Tween Angst, diary20110721

Sarah Brightman performing in 2007

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July 21, 2011, Thursday, Sunny

Tween Angst

When you did view the scene almost a decade ago, more exactly, from a video MTV masterpiece, how could a young girl connect to the Hollywood style dream, or the Broadway musicals fantasy life, you say that was in the Enigma(Beyond the Invisible, Remember the Future), or in the Dead Poet Society, or even Big Ones(Aerosmith, Crazy).

How is that about befuddlement, or befuddled with the transportation, and befuddled with love. Like the featuring Sarah Brightman of Broadway Musicals, the Phantom of the Opera, they change the Dyaad to sing it in 1996 summer.

What about the info that notified the 27 y.o. young girl with Ms Marry Pierry, which was Virginia, being a friend of the dead USA sergeant Ms Eva Ivory in 1898 for a month or more around New York area?

D.B. SSN057-86-4042,

Typed by DB in National Central Library, on July 21, 2011


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