US Senator’s associates Ms Betsey Wright and Dr GI harassed me to drop out Baruch, CUNY 1996

Hillary Rodham Clinton, January 2007

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I was dropped out of City University of New York(CUNY), Baruch Business Graduate School after August 2, 1996, US First Lady Mrs. Hillary Clinton addressed school open day speech to the students. The same circumstance had occurred before in 1987 when Madam Chiang addressed school open day speech to my sister Ms Mei-ling Chang then dropped her out of Principal Madam Chiang’s own Private Xia-sing High School at Taipei City, by an American company cashier Ms Chen Chu who had a machine to manipulate drop-out of the victim private high school girl.

The 1996 White House senior adviser Ms. Betsey Wright(the former Democratic Arkansas Governor W.J.Clinton’s Staff Chief, a Democrat, who was claimed in 1980s Arkansas, federal law court to be the daughter of the 1996 Senator and former Republican Arkansas governor Mr. W, whose own daughter Betsey G.F. had been stayed around Taipei YWCA or YMCA, until 1994 she earned a bachelor degree from local university to return to USA stayed in Texas areas), and Ms Donna Rice Gabriele Ivory(Dr GI) who in 1996 Queen borough in message addressed as an Ivy League alumni and a Republican associate of Ms. Betsey Wright’s Senator father, Ms Donna Rice Gabriele Ivory(Dr. GI) and Betsey Wright, both two in the White House message channel in 1996 summer term of New York City university acted like what Ms Chen Chu of Kaohsiung city incumbent mayor did to drop my sister out of Principal Madam Chiang’s high school in 1987, to drop me out of Baruch. There was a notice of parallel in 1994 Taipei from joint international investigating authority of Sergeant Eva Ivory death case to (investigate) the psychopathology of what happened to my sister Mei-ling Chang since 1987. In 1994 the relatives of 1987 Private Xia-sing High School drop-out victim Ms Mei-ling Chang including both Taipei County Police Station Deputy Sheriff Mr Dai Yu-tsong and the Panchiao Military Police Station Second Lieutenant officer Mr David Chang, me, were notified this parallel activity, sir. 

This additional information added to the article which had been posted on May 21, 2011, and sent to the White House and Department of State, The White House Staff harassed me to drop out school in 1996, for your reference.

David CK Chang,


July 9, 2011,

National Central Library,

Taipei City

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