The original of RAPC(Risk Agreement of Possessed Child)

Date: 100/01/23 @ 16:12
To: Judicial Yuan
Name: David CK Chang
Telephone: 89529809
TITLE: The Original Document of Risk Agreement of the Possessed Child Which Mrs Wu Shu-chen Claimed Dr Ma Ying-jeou had in 1996 Civil Rights Case.
Content: Dear Chief Justice Mr Hao-Ming Rai:

The spouse of former President Mr Chen Shui-bain, Mrs Wu Shu-chen ever said to her countrymen in Taiwan, “Except Mr Chen Shui-bian, Dr Ma Ying-jeou was the related party to the 1996 civil rights case of CUNY Baruch Business Graduate School drop-out student Mr David Chang.” Mr Ma Ying-jeou had the original document of Risk Agreement of the Possessed Child, which copy held by Mrs Wu Shru-chen was perceived to be presented via a Japanese delegate to the United Nation Human Rights Council and USA Federal Court by the time August 9, 1996 my grandmother died with medical gross negligence. The court hearing took place in New York City. The following paragraphs are the details.

Like a Chinese proverb goes, you know, “like knows like”, both graduated from the Ivy League law schools, Yale and Harvard, the 42nd USA President Mr Bill Clinton told Dr Ma Ying-jeou in August of 1996 that he was willing to help Dr Ma Ying-jeou to clarify such an issue of Free Chinese Monthly(Boston Communication) raised by New York City TAA(Taiwanese Association of America) members and Ms Wu Shu-Chen of Democratic Progressive Party(DPP) former legislator.

The former Texas Governor Mr George Bush Jr. was said to be detained on August 14, 1994 by the military police Lieutenant Chief Mr Kao Li-Jih for three days. When the Texas Governor Mr George Bush Jr. came back to the states reporting to the Federal government about this stuff, his president Mr Richard Nixon died of a heart attack on October 24, 1994 after Sergeant Ms Eva Ivory’s death was mentioned. In the summer of 1996, identified as Texas governor Mr George Bush Jr., he told us, who were the international students in New York City at the moment, that from 1994 August through 1996 August he had not come back to his governor office in Texas and stayed in the New England, Boston and New York areas, to cooperate with the Federal Government investigating. When a document submitted from the Taipei official about the military revenge of the death sergeant Ms Eva Ivory at Taipei on August 14, 1994, Mr Governor George Bush Jr. testified that it was not of the responsibility of the CUNY Baruch Graduate School international student and the second lieutenant Mr David Chang, who was in the New York City at the moment. Mr George Bush Jr. mentioned that second lieutenant Mr David Chang ever helped him passing through the airport checkpoint in Taipei. However, the anonymous First Lady Mrs Hillary Clinton was the tribunal supervisor. Mrs Hillary Clinton told the Texas Governor George Bush Jr. that were he planned to change the name of Mr David Chang in the document which submitted from the Taipei official, the Texas governor Mr George Bush Jr. he had to show up his real identity. So as to be shadowed in the dark, Mr George Bush Jr. said that so be it, he could not help this David Chang. It was believed to be the later Taipei National Security Bureau chairman General Mr Ting Yee-chou, the one who Sgt. Eva Ivory mentioned as her colonel instructor, to submit this document for the USA Federal government review in 1996.

I remember that in New York City of August 1996, when Dr Ma Ying-jeou had a dialogue with the USA 42nd President Mr Bill Clinton, as a director of Kuomintang Party(KMT) Youth Working Crew, Dr Ma Ying-jeou approved a punishment imposed upon the CUNY Baruch Business Graduate School international student Mr David Chang, which punishment seemed to be ordered by then KMT Party Chairman Mr Lee Tang-hui, also the elected Taiwanese President of ROC. The reason Mr Lee Tang-hui ordered to punish Mr David Chang could be of an internal document from KMT Party New York City Branch submitted by the school student, or an official document transferred from the USA Federal Government at the time discussed by then Texas Governor Mr George W. Bush and then USA First Lady Mrs Hillary Clinton, submitted by the Taipei official previously.

At the same time, the AIT military assistant came to the Taipei City Mayor(the former National Defense Legislator) Mr Chen Shui-bian, asking for a verbally agreement to have the USA international students to be “called back” to Taiwan, including the 1996 summer-term CUNY Baruch Business Graduate School student Mr David Chang in New York City.

