The wo blades of scissors, clamp and cut the civil rights of the privy of the victim

draft20110330, the original of RAPC. Continue from draft20110317, the original of RAPC

DATE: 100/01/23 @ 16:12, TO: Judicial Yuan,
TITLE: The Original Document of Risk Agreement of the Possessed Child Which Mrs Wu Shru-chen Claimed Dr Ma Ying-jeou had in 1996 Civil Rights Case. Dear Chief Justice Mr Hao-Ming Rai:

…The document which was sent on January 4th, 2011 to the Judicial Yuan Complaints Email Account, document title: “The Appeal Against Compensatory Damage Award for School Work and Life Harassment.(2006 judicial document of an attachment paper which sent to Taipei District Court Judge Mr Liu Ting-poe)”, mentioned that “…the so-called rich man whom was chosen by Mr Ma Ying-Jeou to be the Harvard prospect student, supposed to be a student of Taipei Municipal Jianguo High School, of the Taipei Municipal Nanmen Junior High School alumnus, of the Taiwan Shin Sheng Daily subscriber, and furthermore, paying the monthly fee of the reading machine to the membership company.” Mr Ma Ying-jeou chose the Jianguo High School student who had been paying the machine membership fee, and excluded me not paying money from the Harvard prospect student list, with a pretext that “Mr David Chang was a so-called Taiwanese.” The real reason was that Mr Ma Ying-jeou had been paid by commission and bonus from that reading machine company without any investing to that company, at the time mostly managed by Ms Chen Chu and Mrs Lien Fun-yu in Taipei City. “I did this simply for my own interests.” Mr Ma Ying-jeou added this comment at that moment. But Mr Ma Ying-jeou once ever through third party to ask my mother Mrs Wu Yu-shing to pay for the machine company as soon as possible, but my mother at that month had that money(NTD$2000) spent on the Housewives Coffee Shop in the Eastern District of Taipei near the Chinese Television System(CTS) Company, as I know which was managed by the Taipei Women’s Association at that time. In that month my mother went to Taipei City for a meeting with Mrs Tseng Wen-hui of the wife of former Taipei City Mayor and the Taiwan Province Chairman Mr Lee Tang-hui who was at the moment studying his sixth year for doctorate degree in the New England area of USA(Cornell University). After this month of meetings to spent all the money, the thing was that my sister Mei-ling Chang was dropped out from Principal Madam Chiang’s Xia-Xing High School and simply to be medical controlled by the mental clinic, which was run by Dr Lee-kang and Dr Wang Ke-ming. Therefore, we had never paid any fee to that American reading machine membership company until I went to my graduate school in the New York City in 1996! It was said that Mr Ma Ying-jeou became Ms Hillary Rodham’s informant since his studying in Harvard University, but not until 2004 when Mr Chen Shui-bian also became Mrs Hillary Clinton’s informant that Mr Ma Ying-jeou started to know that the one whom he reported to was Mrs Hillary Rodham Clinton. In another words, from the very beginning, it was a case to request the relatives of that very victim of the prescription drug and energy abuse to assist arguing for the victim’s civil rights, resulted to be served as only an ugly lie. It probably was the USA Women’s Association informed me to assist the case when I was just graduated from the university, but on the other hand, the core members who were against me was the informants of Hillaryland, including Mr Ma Ying-jeou and Mr Chen Shui-bian, using the fraternity instruction to hinder the civil rights processing. It was just like the two blades of scissors, clamp and cut the civil rights of the privy of the victim, that is, to clamp and cut the civil rights of Ms Mei-ling Chang’s brother Mr David Chang, who was forced to handle this civil rights case from 1993 when he was just graduated from the National Chiao Tung University(NCTU), until today 2011 when he was already 40 years old. It was a sure end game of the political double talk to sacrifice the very victim. .

…Best Regards, Panchiao Citizen David CK Chang, F121485303,SSN057864042, January 23, 2011, National Central Library, Taipei City.

(Continued)Translated by DB, March 30, 2011, National Central Library, Taipei City


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