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Paris Hilton at a press conference for GoYello...

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April 18, 2011, Monday, Cloudy


Last week when I read the autobiography, Bill Clinton: An American Journey, Great Expectation, on page 418, I found the cipher “Lily King” and “Hsiang-Wen Lu, Sibyl Lu” coded, the same number of their birth date.

Today, I looked up this dictionary-alike hardcover book, on page 217, I worked out “Paris Hilton,” just her birth date was. Then I tried it on page 218, luckily I worked out the name “Sui-bian Chen” and “Chao-kai Chang, David Chang”. That’s the former President Chen’s name and mine, and with our common birthdate February 18 coded.

I was in Hua Nan Commercial Bank for a five-month trial job in 2001. After the car accident on November 29, 2001, I brought my Baruch College student notebook to the office, trying some puzzle designing game on the book. The scratching on that gilt letters “Baruch College” inner page was something like above cipher. I was fired on May 1, 2002.

Earlier in February of 2009, (around) Chinese New Year, I bought a Johnny Walker Black Label with President Ma’s consumer coupon. Within 12 days guzzling that 1.2 liter British Whisky bought from Carrefour Mall, I worked out some of the ciphers in “Lisey’s Story” of Stephen King’s new novel. That was not easy to read then.

D.B. SSN057-86-4042,

Typed by DB in National Central Library, on April 19, 2011


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