After these events, my grandmother Mrs Wang-Chang Me(tight) on August 9, 1996 died of medical gross negligence at Taipei Veteran General Hospital, hinted by the USA First Lady Mrs Hillary Clinton at New York City to have a talk to the NYPD or FBI office and seeking asylum. Mrs Hillary Clinton informed me that she could only help me for a while, but she told me that I seemed to be too insensitive and too slow at the scene. She seemed to be turning around to leave and said that she cannot help me all the time with all this of the domestic affairs.  This matter was also discussed at the classroom of CUNY Baruch Business Graduate School in the following months of August in 1996. My father Mr Cheng-chi Chang was one of those observing the hospital gross negligence procedure in my place, after Madam Chiang Soong Mei-ling in New York State said that this Second Lieutenant Mr David Chang had a psychotherapy record, so as not suitable to be observing his grandmother undergoing suffering in the hospital. No sooner my father Mr Cheng-chi Chang had observed death of his mother than he suffered a prostate cancer disease in 1998 to be not having adequate capability to testify such a “Top State Secret”, sir. As far as I know, the other Taiwanese who were observing this hospital gross negligence procedure on August 9, 1996 were including the Harvard alumnus Mr Lee Ying-yuan and the 2011 incumbent Kaohsiung City mayor Ms Chen Chu. Several of the newly recruited agents who were belonging to New York City were taking an interest in a query with these two DPP(Democratic Progressive Party) members from November 1996 through February 1998 before they were called back to New York. When the Taipei City mayor Mr Chen Shui-bian elected to be the President in 2000, facing some Taiwanese voters to query this case of 1996 summer in New York City, Mrs Wu Shu-chen of Mr Chen’s spouse said that, “As to the death of Mr David Chang’s grandmother in Taipei Veteran General Hospital, the elected Taipei City mayor Dr Ma Ying-jeou also had a share of responsibility to approve a punishment upon Mr David Chang in the New York City. Why you only mentioned the responsibility of Mr Chen Shui-bian and skipped the responsibility of Dr Ma Ying-jeou?”

I was recruited to the Military Police Academy on July 15, 1993 , when a message identified as Madam Chiang’s ROC Women’s Association, asked me to deal with the medical drug and energy abuse gang. I arrived at the Sangchung Military Police Station on November 9, 1993, the lieutenant chief Mr Kao Li-chi was against my rank and platoon leader post and it seemed to be under the fraternity instruction. In the end of November 1993, I was assigned a training duty to go to the National Defense Medical Service Academy at Taipei City for training, with the other twelve classmates of the 43rd class of military police reserve officer. A female instructor in the academy of lieutenant colonel rank told us that the higher officer want us to join additional two memberships of the Red Cross and the 911 Ambulance and Rescue Association as an insurance. A message communicated there in the academy was said that the USA Women’s Association requesting us to support the legal action against the medical drug and energy abuse gang. When I was back to Sangchung Military Police Station in January 1994, I was the medical officer with another medical orderly private in the Sanchung military police station.

The one who reviewed my qualification for the second lieutenant rank of military police officer could be Mr Ma Ying-Jeou, the Harvard University alumnus and KMT Party(Koumintang) Youth Group leader. Mr Ma Ying-jeou was quarreling with Legislator Mr Chen Shui-bian that Mr David Chang, me, the second lieutenant officer, coming to the Military Police Academy with the Taipei City and Hsinchu City human resource second division records, with high school and university student documents of problems. The reason Mr Ma Ying-jeou against the approval of Mr David Chang’s military police officer rank, that is, my second lieutenant military police officer rank was that this Mr David Chang, that is me, bearing with some disqualified ethical standard inherited. This military police officer post confirmation was not put onto the table until 1995 Chinese New Year, after the USA Sergeant Ms Eva Ivory died in 1994 August, and when me, Mr David Chang, was going to be dismissed from the obligated national service in 1995 May. Lieutenant Chief Mr Kao Li-chi asked me, David Chang, to return from the battalion supporting task and back to the Sangchung Military Police Station lieutenant platoon leader job. He said that the lieutenant rank platoon leader post in Sangchung Military Police Station had been confirmed by then Military Police Commander Mr Chao Wen-sheng. As my battalion supporting task was a post promoted to a lieutenant colonel rank previously, I did not return to the Sangchung Military Police Station to serve the lieutenant rank platoon leader post again, and I was dismissed from the troops on May 31, 1995 with the post of Panchiao MP-Station Military Police Staff Officer of lieutenant colonel rank in Linkuo military base. If it was the message from the American Women’s Association in the summer of 1993 to ask Madam Chiang’s ROC Women’s Association members and affiliated to assist the legal action against the medical drug and energy abuse gang, it was possible that the message was from the USA First Lady Mrs Hillary Clinton of Hillaryland. The first interception of such requesting message communicating was in July of 1993, the National Defense Panel of Legislator Mr Chen Shui-bian, with the Military Police Academy Student Brigade Chief Officer Major Mr Yang Kuo-ching, coming to the academy lecture platform to call my name to the pulpit for querying. That was the very beginning that my life started to be deeply troubled by the Democratic Progressive Party(DPP) politicians and military members, with energy abuse and interference after I was graduated from the university.

