Ex-?, diary20110809

August 9, 2011, Tuesday, Rainy


This year is 2011, my 41 years old age. When I said that the “machine” is “ex-USB”, it is because I had been always under torture by the energy device. What’s the difference between a machine bearing my name and an “ex-USB” when I decided it should be treated as that? It is about the issue of “free will”.

If you believe in free will, you believe that people have a choice in what they do and that their actions have not been decided in advance by God or Fate.

If you do something of your own free will, you do it by choice and not because you are forced to do it. But that “free will” seems to be kind of spiritual, while we desired to live in a material world. Should take caution to handle it.

D.B. SSN057-86-4042,

Typed by DB in National Central Library, on August 10, 2011

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