“Mr Chiang Jing-kuo set you free from the moment on!”

draft20110406, the original of RAPC. Continue from draft20110330, the original of RAPC

DATE: 100/01/23 @ 16:12, TO: Judicial Yuan,
TITLE: The Original Document of Risk Agreement of the Possessed Child Which Mrs Wu Shru-chen Claimed Dr Ma Ying-jeou had in 1996 Civil Rights Case. Dear Chief Justice Mr Hao-Ming Rai:

…When I was ten years old in 1981 my mother subscribed to the Mandarin Daily for me. At the moment Mr Ma Ying-jeou had been to Harvard Law School studying for a year, Mr Lee Tang-hui was the mayor of Taipei City, and was transferring to the post of Chairman of Taiwan Province Government. In that week when I was on my own happily reading my first children edition newspaper, the Mandarin Daily, my mother and my sister were leaving our house for that Lego selling exhibition in Taipei City(my mother who was 36 years old, a village woman coming from the southern part of Taiwan, as called in the Lego selling exhibition by the foreigners and members of the Taipei Women’s Association, my sister was 9 years old.) At the door they said to me, “Hmm…you are only eleven years old, a juvenile not yet an adult. True. This will do for us to decide it for you!” When my 9 years old sister and my 36 years old mother came back from Taipei City after attending the Lego exhibition, at the dinner table they were talking to my father. It was about a document of “Risk Agreement of the Possessed Child(RAPC)”, signed by my nine years old sister with the Lego selling exhibition salesman when my mother was kept aside the Lego exhibition place, saying that “it was the agreement from the manipulated child or its parents to bear all the risks of the process(it could implied the Lego game intellectual developing process).” It was then implied an illegal contract that anyone who keeps this RAPC agreement document shall be excluded from all the responsibility bearing or compensation paying in all kind of process from then on upon the child.

The additional information told by my father, the source was from the Taiwan Power Company in Taipei City, that it was said Mr Ma Ying-jeou was asked by the USA federal government to sign a military contract in Harvard Law School at his second year at Harvard University. Mr Lee Tang-hui as the Chairman of Taiwan Province Government was authorized by the late President Mr Chiang Jing-kuo by his words, “You see the situation to decide”, to go to the USA to communicate for Mr Ma Ying-jeou’s contract signing. Mr Lee Tang-hui appeared in the USA with this Risk Agreement of the Possessed Child(RAPC) document of my name “C.K. Chang” signed on it by my nine years old sister at the Lego exhibition. The Chairman Mr Lee Tang-hui was planning for a study to earn a doctorate degree of the Agricultural Economics in Cornell University. With my RAPC agreement as an authenticity proving, it was said that Chairman Mr Lee Tang-hui signed a military contract himself in the USA and via this to communicate to Mr Ma Ying-jeou to sign that military contract at Harvard Law School. But later the federal government official gave back the contract Mr Lee Tang-hui signed and told him the military contract was not needed because he was the Chairman of Taiwan Province Government(a Governor). It was said the USA federal government official eagerly conducted this military contract signing activity to the Harvard Law School Mr Ma Ying-jeou was simply because a government file of the Yale Law School student(Wellesley College graduated) Ms Hillary Rodham, recorded in Taiwan by then Taipei County Administrative Chief Mr Lin Fon-Cheng earlier(contents mentioned about Ms Hillary Rodham had some trouble with the newly elected Arkansas Governor Mr Bill Clinton, the former Arkansas State Attorney General, also mentioned her military contract Taipei official investigating).

When I was 15 years old in 1986 and just passed the entrance examination ready to go to Taipei Municipal Chien Kuo (Jianguo)High School, Mrs Chiang Hsu Ne-ging, daughter-in-law of the late President Mr Chiang Jing-kuo, came to say to me with a little sadness, “Mr Chiang Jing-kuo said that you are so best because you passed the entrance examination of the Taipei First High School(Jianguo High School). You are adult now. Mr Chiang Jing-kuo set you free from the moment on!” But the second dialogue was later when Mrs Chiang Hsu Ne-Ging came to talk to Dr Ma Ying-jeou who just earned his doctorate law degree in 1984 and returned to Taipei. Dr Ma Ying-jeou said that, “This Risk Agreement of the Possessed Child(RAPC) of Mr David Chang cannot return to him. Then we could be clean of the law responsibility.” In another words, this RAPC agreement was tricked at Lego exhibition in Taipei City when Mr Lee Tang-hui was as mayor, held by the late President Mr Chiang Jing-kuo for five years. But because Harvard Law School Dr Ma Ying-jeou coming back refused to return the document as Ms Chiang Hsu Ne-ging’s suggesting, this RAPC agreement was held by the relative party for another several years. Is it a kind of greedy behavior which was motivated to insist on keeping such an illegal document of the Risk Agreement of the Possessed Child?

…Best Regards, Panchiao Citizen David CK Chang, F121485303,SSN057864042, January 23, 2011, National Central Library, Taipei City.

Translated by DB, April 6, 2011, National Central Library, Taipei City

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