President Bill Clinton pardoned Legislator Chen Shui-bian on August 2, 1994

draft20110317, the original of RAPC. Continue from draft20110316, the original of RAPC

DATE: 100/01/23 @ 16:12, TO: Judicial Yuan,TITLE: The Original Document of Risk Agreement of the Possessed Child Which Mrs Wu Shru-chen Claimed Dr Ma Ying-jeou had in 1996 Civil Rights Case. Dear Chief Justice Mr Hao-Ming Rai:

…Madam Chiang Soong Mei-ling was in New York, while Mrs Chiang Hsu Ne-jing was in Taiwan, they were with the escaped CIA Training Recruit Sergeant Ms Eva Ivory who was the former Taipei City YWCA English teacher, on a Taipei military exercise occasion of August 2, 1994, to ask me, Mr David Chang, the second lieutenant military police officer to deal with Legislator Mr Chen Shui-bian whose case was discussed on the scene by the White House, Women’s Association members and diplomats, of an accusing letter previously sending to Taipei in 1992 by an Arkansas lawyer and Yale Law School alumnus. He was the newly elected USA President Mr Bill Clinton. I refused on the spot because I told him, Mr President, “How could a judge using a gun of military weapon to suit a legislative member of the congress body without violating any rule to be legitimate, let alone the moral requirement?” But he dare to pave the way for the second lieutenant, me, Mr David Chang, who refused to suit that very legislator on August 2, 1994, to pave a way to a route of suicide behavior to delay my life to my forties, after his pardon for the very legislator during the discussion on the military exercise occasion on August 2, 1994, a legislator whom he accused of criminal offense in 1992 with a letter sending to Madam Chiang Soong Mei-Ling. On August 15, 1994 the Democratic Progressive Party(DPP) of that very legislator promptly supplied with an informant requested name to serve as a revenge purpose to the visiting USA First Lady Mrs Hillary Clinton, who immediately flied away from Taipei, and also a name was supplied to the visiting Republican Congress Representative or Senate member.

…Best Regards, Panchiao Citizen David CK Chang, F121485303,SSN057864042, January 23, 2011, National Central Library, Taipei City.

(Continued)Translated by DB, March 17, 2011, National Central Library, Taipei City


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