Some clues about the 1981 RAPC(Risk Agreement of Possessed Child)–Page 1

Date: 100/02/08 @ 11:23
To: Judicial Yuan
Name: David CK Chang
Telephone: 89529809
TITLE: Some clues about the 1981 RAPC(Risk Agreement of Possessed Child)–Page 1.

Dear Chief Justice Mr Hao-Ming Rai:

Last month(2011.1) the complaint letter documents sent to Judicial Yuan mentioned the 1981 ten-year-old child Mr David Chang with an illegal contract RAPC(Risk Agreement of Possessed Child), Mr David Chang went to City University of New York(CUNY) Baruch Business School in 1996 summer. Because two years before on August 14, 1994 the USA sergeant Ms Eva Ivory dropped dead at Taipei City, the United Nations child abused case Mr David Chang was under heavy energy harassment to drop out of his graduate school study in New York on October 22, 1996. It was supposed to be the United Nations Human Rights Council serving as jury to the court(New York) reviewing Sgt Eva Ivory death case at Taipei City, which the jury mentioned the illegal contract RAPC document to the UN Abused Child Mr David Chang. The international student of CUNY public school Mr David Chang started to know who were harassing him, including the interests groups which were operating for decades at Taiwan for the American Reading Machine Membership Company(ARM-MC). These clues are detailed in the following:

The incumbent Kaohsiung City Mayor Ms Chen Chu in 1994 Taipei military exercise and weapon purchase show, in public argued with the former Legislator Mrs Wu Shu-Chen(anonymous message but mentioned she was the assistant of former legislator Mrs Wu Shu-Chen) that she was not lacking money to sign that military subsidy contract from Defense Department. Ms Chen Chu in 1994 also mentioned that she not only recruited members for the old machine from ARM(American Reading Machine company, which sold two machines to Mrs Lien Fang-Yu and Mrs Wu Shu-chen in 1970s) membership club for monthly membership fees collecting, but she also collected membership fees as personal commissions for another Japanese company from recruiting citizens of school age in Tainan and Kaohsiung areas of the newer prototype machines, therefore she was quite well-off economically. Ms Chen Chu was complaining to the former Legislator Mrs Wu Shu-chen for being declined the second term assistant fee payment on the fourth year of the six-year term legislator in 1990, resulting to her short of earnings of lacking such an assistant fee income. She had to sign the subsidy contract again from the National Defense Department to mend such an income loss in 1990. In 1994 Taipei online discussion, another character with online message was the former Texas Governor Mr George Bush Jr.(In 1994 Taipei online discussion Mr George Bush Jr. did not reveal his identity, but the Kuomintang(KMT) Youth Working Crew Chairman Dr Ma Ying-Jeou ever mentioned Mr George Bush Jr.’s USA official identity of intelligence working in (Mainland)China, and the complex between them during the 1978 US-ROC(Taiwan) rapprochement breach. Therefore, it was sort of an anonymous discussion but the identities of whom participated were known.) Mr George Bush Jr. was the Public Relationship Manager of ARM(American Reading Machine) company in 1970s, and Ms Chen Chu since she attended the National Cheng-chi University(NCCU) was cashier of that American company ARM(American Reading Machine) and also was Mr George Bush Jr.’s colleague. The purpose Mr Texas Governor George Bush Jr. participated the Taipei discussion via online message in 1994, as he explained, was that he wanted to show that he cared those children who were now graduated from universities and joined the Army, MP or Air Force for military service in Taiwan area. Mr George Bush Jr. said that these children paid a fee to the ARM-MC company in teenage to be the company’s long-term customers, he as the company former employee was responsible for these children’s well-beings, but was not having legal responsibilities by law, as he explained in 1994 online.

