“You are Wright!”

Former President Bill Clinton's visit with for...

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During June 29 through October 22, 1996, when I was in New York City for my City University of New York Baruch Business Graduate School study, staying in Queens Borough home-stayed family house located on Britten Avenue near Judge Street, there was a young college-age boy, came to find me and had a conversation with me. He was amid a group of followers when he said something like a magic word, I replied, “You are right!” He said, “How do you know? I am Wright?” From conversation contents which the talker came to find me and said, this young boy seemed to be one close relative of the former Governor Wright’s family. In the same week, the young White House senior adviser, Ms Betsey Wright, who claimed in 1980s Arkansas law court that she was the former Arkansas Governor Wright’s daughter, said to her White House boss that she would like to go to see Mr David Chang as Mr Wright(the cousin) did. It seemed that both Mr and Mrs Clintons in the White House were against what Ms Betsey Wright requested.

Later in my home-stayed family, the message was identified as from then President Mr Bill Clinton, he said to that boy(Mr Wright) that he cannot go to see David in this way. That boy(Mr Wright) was obviously against the President’s order. Then the President Bill Clinton told the boy, Mr Wright, to find his elder in the family to ask that if he, Mr Wright, could find Mr David Chang from Taipei to be with him. The senior family member of the boy, Mr Wright, seemed to be the former Arkansas governor, he referred to the printed materials on the Baruch business school textbook, the very content which I read recently again from 2003 Random House, Nigel Hamilton’s Bill Clinton autobiography, that the rich and the poor(the haves and the have-nots) cannot stay together. In weeks, I was dropped out of Baruch graduate program and coming back to Taipei.

David CK Chang,
July 15, 2011,
National Central Library,
Taipei City


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