Madam Chiang belongs to Mainlanders such as you Ms Chen Chu forever!

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Date: 100/02/08 @ 11:23 To: Judicial Yuan
TITLE: Some clues about the 1981 RAPC(Risk Agreement of Possessed Child)–Page 1. Content:Dear Chief Justice Mr Hao-Ming Rai:

…The anonymous figure to have an online chat with Taipei military training camp in 1994, was identified as Texas Governor Mr George W. Bush. With the colleague cashier Ms Chen Chu, Mr George W. Bush in 1987 was promoted to the Public Relationship(PR) manager position of the American Reading Machine company(ARM, Taiwan area), when his Harvard University Law School alumni Dr Ma Ying-jeou planned a lawsuit against the American Reading Machine company(ARM, Taiwan area). At the same timing, Ms Chen Chu utilized the ARM company machine to aide Kuomintang(KMT) candidate for legislator election at the Taipei County area(the former Taipei County Administration Chief Mr Lin Fong-cheng raised NTD$10,000 paid to Ms Chen Chu of the ARM company for fees to aid the election, although the KMT candidate finally lost the Taipei County legislator election that year, campaigned again the next year to be elected from Taipei City by herself in 1988). Because of this lost election campaign resulting pressure from Taipei County, Ms Chen Chu on the campaign trail around Taiwan areas, also paid to aid the elections, appealed to the Taipei County residents for votes by saying that, “The ‘Forever Madam Chiang’ was belonging to those who from Kaohsiung residential military community such as (Ms Chen Chu) myself, not belonging to the southern Chia-Yi City born Taiwanese such as Ms Mei-ling Chang who only attended Principal Chiang Soong Mei-ling’s Zai-Xing High School and had just listened to Madam Chiang’s speech on school open day.”

As colleague of the PR Manager Mr George W. Bush to be the company cashier, suggested by one of the American Reading Machine(ARM) company consultant that it was the prerogative of Ms Chen Chu by operating energy device to harass the first grade high school girl Ms Mei-ling Chang who just enrolled to the Private Zai-Xsing High School, “If you drop out this fifteen years old Taiwanese Ms Mei-ling Chang from high school, then little Mei-ling Chang would lose the tie with her Principal Chiang Soong Mei-ling’s relationship, which was a relationship with a mainlander of high school Principal and teacher. Therefore, Madam Chiang Soong Mei-ling would belong to the Mainlanders in Taiwan residential military community such as you Ms Chen Chu forever!” This same scenario happened again around August 1996 in New York City, which was suggested to parallel 1987 Mei-ling Chang’s dropout case by saying that, “If you harass Mr David Chang to drop out City University of New York(CUNY) Baruch Business School, Mr David Chang would have no chance to come back to New York again to resume his business graduate study. Therefore, his American dream would be broken, and the tie with America would belong to you the rich our friends again and forever!”

The Military Police Marshal Lieutenant General Mr Chao Wen-sheng who was also known as, (a.k.a.) president Mr Ruan Da-Nian of National Chiao Tung University(NCTU) from 1990 to 1992 when I was attending the university. He was a Harvard University Law School graduated alumni. In 1996 August the Harvard alumni president of NCTU Mr Ruan Da-Nian along with about thirty members of Reserve Officer Trainees who were escapees from obligated military service, followed me to the New York City to their “smear or lick the blood as oath and swear” allied USA military authority to have a complaint. At the moment there were also suggestions by the fee-paying service from foreign public relationship companies(there was a Cassidy & Associates in Taiwan, as I know), to replicate Ms Mei-ling Chang’s medication and medical control process upon her brother Mr David Chang, as an advising service to make an example as the convenient reference for the Taipei high officials and the rich to know about the psychotherapy business. As these words were said, “The family of Mr Chaokai(David) Chang only drove a car branded as OPEL of Germany made, priced NTD$800,000 only, jumped up so many levels of class to come to such a high class place, New York City, to pursue his graduate study…” “If you harass Mr David Chang to drop out, David would have no chance to come back to New York City again. Therefore, his American dream would be broken, and the tie with America would belong to the rich such as you our friends again, and forever!” Meanwhile, the Texas Governor Mr George Bush Jr. had message notified me, the international student Mr David Chang in New York City that he was kept in states around the New England areas for assistance to the FBI and federal government investigation about the Sergeant Eva Ivory August 14, 1994 Taipei death case. Mr Governor George Bush Jr. also served as the anonymous senior adviser to Mr Sean Lien of the Ivy League Columbia University law school graduate student who had donated political funds to Republican Party. Mr George Bush Jr. in 1996 also offered a guarantee to the ethics review committee of Columbia University upon Mr Sean Lien who had an open discussion about Taipei Gang affairs in 1994. But about the identity which had harassed two members in Mr David Chang’s family and resulted in their dropouts from schools, I was not quite aware that the 43rd USA President Mr George W. Bush, as the former colleague of the cashier Ms Chen Chu of that American company, if he would know about it. 

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Best Regards, David CK Chang, Citizen of New Taipei City Panchiao District, F121485303,SSN057864042, February 8, 2011, National Central Library, Taipei City

Translated by DB, July 29, 2011, National Central Library, Taipei City

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    • Not quite understanding that because you had used an anonymous link. It depends. A legal complaints was an entry level legal document. For me, I am currently kept at bay in court and at stake, what is it in that you can do for us, if I would approve for your suggestion? I mean, actually this legal complaint document was basically correct, but as a legal complaints served to be trying to resolve some disputes appealing to judicial authorities. It depends on that if you would sided with me, at least not in an anonymous link, I’d say.

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