Madam Chiang Soong Mei-ling was in New York, while Mrs Chiang Hsu Ne-jing was in Taiwan, they were with the escaped CIA Training Recruit Sergeant Ms Eva Ivory who was the former Taipei City YWCA English teacher, on a Taipei military exercise occasion of August 2, 1994, to ask me, Mr David Chang, the second lieutenant military police officer to deal with Legislator Mr Chen Shui-bian whose case was discussed on the scene by the White House, Women’s Association members and diplomats, of an accusing letter previously sending to Taipei in 1992 by an Arkansas lawyer and Yale Law School alumnus. He was the newly elected USA President Mr Bill Clinton. I refused on the spot because I told him, Mr President, “How could a judge using a gun of military weapon to suit a legislative member of the congress body without violating any rule to be legitimate, let alone the moral requirement?” But he dare to pave the way for the second lieutenant, me, Mr David Chang, who refused to suit that very legislator on August 2, 1994, to pave a way to a route of suicide behavior to delay my life to my forties, after his pardon for the very legislator during the discussion on the military exercise occasion on August 2, 1994, a legislator whom he accused of criminal offense in 1992 with a letter sending to Madam Chiang Soong Mei-Ling. On August 15, 1994 the Democratic Progressive Party(DPP) of that very legislator promptly supplied with an informant requested name to serve as a revenge purpose to the visiting USA First Lady Mrs Hillary Clinton, who immediately fly away from Taipei, and also a name was supplied to the visiting Republican Congress Representative or Senate member.

The document which was sent on January 4th, 2011 to the Judicial Yuan Complaints Email Account, document title: “The Appeal Against Compensatory Damage Award for School Work and Life Harassment.(2006 judicial document of an attachment paper which sent to Taipei District Court Judge Mr Liu Ting-poe)”, mentioned that “…the so-called rich man whom was chosen by Mr Ma Ying-Jeou to be the Harvard prospect student, supposed to be a student of Taipei Municipal Jianguo High School, of the Taipei Municipal Nanmen Junior High School alumnus, of the Taiwan Shin Sheng Daily subscriber, and furthermore, paying the monthly fee of the reading machine to the membership company.” Mr Ma Ying-jeou chose the Jianguo High School student who had been paying the machine membership fee, and excluded me not paying money from the Harvard prospect student list, with a pretext that “Mr David Chang was a so-called Taiwanese.” The real reason was that Mr Ma Ying-jeou had been paid by commission and bonus from that reading machine company without any investing to that company, at the time mostly managed by Ms Chen Chu and Mrs Lien Fun-yu in Taipei City. “I did this simply for my own interests.” Mr Ma Ying-jeou added this comment at that moment. But Mr Ma Ying-jeou once ever through third-party to ask my mother Mrs Wu Yu-shing to pay for the machine company as soon as possible, but my mother at that month had that money(NTD$2000) spent on the Housewives Coffee Shop in the Eastern District of Taipei near the Chinese Television System(CTS) Company, as I know which was managed by the Taipei Women’s Association at that time. In that month my mother went to Taipei City for a meeting with Mrs Tseng Wen-hui of the wife of former Taipei City Mayor and the Taiwan Province Chairman Mr Lee Tang-hui who was at the moment studying his sixth year for doctorate degree in the New England area of USA(Cornell University). After this month of meetings to spend all the money, the thing was that my sister Mei-ling Chang was dropped out from Principal Madam Chiang’s Xiai-Xing High School and simply to be medical controlled by the mental clinic, which was run by Dr Lee Kang and Dr Wang Ke-ming. Therefore, we had never paid any fee to that American reading machine membership company until I went to my graduate school in the New York City in 1996! It was said that Mr Ma Ying-jeou became Ms Hillary Rodham’s informant since his studying in Harvard University, but not until 2004 when Mr Chen Shui-bian became to know he was Mrs Hillary Clinton’s informant as an elected President that Mr Ma Ying-jeou also started to know that the one whom he reported to was Mrs Hillary Rodham Clinton. In other words, from the very beginning, it was a case to request the relatives of that very victim of the prescription drug and energy abuse to assist arguing for the victim’s civil rights, resulted to be served as only an ugly lie. It probably was the USA Women’s Association informed me to assist the case when I was just graduated from the university, but on the other hand, the core members who were against me was the informants of Hillaryland, including Mr Ma Ying-jeou and Mr Chen Shui-bian, using the fraternity instruction to hinder the civil rights processing. It was just like the two blades of scissors, clamp and cut the civil rights of the privy of the victim, that is, to clamp and cut the civil rights of Ms Mei-ling Chang’s brother Mr David Chang, who was forced to handle this civil rights case from 1993 when he was just graduated from the Nation Chiao Tung University(NCTU), until today 2011 when he was already 40 years old. It was a sure end game of the political double talk to sacrifice the very victim.

