I met in the restaurant in 1990, he gave me a business name card which was read as “Home Delivery, Mr Robert Clinton”. When in my junior year in NCTU, I transferred to the new Kuan-Fu Campus from the old dormitory in the Bo-Ai Campus, the former dormitory of National Integrated Circuit Semiconductor Training Institute which ever trained many of the management in Hsinchu IC industry companies sponsored by the late President Mr Chiang Jing-kuo. I left that name card “Home Delivery, Robert Clinton” of the former Arkansas governor Mr Bill Clinton in that old campus of NCTU. In 1992 Mr Bill Clinton had elected to be the 42nd USA President, around my new dormitory next to the Acer Company in the Hsinchu Science Park of NCTU alumnus Mr Shih Jen-Jung separated only by the NCTU campus back door, the interactive dialogue message only addressed as the USA Federal Government top officials with his wife, it was believed to be the message from the White House. In the message communicating with the budget reviewing former legislator Mrs Wu Shru-chen, Legislator Mr Chen Shui-bian and other officials from Taipei, Mr Bill Clinton only mentioned the name card left in the dormitory after the summer vacation but did not confirm his identity as former Arkansas governor and the incumbent USA president. The authentic checking of this official message from the White House was followed by the former Taipei County Chief Mr Lin Fong-cheng, and after this event only Mr Sean Lien, the son of Premier Lien Chan, finding from the KMT Party official files that I had a record to have lunch with the USA governor. Mr Sean Lien at the moment was the National Taiwan University(NTU) Law School student, he was connecting to the National Chiao Tung University(NCTU) campus in Hsinchu city, asking KMT party working crew members in the campus, but without an answer. Mr Sean Lien then directly connected to me online simply asking for this matter, but on campus I did not give him a positive answer as well. The authenticity of the man appeared in 1990 in a restaurant of Hsinchu city and the message from the White House on NCTU campus in 1992 of the former Arkansas governor and then incumbent USA President Mr Bill Clinton was only progressing to this far before 2004 when I came to this National Central Library for the investigating of 1994 USA citizen dead case of sergeant Ms Eva Ivory.

The 42nd USA President Mr Bill Clinton in 1994 when assisting the military police reserve officer training on military camp in Taipei area, he mentioned the miscarriage of justice case happened in 1990 of Hsinchu city, and the victim was jailed for more than a year. The 42nd USA President Mr Bill Clinton in 1994 blamed certain legislator and government officials of Taipei City that they should know the female chef of the restaurant in Hsinchu city was of a Taiwanese nationality because Mr Bill Clinton had informed them. Knowing that she was not an illegal immigrant but did not bail the female chef out of jail who had served Mr Bill Clinton lunch in 1990, that was a miscarriage of justice happened in 1990 in Hsinchu city. That legislator of Taipei City seemed to complain to the 42nd USA President in 1994 that the female chef who served the former Arkansas governor for lunch had been participating a military exercise in 1990 around the NTHU campus to have an identity theft police record, how could he know that she was a Taiwanese but not a Vietnamese or a Thai to work illegally in Taiwan? At the moment the military training staff were bystanders and warned that female chef who was put into jail for more than a year and the other military crew members, “Do not help Mr David Chang again! If you help Mr David Chang of NCTU, you would be punished as such for an example.”

