Pictures of the girl in nun’s costume and a baby at Taipei photo gallery

It was said that the lady ever had a photo shooting in Taiwan some decades ago.

In that picture she was dressed in a nun’s costume.

That was a photo gallery show in Taipei City decades ago.

Her picture in nun’s costume was displayed with another picture of a nursing baby by its aunt.

There were many Taiwanese came to the photo gallery at Taipei City.

Finally her President in USA came to that photo gallery at Taipei, too.

But it was said that they did not preserve any negative of that picture.

That was where the USA President knew this young girl.

Later, she had a singing performance in the White House alike occasion.

It was said that the USA President saw the young lady again.

I was thinking that was what Mr Officer in his autobiography book was trying to reveal,
but I was not sure.

February 3, 2011,
Panchiao, New Taipei City


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