The White House Staff harassed me to drop out school in 1996



This article is intended to provide the content about a White House female staff(Ms. Betsey Wright) in 1996 who harassed me, Mr. David Chang of the CUNY Baruch international student, with energy device until I was dropped out from the CUNY Baruch business graduate program on October 22, 1996. That female staff was believed to be Ms. Betsey Wright who claimed she was the daughter of former Arkansas governor Frank White in the state law court in 1980s(reference to the autobiography, Bill Clinton: An American Journey, Great Expectation, by Nigel Hamilton, 2003 Random House.)

Please make a reference to the email which I sent to Vice President Mr Joe Biden on February 20, 2010, “Dear Vice President Joe Biden“,

In that email sent to the White House last February, I detailed my University textbook, “The Organizational Behavior Reader sixth edition, by David A. Kolb, Joyce S. Osland, Irwin M. Rubin, 1995, with Baruch College adviser Tery R. Mitchell’s Harvard business doctoral dissertation on page 143”, which brought back from the USA, New York City in 1996 summer of my enrolled City University Baruch business graduate program, that textbook apparently had been modified or was excised certain contents when I read it in 2001 at Taipei. I remembered there was a message in 1996 at my home stay family on Britton Ave. near Judge Street in the Queen Borough of New York City, which was supposed coming from the White House staff, saying that what appeared in the textbook was of “the State Secret.” But there was a reply message which supposed coming from local New York City official, saying that the document was only a “state secret(I think he meant Arkansas state),” not a “federal confidential secret.” The other official then said that the essay was a law court document, therefore, this law court document should be reviewed by the public and it was proper to present that state law court document upon such international elite student Mr. David Chang subject to review in New York City of city university public school printed on textbook materials. Then one republican political figure alike of importance(the identity was read as Gov. George Bush Jr. or one of the South Western alike Arizona legislator) asking for my opinion upon a passage concerned a sentence printed on the OB management textbook page from a female assistant. I told the reviewing government official audience that this female figure appeared to be lack of confidence(of low confidence rate.) That was a young White House staff official, as they told me in the New York City, and from the moment on, she was harassing me until October 22, 1996 when I was forced to be dropped out from the business graduate program for such a single reason.

That female White House staff was supposed to come with the 1996 President Mr. Bill Clinton from his staff of Arkansas government. In 1996 she was supposed to be only in her early thirties(thirty-one or thirty-two years old), while I was twenty-four years old in 1996. She seemed to be accompany with then White House First Lady and the former Arkansas first lady Mrs Hillary Rodham(Clinton) to fight a lawsuit in the state or federal law court in the 1980s. It was hinted that including the defendant in 1980s misleading the state or federal law court that she(Betsey Wright) was the daughter of the former governor(Frank White), but actually the daughter of former governor(Gennifer Flowers) was at Taiwan at the moment. As Taipei County local information revealed those days, the daughter of former Arkansas governor(Gennifer Flowers) helped Ms Hillary Rodham at Taipei in 1979 to be cooperating with local Taipei police to record a rape case happened in the United of States, when Ms Hillary Rodham carried a Taipei Child Abuse case of David Chang(filed in the United Nations later), from Taipei flying to New York City(or Washington D.C.) to find her Yale University classmate Mr. Bill Clinton who she previously believed to be at the post of some state attorney general somewhere in the inner state of USA. It was late in that day when Ms Hillary Rodham flied to the New York City(or Washington D.C.) to be told that Mr. Bill Clinton was not in New York(or Washington D.C.) and she decided to directly fly to that inner state(Arkansas.) Several days later Ms Hillary Rodham was coming back from the USA to Taipei, and with the YWCA women associated member(Ms Gennifer Flowers) to keep down a police record which happened in the Arkansas governor mansion while she believed to be the attorney general’s office. In the state law court of Arkansas or in the federal court, Ms Hillary Rodham appeared that she was not told that the defendant of her Yale classmate Mr. Bill Clinton at the moment had served the state governor for a while instead of at the post of state attorney general. By law the state governor had the Eleventh amendment of USA Constitution which was about suits against a state. It was said in 1996 that young White House staff(Ms Betsey Wright), she was only a high school graduated teenager in 1979 to casually answer the questions from the plaintiff and judge in the state law court, and was recorded by the Rose Law Firm or other lawyers on documents of that law court. That was supposed to be the reason why such state law court document of 1980 printed on OB management textbook in 1996 City University of New York business graduate school program for the students to review. Finally when I was dropped out from that public school and came back to Taipei, the content was excised and modified from the original textbook.

David CK Chang, SSN057-86-4042,

May 21, 2011,

National Central Library,

Taipei City


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