Mr George Bush Jr. in 2004 USA Presidential campaign beat the Democrat candidate to win the White House second term. The New York Times online news which I read at Taipei during the presidential campaign was including a written news report about the 43rd incumbent USA President candidate Mr George W. Bush’s family details, which said that he had a daughter died in the early days. Another intangible message communicated at the same timing was that some Japanese companies close to Mr George W. Bush openly expressed that they did not support the 43rd Republican President running for the second term. These Japanese companies said that they were intended to support the candidate from Democratic Party. The Japanese companies complained that they were businessmen and explained that the 43rd President Mr. George Bush Jr. was the son of the 41st old President Mr. George HW Bush who was the Deputy Director of Central Intelligence Agency(CIA), this would affect their business at Japan. The message went as such, “These several years since 2000 Mr. George Bush Jr. had elected and served the 43rd USA President, our companies in Japan suffered profit loss and even bankruptcy.” These Japanese companies were mentioned by the incumbent Kaohsiung City Mayor Ms. Chen Chu in 1994, saying that she collected Japanese membership fees for personal commissions in Tainan and Kaohsiung areas for the newer type reading machine club. The dialogue messages along with the New York Times online news was from these Japanese companies when they decided to make some political fund donations and partisan support for the 2004 USA Presidential campaign. To understand the real information beyond the dialogue, in 2004 there was a Taiwanese citizen who had been submitting for a long-term membership fee to the reading machine membership company and successfully went to the Ivy League Harvard University, which was right as the reading machine membership company claimed in advertisement. This Kaohsiung citizen in 2004 had graduated from the Ivy League Harvard University and come back to Taiwan Kaohsiung area, she went to a local psychiatric clinic for psychotherapy advising in spite of the call center agent advising her not to register the mental clinic in her Harvard man prestige status. That Kaohsiung area Taiwanese citizen explained that she was registered to the USA psychiatric clinic before she came back to Taiwan as student of Harvard University, she would have to seek advising in the mental clinic. No sooner she registered to the psychiatric clinic than this Harvardman in Kaohsiung City was suffering the so-called “Mental Status Evaluation” of governmental energy abuse, and her alma mater was querying the Kaohsiung area call center agency for why conducting such a heavy energy abuse upon this young woman. The officials at Kaohsiung area responsible for energy device utility answered her alma mater authority that this young Taiwanese woman had registered a clinic psychiatric record, “Because she was Sheng Jing Bing, she should have been harassed.” It was said that the USA Federal Government of 43rd President Mr George W. Bush at request from his alma mater to send agents to come to Taiwan and Japan to investigate this harassment case upon the Harvardman. The result of this investigation was that all the companies in Japan were all bankrupted and closed, and in 2004 the USA Presidential campaign debate, as an excuse they notified that they did not welcome the Republican candidate Mr George Bush Jr. seeking for the second term. The incumbent Kaohsiung City Mayor Ms. Chen Chu had an expired military subsidy contract in 1995 and signed another one from National Defense Department. When I went to New York City in summer of 1996 for my business graduate school study at City University of New York(CUNY) Baruch Business School, Ms. Chen Chu was observing the living of the USA(including the New York City) overseas international students from Taiwan. Ms Chen Chu was not in quite a happy tone to say that she also want to go to America for higher education, this soldier job confined within the Military Police Chang-hua County Special Attack Team Base should have been the job of former second lieutenant Mr. David Chang’s, but it turned that she had to serve as such an MP soldier to be kept within this Chang-hua county military base, while “David Chang even went to the New York City for sight-seeing at Twin Towers of the World Trade Center Buildings and the Fifth Avenue Empire State Building like enjoying his vacation!” David Chang’s grandmother died of medical gross negligence at Taipei hospital on this occasion. Ms. Chen Chu was appointed to the Minister of Council of Labor Affairs(CLA) in 2004, coincided with the timing of those Japanese companies bankrupted after USA presidential debate. After the 1994 complaint of the declined payment of assistant subsidy from Legislator Wu Shu-chen, Ms Chen Chu complained again of the short of income out of membership fees collecting commissions affected by the bankruptcy of the Japanese companies. It was said that to appoint Ms Chen Chu to the Minister of Council of Labor Affairs serving as one purpose to make Ms Chen Chu understand that the basic wage level at Taiwan was only NTD$18,000 a month, while her monthly military subsidy was NTD$40,000 since 1970s she graduated from NCCU and signed the subsidy contract with National Defense Department. Ms. Chen Chu had been receiving this subsidy from National Defense Department until 2001 she signed the CIA top agent contracts along with the National Security Bureau(NSB) elementary school teacher Ms Chang Lee-chuan, the Taipei District Court Prosecutor Ms Chen Shu-lee(or she signed an FBI overseas contract with judge identity outside America), and the NSB Chairman Mr Ting Yee-Chou. Besides, Ms. Chen Chu received the Legislator assistant monthly salary NTD$20,000 for four years of Legislator Mrs Wu Shu-chen from 1986 to 1989. Mrs Wu Shu-chen declined to pay that monthly assistant salary to Ms Chen Chu and thereafter lost the Legislator election in 1990.