When I was ten years old in 1981 my mother subscribed to the Mandarin Daily for me. At the moment Mr Ma Ying-jeou had been to Harvard Law School studying for a year, Mr Lee Tang-hui was the mayor of Taipei City, and was transferring to the post of Chairman of Taiwan Province Government. In that week when I was on my own happily reading my first children edition newspaper, the Mandarin Daily, my mother and my sister were leaving our house for that Lego selling exhibition in Taipei City(my mother who was 36 years old, a village woman coming from the southern part of Taiwan, as called in the Lego selling exhibition by the foreigners and members of the Taipei Women’s Association, my sister was 9 years old.) At the door they said to me, “Hmm…you are only eleven years old, a juvenile not yet an adult. True. This will do for us to decide it for you!” When my 9 years old sister and my 36 years old mother came back from Taipei City after attending the Lego exhibition, at the dinner table they were talking to my father. It was about a document of “Risk Agreement of the Possessed Child(RAPC)”, signed by my nine years old sister with the Lego selling exhibition salesman when my mother was kept aside the Lego exhibition place, saying that “it was the agreement from the manipulated child or its parents to bear all the risks of the process(it could be implied the Lego game intellectual developing process).” It was then implied an illegal contract that anyone who keeps this RAPC agreement document shall be excluded from all the responsibility bearing or compensation paying in all kind of process from then on upon the child.

The additional information told by my father, the source was from the Taiwan Power Company in Taipei City, that it was said Mr Ma Ying-jeou was asked by the USA federal government to sign a military contract in Harvard Law School at his second year at Harvard University. Mr Lee Tang-hui as the Chairman of Taiwan Province Government was authorized by the late President Mr Chiang Ching-kuo by his words, “You see the situation to decide”, to go to the USA to communicate for Mr Ma Ying-jeou’s contract signing. Mr Lee Tang-hui appeared in the USA with this Risk Agreement of the Possessed Child(RAPC) document of my name “C.K. Chang” signed on it by my nine years old sister at the Lego exhibition. The Chairman Mr Lee Tang-hui was planning for a study to earn a doctorate degree of the Agricultural Economics in Cornell University. With my RAPC agreement as an authenticity proving, it was said that Chairman Mr Lee Tang-hui signed a military contract himself in the USA and via this to communicate to Mr Ma Ying-jeou to sign that military contract at Harvard Law School. But later the federal government official gave back the contract Mr Lee Tang-hui signed and told him the military contract was not needed because he was the Chairman of Taiwan Province Government(a Governor). It was said the USA federal government official eagerly conducted this military contract signing activity to the Harvard Law School Mr Ma Ying-jeou was simply because a government file of the Yale Law School student(Wellesley College graduated) Ms Hillary Rodham, recorded in Taiwan by then Taipei County Administrative Chief Mr Lin Fon-Cheng earlier(contents mentioned about Ms Hillary Rodham had some trouble with the newly elected Arkansas Governor Mr Bill Clinton, the former Arkansas State Attorney General, also mentioned her military contract Taipei official investigating).

When I was 15 years old in 1986 and just passed the entrance examination ready to go to Taipei Municipal Chien Kuo (Jianguo)High School, Mrs Chiang Hsu Ne-ging, daughter-in-law of the late President Mr Chiang Ching-kuo, came to say to me with a little sadness, “Mr Chiang Ching-kuo said that you are so best because you passed the entrance examination of the Taipei First High School(Jianguo High School). You are adult now. Mr Chiang Jing-kuo set you free from the moment on!” But the second dialogue was later when Mrs Chiang Hsu Ne-Ging came to talk to Dr Ma Ying-jeou who just earned his doctorate law degree in 1984 and returned to Taipei. Dr Ma Ying-jeou said that, “This Risk Agreement of the Possessed Child(RAPC) of Mr David Chang cannot return to him. Then we could be clean of the law responsibility.” In other words, this RAPC agreement was tricked at Lego exhibition in Taipei City when Mr Lee Tang-hui was as mayor, held by the late President Mr Chiang Ching-kuo for five years. But because Harvard Law School Dr Ma Ying-jeou coming back refused to return the document as Mrs Chiang Hsu Ne-ging’s suggesting, this RAPC agreement was held by the relative party for another several years. Is it a kind of greedy behavior which was motivated to insist on keeping such an illegal document of the Risk Agreement of the Possessed Child?

Best Regards,

Panchiao Citizen David CK Chang,
January 23, 2011,
National Central Library,
Taipei City

Translated by DB, Apr. 7, 2011, National Central Library, Taipei City

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