Supporting Evidence of Waiver of legal liability RAPC, with jury of UN HRC1996

Date: 100/01/25 @ 13:30
To: Judicial Yuan
Name: David CK Chang
Telephone: 89529809
TITLE: The supporting evidence of the Waiver of legal liability, RAPC(Risk Agreement of Possessed Child), discussed by the Human Rights Council in 1996 New York City.
Content: Dear Chief Justice Mr Hao-Ming Rai:

This complaint letter is planned to give supporting evidence for the document of RAPC(Risk Agreement of Possessed Child) which was mentioned in the last complaint letter sent to Judicial Yuan on January 23, 2011, “Date: 100/01/23 @ 16:12, TITLE: The Original Document of Risk Agreement of the Possessed Child Which Mrs Wu Shru-chen Claimed Dr Ma Ying-jeou had in 1996 Civil Rights Case.” 

In the final paragraph of that complaint letter mentioned, “…this RAPC agreement was tricked at Lego exhibition in Taipei City when Mr Lee Tang-hui was as mayor, held by the late President Mr Chiang Jing-kuo for five years. But because Harvard Law School Dr Ma Ying-jeou coming back refused to return the document (in spite of) Mrs Chiang Hsu Ne-ging’s suggesting, this RAPC agreement was held by the relative party for another several years…”

This RAPC document was discussed in New York City by the 1996 USA investigating crew of Sergeant Eva Ivory death case, addressed as Human Rights Council officials when I was in New York City with the F1-Visa of international student status. The 1996 Human Rights Council officials received the document paper, submitted by the former Taiwanese Legislator Mrs Wu Shu-Chen through a third-party Japanese. The original document was held by the former President Lee Teng-hui and Late President Chiang Ching-kuo, which was transferred by Mrs Chiang Hsu Ne-ging to Dr Ma Ying-Jeou of Harvard Law School alumnus. The document paper submitted to Human Rights Council officials by Mrs Wu Shu-chen who was in New York City under the murder case investigation of Sergeant Eva Ivory in 1996, was a copy of the original document. There may be copies of the RAPC document possessed by the other Taiwanese officials for the purpose to be as a waiver of legal liability for the American Reading Machine Membership Company(ARM-MC) manipulating possessed children.

The I-20 form of City University of New York Baruch Business Graduate School was issued to Taipei for me in 1996 and I was intended there for my graduate school study in August 1996. The Baruch College campus was in the same city with the United Nations at New York City. In my international student F1-Visa status 1996, I was suffering energy harassment(or business graduate school training) to force me dropped out of my graduate study in New York City to go back to Taipei only in three months.

The American Reading Machine Membership Company(ARM-MC, Taiwan area) represented by Mrs Lien Fang-Yu of the wife of former Premier Lien Chan, former Legislator Mrs Wu Shu-Chen of the wife of former Taipei City mayor Chen Shui-Bian, and the ARM-MC bonus and dividend yields receiving Dr Ma Ying-Jeou of Harvard Law School alumnus, was under federal investigating and testifying the 1994 Sergeant Eva Ivory death case(August 14, 1994 dropped dead at Taipei City) of the part of reading machine company ARM-MC involved to the federal investigating court in New York City, from July through October in 1996.

In the home-stay family at Queen Borough I was told by intangible message volatile in nature that there were the USA Federal officials and the United Nations Human Rights Council officials reviewing my human rights records(child abused case, filed by Ms Hillary Rodham in 1979), and they found that I had signed a personal rights give-in on legal liability waiver when I was a child. The third party intangible message volatile in nature came in, with Mrs Wu Shu-Chen of Taipei City mayor’s wife through a Japanese United Nations worker to submit the copy of that RAPC Waiver of Legal Liability with my name C.K. Chang given on it. In New York City the United Nations Human Rights Council officials asked me only a question, “Mr Chang, do you understand you ever had a slave status document in Taipei ?” My answer was, “I am citizen of Taiwan, the Republic of China. We have our government reconstructed by democracy and general election. Having no chance such document should have been existed.” At first the third party Japanese United Nations worker submitted the testimony of Mrs Wu Shu-Chen with evidence of that copy of RAPC waiver, they insisted to the federal court that RAPC waiver was a legal document. But when the Japanese UN worker heard my reply to the federal court, he seemed shy away to make the former legislator Wu Shu-Chen withdrawing the legal liability waiver and later taking part in the harassment using a Japanese registered reading machine account to force me drop out of my graduate school study in New York City to go back to Taipei and averting that USA federal investigation.

The United Nations Human Rights Council official seemed to be a little juvenile, and to judge from my reply to the UN HRC that I did not understand the case. The UN official, he or she then consulted the senior UN HRC officials who were at the moment reviewing my human rights record, saying that “This international student of CUNY Baruch College and second lieutenant of Taiwan, Mr C.K. Chang was a military police officer by law. If we wish a full marks solution to cope with such a slave status legal agreement of human rights aggression, to beat them, to tame them, and to totally defeat them, the low social and economic status twenty-four-year-old Taiwan citizen Mr C.K. Chang who was no different from living in the gutter would have a better outcome in legal action if he takes a psychotherapy program and does some intake of the prescription medicine.” That juvenile high official of United Nations meant to drop me out from the Baruch College business graduate program in New York City and registered me to a psychotherapy program in Taipei, by law with an “Incapacitated entity” to cope with the “slavery agreement” waiver claimed by the third party Japanese and Mrs Wu Shu-Chen of ARM-MC from Taiwan.