The case of 1996 CUNY Baruch student Mr Chang David suffered political harassment and energy abuse to drop out graduate school, related to a Puerto Rican ethnic orphan who said that she had no given name and therefore she would be Lieutenant Ms. Ivory and was mimicking the tone and language of Sgt. Eva Ivory to talk to Mr Chang David after the USA Sergeant Eva Ivory died on August 14, 1994. She told her audience that this second lieutenant Mr Chang David must love her.(could be movie star Phoebe Cates because David had her picture buying from gift shop) The police was investigating this dead case at the timing. She was a Taiwanese lieutenant officer from the Political Warfare Cadres Academy, a.k.a. Fu Hsing Kang College, the same academy as the dead sergeant Ms Eva Ivory attended at Taiwan. Therefore, this Puerto Rican ethnic Lieutenant Ms Ivory was presumed to be not Sgt. Eva Ivory’s sibling sister who was also a contract CIA agent in Mainland China area. The Eva Ivory’s sibling faked that she was the dead Sgt. Eva Ivory to investigate her own sibling’s 1994 death case in military camps of New York area. From August 1996 through Mr Chang David was dropped out Baruch College to the days that Mr David was working at Taipei, there were complaints of the faked sergeant Eva Ivory investigating them from the rich circle of New York area. The Puerto Rican ethnic Lieutenant Ms Ivory in July and August of 1996, was observing New York City areas from Taipei City the NSB(National Security Bureau) operating control room. It was on August 4th 1996 when Mr Chang David with his student F1-Visa of CUNY Baruch, buying an IBM notebook personal computer from the retail store on the Fifth Avenue, the operator crew members of Taipei NSB Control Room were too excited to use that broadcasting channel to chat in the retail stores on the Fifth Avenue. When it was intercepted and intervened by Counterintelligence(CI) Center(similar to UK MI5 organization) of New York City, the Puerto Rican orphan was encouraged by her NSB colleagues in the NSB control room to explain to the New York City Counterintelligence(CI) Center operators that she was an American Lieutenant Officer at Taiwan. The CI operator in New York City accessed to the information of that Taiwanese Puerto Rican ethnic lieutenant Ms. Ivory, rejected online by saying that Lieutenant Ivory was only an orphan in Taiwan, not an American military officer. It was notified that on the very day(August 4, 1996) the NSB put a second lieutenant officer of ethnic ABC(American Born Chinese) to death who was on duty in the control room. The previous month in July 1996, the Taipei City mayor-elect Mr Chen Shu-bian with his young son flied to Washington DC via NYC JFK Airport to find the White House aides to negotiate the signature issue of his mistaken CIA contract. Mr Mayor-elect S.B. Chen was rejected by the authority of White House(probably by the President Clinton, as it was notified). Mr Chen Sui-bian returned to Taipei City on August 5 or August 7 to report to his mayor post, he quickly issued a revenge military order for the executed NSB ethnic ABC(American Born Chinese) as the former National Defense Committee legislator for the previous hacking into USA New York area upon the former second lieutenant military police officer Mr David Chang who was at the moment in New York City for his graduate school study. This military revenge order resulted to my (Mr Chang David’s) grandmother Mrs Chang Wang-me on August 9, 1996 died of medical gross negligence at Taipei Veteran General Hospital on the observing of Ms Chen Chu coming to Taipei from Chang-hua County Special Attack Team Base on the early morning.

