Copyright disputes of Harvard literature alumna with English original author

draft20110513, Details of the waiver 1981 RAPC. Continue from draft20110506, Details of the waiver 1981 RAPC 

Date: 100/01/28 @ 11:58 To: Judicial Yuan
TITLE: Details of the waiver 1981 RAPC(Risk Agreement of Possessed Child). Content:Dear Chief Justice Mr Hao-Ming Rai:

…This following paragraph provides details related to the legal environment of Taipei in 1983 when my nine-year-old sister Ms Mei-ling Chang, instead of me, signed my RAPC(Risk Agreement of Possessed Child) in Lego toy exhibition. Last year on September 23, 2010 on Yahoo! Kimo personal website, I posted an article: “The White Fang of Mr Jack London and the United Nations child abuse case”. There was a law case of Taipei District Court mentioned in my Yahoo! Kimo posted article to reveal such a legal environment of Taipei. That lawsuit was happened two years later after my RAPC, a.k.a. slavery status agreement, signed by my nine-year-old sister, when I was twelve years old. That was about a series of classic literature adapted for children with hardcover which my mother Mrs Wu Yu-shing check out from the Taipei County Hope Elementary School Library for me to read. That hardcover series of books was edited and translated or adapted for children by an alumna who was just graduated from Harvard University majored in literature. She was from the Chang-Hua County of Taiwan. This series of classic literature adapted by that Harvard alumna for children seemed to have some copyright disputes with the England original author. 

However, the law case was that my cousin Mr Chang Jia-ling who was Taipei County Short-long Elementary School pupil in the Chung-her city area, with his mother Mrs Lin(Liu) Ming-hui, and one relative of then Taipei County Administrative Chief Mr Lin Fong-cheng, came to Taipei District Court to sue that “Harvard Man(Woman)” of the Chang-hua County citizen conducted abuse by verbal threats to the young children when the book company did the auxiliary reading. Because the country folks had no savvy of law concepts, they finally lost the lawsuit but shared a reconciled compensation for humanity of amount NTD$100,000. That was a big deal of money at that moment. My father Mr Chang Cheng-chi who was graduated from Tatung College in Taipei City and employed by the National Enterprise Taiwan Power Company, he had a monthly salary only NTD$8,000, just jumped from a promotion with NTD$3,000 several months before. My aunt Mrs Lin(Liu) Ming-hui shared the total reconciled compensation NTD$100,000 offered by the Harvard alumni defendant with NTD$18,000.

But the worst thing was that my aunt Mrs Lin(Liu) Ming-hui previously heard that some interests groups would harass those who filed a lawsuit. When my aunt with one relative of former Taipei County administrative chief Mr Lin Fong-cheng walked out of the Taipei District Court, one member of the attorney who defended the Harvardman’s case warned my aunt Mrs Lin(Liu) Ming-hui, saying that they were not suing a “Chang-hua County citizen” but were suing a “Harvard Man(Woman).” My aunt Mrs Lin(Liu) Ming-hui was afraid of revenge upon her young son Mr Chang Jia-ling, instead of writing down her son’s name she had my name “Mr Chao-kai Chang”, the name of eleven-year-old Hope Elementary School pupil, on the Taipei District Court law document as the only plaintiff who sued that Harvardman. The case finally settled with a reconciliation of NTD$100,000, but officially my aunt lost the lawsuit with my name. Up to this moment in 2011 when I am forty years old, I have never been officially informed by the Taipei District Court about this case which had my name on the law court document. 

Two years after that losing lawsuit settled with reconciliation compensation, when I was fourteen years old, my teeth were almost cut and destroyed by energy device to be filled in the Duke University twin brothers dental clinic around my home on Chunghsio Road of Panchiao City. This was recorded in the United Nations file as a child abuse case, filed by Ms Hillary Rodham of Yale University alumna in 1979 and continued through 1984, transferring to Ms Chen Chu of the National Cheng-chi University(NCCU) student. When I came to National Central Library in 2006, it was informed to me that this child abuse case with the infant teeth destroyed by energy device, was done by the young son of Mr Lin Fong-cheng who was in the United States of America in 1979 for higher education study. He signed a military contract in the USA, and was forced to commit suicide before the ethnics white young trooper of Arkansas ordered by his governor to commit suicide and died in Taiwan. Therefore such a law environment was something to bestow a curse upon the UN case of abused child, David Chang, that is me, until I was forty years old, affected by sort of governmental secret documents and the death chronically involved. That is why in spite I was graduated from university in 1993 I was still without a marriage, a job or a kid, no more than a slavery of lowest social status, pauper…

Best Regards, David CK Chang, Citizen of New Taipei City Panchiao District, F121485303,SSN057864042, January 28, 2011, National Central Library, Taipei City

(Continued)Translated by DB, May 13, 2011, National Central Library, Taipei City

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