In 1990 in a Chinese food restaurant across the Kuan-Fu Street outside the National Tsing Hua University(NTHU) campus, I had lunch with the former Arkansas governor Mr Bill Clinton(Robert Clinton). Recently I had posted a detailed document in my Yahoo personal blog website, of the conversation with Mr Bill Clinton in that restaurant in 1990. That was on an occasion after I said Hello to Mr Bill Clinton in the front door of NTHU, he invited me to go for a lunch with him in the nearby restaurant. I picked up the Chinese food restaurant on the corner of the street, and the former governor ordered from the menu, a dish of pork intestine with sour vegetable. Except that the dish cook with too much vinegar to taste too sour, everything was just fine. The former governor Mr Bill Clinton even asked me to go to the nearby McDonald’s fast food restaurant for another meal because he did not get used to that sour pork intestine, but I said that in the afternoon I had a class to be catch-up to refuse his another invitation. We had lunch in the Chinese food restaurant to shmooze about the human rights issue of my sister Melody Chang and the former Arkansas governor Mr Bill Clinton mentioned that he was graduated from the Yale University Law School and ever served as the attorney general of Arkansas State. He said that he used to teach law in the university, and was the famous Professor Gould. The purpose this time came to Taiwan was seeking for me(as the United Nations Child Abuse Case victim, but I was skeptical because I thought that I was not a child to be a university sophomore student, you know.) The former Attorney General and Arkansas governor told me in the restaurant that he had investigated the environment around my house. I was surprised to hear that words said by Mr Bill Clinton who gave me a home delivery name card. At the moment during we had been conducting a conversation, an icon message, video type communicating image, prompted up the scene of the television news report, the timing was in 1988 of my second grade of Taipei Municipal Jianguo High School year when the former Arkansas governor Mr Bill Clinton was waving his hand and saying goodbye to the crowd gathered in front of the governor mansion. Mr Bill Clinton quickly said yes to that prompted up icon(image), explained to me that because I had watched the television news on the television, and this was reviewed by his boss in the White House(the former California governor and the 40th USA President Mr Ronald Reagan, with his wife Mrs Nancy Reagan and the staff of the White House), the former Arkansas governor Mr Bill Clinton told me that his boss asked him to visit me at Taipei, saying that, “This young kid at Taipei had watched the television news and had known your identity. Therefore, you have to go to Taipei for a talk with this young kid to explain the misunderstandings.” At the moment the California teenager girl Ms Lily King was with the former Arkansas governor Mr Bill Clinton and his wife coming to Taipei City YWCA, she was always telling me in the following years to come to find that Mr Officer to have a talk, because that would surely do some good to me.

When we had lunch in 1990 in the restaurant at Hsinchu city, the former Arkansas governor Mr Bill Clinton dressed in a sport coat of the brand name Kappa. The color of his blue jeans faded a little to be looked as like wearing a leather clothing or a Hippie attire. The former governor Mr Bill Clinton was with height over 193 cm, seemed too thin of figure, bearded, and with the light thick brow to look lacking enthusiasm and energy. The female chef and keeper of the restaurant to push the alarm bell to call a plain clothes investigation police officer came into the restaurant. She told the police officer that Mr David Chang was the student of NTHU(or NCTU), and she was afraid that the university student would happen some accident with this oversize foreigner. That was the reason she pushed the alarm bell to inform the police station. That plain clothes police officer went out with the female chef to meet us when we were eating lunch and asking us if we know this woman. Without waiting for our reply, he answered himself to say that they were familiar lovers and forced the female chef to leave the restaurant with him.(I was informed that at the investigation police station of Hsinchu city, the plain clothes police officer told the female chef that the man was an official of the USA governor and not a bandit. Since you push the alarm bell would surely leave a police record, and the police record must be closed somehow. Therefore, we had to close this police record by detaining you for identity theft and illegal immigrant to work in the country.) Finally, when we were still having our lunch in the restaurant, the restaurant keeper was seized by the plain clothes police officer to the police station. After our lunch Mr Bill Clinton circled around the restaurant and even went upstairs to find the restaurant keeper but he found no one. When the former governor Mr Bill Clinton went out the restaurant to meet me when riding on my KHS bicycle and waving hand to say goodbye, he told me that he “had paid the bill” by leaving the money on the restaurant counter desk. The investigating officer of Ministry of Justice in Hsinchu city later connected to the NCTU campus to have a dialogue with the staff of Control Engineering Department, the Ministry of Justice investigation bureau officials said that this female restaurant keeper was a Vietnamese of illegal immigrant to work in the country to be detained, then did not pay the money to exceed the deadline for release on bail and was sentenced to prison by the law court to be jailed for a year and more. In 1994, the top USA official from the White House who was believed to be then incumbent USA President Mr Bill Clinton was finding out this police record, he was then blaming the legislator and officials from Taipei city of such a miscarriage of justice to jail the female chef who served his lunch in 1990. This was sure to be a miscarriage of justice happened in Hsinchu city in 1990.

Best Regards,

Panchiao Citizen David CK Chang,
January 15, 2011,
National Central Library,
Taipei City

Translated by DB, Jan. 28, 2011, National Central Library, Taipei City


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