The so-called Human Resource Second Division File which Mr Chen and Mr Ma argued

The Judicial Yuan is located directly east of ...

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draft20110903, Some clues about the 1981 RAPC–Page 2. Continue from draft20110823, Some clues about the 1981 RAPC–Page 2. 

Date: 100/02/08 11:23 @ 11:29 To: Judicial Yuan
TITLE: continue…100/02/08 11:23 Some clues about the 1981 RAPC(Risk Agreement of Possessed Child)—-Page 2. 
Content: Continue from last page…100/02/08 @ 11:23 Some clues about the 1981 RAPC(Risk Agreement of Possessed Child)–Page 2

…The Kyoto University Law School graduated Mr Frank Hsieh of Taipei City Council member used the eduction background of the National Taiwan University(NTU) instead of the Soochow University background to run for the city council member election campaign. At that time I was an elementary school student before went to the junior high school. My mother subscribed a children newspaper, the Mandarin Daily News for me at my third grade. One day after Mr Frank Hsieh made a moving speech to the electorate, one Taipei citizen enthusiastically decided to do something for the Japanese Kyoto University alumni city council member Mr Frank Hsieh and for Taiwan’s democracy future. Almost without effort, this Taipei citizen himself wrote an article and published on the Mandarin Daily News. The very week when his article was published, he went to Taipei County Haishan Junior High School to pick out the student composition book of Mr David Chang, which student name Mr Frank Hsieh probably mentioned in his campaign speech to address that was one of the late President Mr Chiang Ching-Kuo’s pupils. That Taipei citizen copied the page of the student composition book of David Chang which citing his article published on Mandarin Daily News earlier that week, and reported to Taipei City Police Station for a criminal case. After this Taipei City police report was known, the student composition books in the Taipei County Haishan Junior High School every week were mandated to send to the Dean’s Office to review and stamped the office seal before returned them back to the students. This was one example of the so-called “Human Resource Second Division File” which Naitonal Taiwan University(NTU) alumni officials, the former President Mr Chen Shui-Bian and the incumbent President Mr Ma Ying-Jeou argued in public…

Best Regards, David CK Chang, Citizen of New Taipei City Panchiao District,
F121485303, SSN057864042, February 8, 2011, National Central Library, Taipei City

(Continued)Translated by DB, September 3, 2011, National Central Library, Taipei City

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