As I was at New York City in the leading contemporary constitutional nation and the democratic mainstream country of the USA, when above UN HRC messages related with Sgt Eva Ivory 1994 death case of the US federal investigation were coming in for federal court review, there was another supporting message coming from one of the midwest states, of a senior medical staff member or an official, saying to the student advising team of the City University of New York Baruch College in the New England and the US federal court that, “No matter, when Chang travels back to Taipei and registers to the local psychiatric clinic, I would take care of the radiation contaminated issue of his foot problem reported 1994 by the Taipei Military Police Academy base psychology officer and 1990 by the National Chiao Tung University dormitory superintendent at Hsin Chu City. That would not be too complex a problem or need too much efforts.” That medical issue reported in 1990 and 1994 to the USA was a kind of abnormal frostbite symptom appeared on toes in the cold winter days.

On November 2, 1996, along with my mother I was hospitalized in the Central Clinic Hospital at Taipei City for several days, and then institutionalized for two weeks by Dr Wang Ke-Ming confined to the chamber of Dr Wang & Lee’s Hsing-Kang Clinic at Taipei City to be a mental asylum inmate. After this two weeks confinement we were transferred to the Dr Wang & Lee’s Hsing-Kang Clinic at Taipei City from Central Clinic Hospital for psychiatric clinic appointments every two weeks, until 2001 when Wang went back to California to apply for his resident green card. We had the new generation of antipsychotics Risperdal offered to replace the USA made traditional antipsychotic drug. The Risperdal drug made by Janssen(merged by J&J in 2003) was just approved by the US Federal Food and Drug Administration(FDA) in 1995. I made an intake of that Janssen’s Risperdal drug along with the Germany’s BASF Knoll made Pakinsons disease treatment drug Akineton.

I stopped the intake of the FDA approved drug in September of 2001, then I was hit by a military administration car in November of the same year, fired by a five-month-trial job of HNCB bank in May the next year. However, as expected by the senior medical official of midwest states in 1996 or of his efforts, I did not have the frostbite symptom appeared on my toes from 1993 to 2003, over a duration of ten years, including the period which I did that intake of FDA psychotherapy drug from 1996 to 2001.

The timing was after Madam Chiang Soong Mei-ling passed away in October 2003 and just before (2004 CNN News, I am not sure) television broadcast that the DPP Legislator Ms Wang Shu-Hui and the KMT Legislator (Ms Lo Shu-lei, as reported by that 2004 CNN News on local television channel) went to Switzerland slamming on each other’s face. The location was in my Toyota Altis 1.6 of MTV Music Box and continuing to my bathroom in the house at Panchiao city. The message content communicated a dialogue which was happened in March 2004 before the two legislators went to Switzerland. Legislator Ms Wang Shu-hui was blaming the NSB operator Lieutenant Ms Yang Shu-chen for one programming mistake. Ms Yang at the moment was responsible for the parameters setting and application programming of some Lab machine. She was affiliated to the Hillaryland of US Women’s Association as the prosecutor of Taipei District Court since 2000 when she was together with a murder suspect flying to the USA and detained for three days by the US investigating court at New York City. Legislator Ms Wang Shu-hui said to Lieutenant Ms Yang, “Why were you so careless these years in winters forgetting the parameters and the AP(application) which should be set on to make frostbites on the toes of second lieutenant Mr David Chang?”

Some youngster identified as an African ethnics, maybe of the USA military consultant or perhaps of the music DJ who had resided in Taipei, in a hilarious tone out of curious he told Legislator Ms Wang Shu-hui and Lieutenant Yang Shu-chen who were engaged in conversation that, “I do want to believe. Would you give me some evidences to see by adjusting the parameters and setting on the AP(application)? Put it on the toes of the second lieutenant Mr David Chang whom you were manipulating and give me some evidences to see of the frostbite!” From April 2004 when the last cold front of the year influenced Taipei to this January in 2011, continually eight years in winter the frostbite on toes was never absent to be appeared on my feet. That was just out of the intervention by DPP Legislator Ms Wang Shu-hui and the USA African ethnics military consultant, for eight years, I had that frostbite with me. I had a record of ten years frostbite history from twelve years old to twenty-two years old. I met my sister-alike teacher Ms Hsu Chen-an of the Shanghai XuHui High School alumna when I was twelve years old, to begin a frostbite life of low level hierarchy of needs, until I was twenty-two years old, for ten years, with frostbite appeared on my toes, when I was graduated from the university in 1993.

Best Regards,

Panchiao Citizen David CK Chang,
January 25, 2011,
National Central Library,
Taipei City

Translated by DB, Apr. 26, 2011, National Central Library, Taipei City

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