Besides, the complaint letter which sent to Judicial Yuan last month, 100/01/04 @ 12:14 “Civil law compensation about life and school harassment(The enclosure of 2006 letter sending to Taipei District Court Judge Liu Ting-Boer)” mentioned the incumbent mayor of Kaohsiung City Ms Chen Chu in 1987 harassing Taipei County Panchiao citizen Ms Mei-ling Chang to drop out Principal Chiang Soong Mei-ling’s Private Zai-Xing High School. The offender who used the American machine to harass my sister Ms Mei-ling Chang in 1987 was not until last year 2010 in November when I had been writing legal documents for five years(from 2004) against the long-term governmental human rights abuse to be identified her full name, which was Ms Chen Chu of the Assistant of former Legislator Mrs Wu Shu-chen and the Kaohsiung city incumbent mayor. In 2008 I sent an abuse reporting document to the USA Federal Government, including the office of New York Senator Mrs Hillary Clinton and the White House President Mr. George W. Bush. There in the document mentioned a foreign adviser(of Japanese or of American nationality) in 1994 after August 14 USA Sergeant Ms Eva Ivory’s death at Taipei City, advising the Taipei high authority officials to replicate a parallel plot upon the national obligated service serving and military controlled, Panchiao Regional Military Police Station second lieutenant Mr David Chang, of the seven-year prescription drug intake life of the very victim girl Ms Mei-ling Chang. Ms Mei-ling Chang was exactly the MP officer Mr David Chang’s sibling. Because the adviser at Taipei wanted to calm down the government officials and the scared rich population who attended the international military weapon show from Taipei City and the adviser also wanted to make sure that they know that this governmental military level energy harass-to-seek-mental-asylum activity would not happen by random but by choice of which victims were selected neither in the rich population nor in the government officials at the Taipei City. Such a foreign adviser dared to sacrifice the very victim’s brother, probably knowing the victim girl’s brother was under restraint of obligated service military control. It followed in years by heavy energy abuse to have had it done a prescription drug intake, manipulated another university drop-out copy from New York City public school and Taipei Tamsui private college parallel to the victim high school girl’s drop out, except that the victim girl’s military control restrained brother was with a status which should be described as a grown-up child of the United Nations Abused Case. The government officials and military authority called this parallel as a “testifying activity,” which they wanted the recruits enthusiastically participating it. The foreign adviser was with the international joint investigation crew for the USA Sergeant Eva Ivory death case. This advice from the foreign military adviser in 1994 clearly had a notice of parallel of the seven-year psychopathology of my sister Mei-ling Chang since 1987. In 1994 the relatives of 1987 Private Zai-Xing High School drop-out victim girl Ms Mei-ling Chang, including both Taipei County Police Station Deputy Sheriff Mr Dai Yu-tsong and the Panchiao Military Police Station Second Lieutenant officer Mr David Chang, the victim’s brother, me, were notified this parallel activity. We have reasons to believe that the Japanese or the American adviser was not aware of the victim girl’s brother Mr David Chang, me, had been informed that notice of parallel in 1994. The anonymous figure to have an online chat with Taipei military training camp in 1994, was identified as Texas Governor Mr George W. Bush. With the colleague cashier Ms Chen Chu, Mr George W. Bush in 1987 was promoted to the Public Relationship(PR) manager position of the American Reading Machine company(ARM, Taiwan area), when his Harvard University Law School alumni Dr Ma Ying-jeou planned a lawsuit against the American Reading Machine company(ARM, Taiwan area). At the same timing, Ms Chen Chu utilized the ARM company machine to aide Kuomintang(KMT) candidate for legislator election at the Taipei County area(the former Taipei County Administration Chief Mr Lin Fong-cheng raised NTD$10,000 paid to Ms Chen Chu of the ARM company for fees to aid the election, although the KMT candidate finally lost the Taipei County legislator election that year, campaigned again the next year to be elected from Taipei City by herself in 1988). Because of this lost