Ex-USB, diary20110805

August 5, 2011, Friday, Rainy


In message communicating around 1994 Taipei, the former USA President Mr Bill Clinton tried to explain to me that I was not an American while I held sort of American values conviction that I thought I was kind of American. Later in 2008 when I wrote document related to this, we make fun of this by saying that even we were not USA, we were USB.

But as far as I can remember, in 1980 and in 1994 separately, when I negotiated with one USA military adviser and the former Texas Governor Mr George W. Bush, about the question that whether such a “Machine” would stand for the 10 y.o. and 24 y.o. user for its benefit or not. This time is 2011, 41 y.o., I decided that it’s ex-USB.

D.B. SSN057-86-4042,

Typed by DB in National Central Library, on August 10, 2011

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