election campaign resulting pressure from Taipei County, Ms Chen Chu on the campaign trail around Taiwan areas, also paid to aid the elections, appealed to the Taipei County residents for votes by saying that, “The ‘Forever Madam Chiang’ was belonging to those who from Kaohsiung residential military community such as (Ms Chen Chu) myself, not belonging to the southern Chia-Yi City born Taiwanese such as Ms Mei-ling Chang who only attended Principal Chiang Soong Mei-ling’s Zai-Xing High School and had just listened to Madam Chiang’s speech on school open day.” As colleague of the PR Manager Mr George W. Bush to be the company cashier, suggested by one of the American Reading Machine(ARM) company consultant that it was the prerogative of Ms Chen Chu by operating energy device to harass the first grade high school girl Ms Mei-ling Chang who just enrolled to the Private Zai-Xsing High School, “If you drop out this fifteen years old Taiwanese Ms Mei-ling Chang from high school, then little Mei-ling Chang would lose the tie with her Principal Chiang Soong Mei-ling’s relationship, which was a relationship with a mainlander of high school Principal and teacher. Therefore, Madam Chiang Soong Mei-ling would belong to the Mainlanders in Taiwan residential military community such as you Ms Chen Chu forever!” This same scenario happened again around August 1996 in New York City, which was suggested to parallel 1987 Mei-ling Chang’s dropout case by saying that, “If you harass Mr David Chang to drop out City University of New York(CUNY) Baruch Business School, Mr David Chang would have no chance to come back to New York again to resume his business graduate study. Therefore, his American dream would be broken, and the tie with America would belong to you the rich our friends again and forever!” The Military Police Marshal Lieutenant General Mr Chao Wen-sheng who was also known as, (a.k.a.) president Mr Ruan Da-Nian of National Chiao Tung University(NCTU) from 1990 to 1992 when I was attending the university. He was a Harvard University Law School graduated alumni. In 1996 August the Harvard alumni president of NCTU Mr Ruan Da-Nian along with about thirty members of Reserve Officer Trainees who were escapees from obligated military service, followed me to the New York City to their “smear or lick the blood as oath and swear” allied USA military authority to have a complaint. At the moment there were also suggestions by the fee-paying service from foreign public relationship companies(there was a Cassidy & Associates in Taiwan, as I know), to replicate Ms Mei-ling Chang’s medication and medical control process upon her brother Mr David Chang, as an advising service to make an example as the convenient reference for the Taipei high officials and the rich to know about the psychotherapy business. As these words were said, “The family of Mr Chaokai(David) Chang only drove a car branded as OPEL of Germany made, priced NTD$800,000 only, jumped up so many levels of class to come to such a high class place, New York City, to pursue his graduate study…” “If you harass Mr David Chang to drop out, David would have no chance to come back to New York City again. Therefore, his American dream would be broken, and the tie with America would belong to the rich such as you our friends again, and forever!” Meanwhile, the Texas Governor Mr George Bush Jr. had message notified me, the international student Mr David Chang in New York City that he was kept in states around the New England areas for assistance to the FBI and federal government investigation about the Sergeant Eva Ivory August 14, 1994 Taipei death case. Mr Governor George Bush Jr. also served as the anonymous senior adviser to Mr Sean Lien of the Ivy League Columbia University law school graduate student who had donated political funds to Republican Party. Mr George Bush Jr. in 1996 also offered a guarantee to the ethics review committee of Columbia University upon Mr Sean Lien who had an open discussion about Taipei Gang affairs in 1994. But about the identity which had harassed two members in Mr David Chang’s family and resulted in their dropouts from schools, I was not quite aware that the 43rd USA President Mr George W. Bush, as the former colleague of the cashier Ms Chen Chu of that American company, if he would know about it.

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Translated by DB, August 7, 2011, National Central Library, Taipei City


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