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Date: 100/02/08 @ 11:29
To: Judicial Yuan
Name: David CK Chang
Telephone: 89529809
TITLE: continue…100/02/08 11:23 Some clues about the 1981 RAPC(Risk Agreement of Possessed Child)—-Page 2. 

Continue from last page…100/02/08 @ 11:23 Some clues about the 1981 RAPC(Risk Agreement of Possessed Child)–Page 2

It was the governmental effort to push the Education Reform Policy of Taiwan from 1998 through 2008, which usually addressed as the Taiwan education reform for ten years, although it began in 1994. The most important mission to reform education was considering the reaction to the democracy and therefore the reformer could cope with the rampant corruption of the ARM-MC(American Reading Machine-membership company) in Taiwan areas after the General Election Policy of the congress and presidential office was gradually actualized into effect. The ARM-MC(American Reading Machine-membership company) caused a lot of problems and often hindered the governmental democratic policy. The 1998 reported case was the elected government officials of Democratic Progressive Party(DPP) coming to elementary and secondary schools to harass teachers both found at Taipei County and Taipei City. Nobel Laureate Dr Lee Yuan-Tseh was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry from Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and also hired by the Academia Sinica of Taiwan to be researcher and president of that national research institute. The education reform was initialized by Dr Lee Yuan-Tseh in 1994. A message delivered before Mr Frank Hsieh of DPP serving at the Executive Yuan in 2004, was claimed to be from the United Nations officials, tipped off the governmental officials who involved in the energy device harassment to the UN abused child victim Mr David Chang. One sunny day at Taipei City near Ministry of Foreign Affairs and National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, at the spot of GuiYang Street crossroad traffic lights, timing was around 2005 or 2007, during which I was staying at National Central Library to prepare documents for the governmental energy device harassment legal action, there was a volatile form message, addressed as from the United Nations officials, notifying to the former United Nations 1979 Child Abuse Case Mr David Chang, and also the victim in 1996 right at its very headquarter location of New York City to be harassed to drop out of CUNY Baruch Business Graduate School, that most of members in the cadre of Democratic Progressive Party(DPP) including the former DPP Taipei City Council member and then incumbent Legislator Mr Frank Hsieh were all having interests something to do with the ARM-MC(American Reading Machine-membership company) in Taiwan areas. Mr Frank Hsieh, when he was first running for the member of Taipei City Council, claimed his official identity to be an alumni from the National Taiwan University(NTU) Law School, but from other source, probably according to his own words saying to the pupils of late President Chiang Ching-kuo in early years via wireless machine, Mr Frank Hsieh graduated from the law school of Soochow University before attending the NTU five-year-term law school and also before he went to Japan seeking for admission to the college of law in Kyoto University when he had elected to be the member of Taipei City Council. It was said that Mr Frank Hsieh recruited members in Taipei City similar to the club of ARM-MC(American Reading Machine, membership company), for his own brand name “Japanese Formula Mathematics.” During more than a couple of years in Japan for the college of law study, some official of Japan in Tokyo ever asked the student Mr Frank Hsieh about the details of his “Japanese Formula Mathematics” membership club in Taiwan. Mr Frank Hsieh answered the official of Japan in Tokyo that the membership organization was ordered to set up by the Taiwan official from late President Chiang Ching-kuo. The official of Japan in Tokyo then told Mr Frank Hsieh to remove the “Japanese” from the name of Mr Frank Hsieh’s membership club to be only as “Formula Mathematics”. The late President Chiang Ching-Kuo probably planned to use the Japanese Formula Mathematics membership club organized by Mr Frank Hsieh of Democratic Progressive Party(DPP) to balance the USA ARM(American Reading Machine Company) of the Harvard Public Relationship(PR) Manager Mr George Bush Jr. and cashier Ms Chen Chu when I was an elementary school pupil of 12 years old. Mr Frank Hsieh of Democratic Progressive Party(DPP) was not told by the late President Chiang that the late President Chiang Ching-kuo sponsored the membership club of “Japanese Formula Mathematics” in Taipei City from the national resource allocated by him. That is, the “Japanese Formula Mathematics” membership club which the former DPP City Council member Mr Frank Hsieh organized was another form of energy auxiliary reading machine company in Taiwan areas in public supported by the late President Chiang which was similar to the USA ARM-MC(American Reading Machine-membership company). In 1998, there was a report of official threatening harassment from the fee collectors of “Formula Mathematics” membership club in Taipei City, together with the commission fees collectors in Kaohsiung City which were recruited by Ms Chen Chu for the Japanese new-model Reading Machine. The fees collectors in 1998 went into the elementary and secondary schools both in Taipei City and Taipei County to ask the teachers to conform to their request to unify the quiz numbers for the reading machine commission company to regulate the pupils to boost up their scores in school. That’s when the efforts of Nobel Laureate Dr Lee Yuan-Tseh paid for initializing so-called ten-year Education Reform Policy in Taiwan in 1998. The snobbery of the reading machine company made the DPP involved officials dictated governmental administrations and bullied the school teachers.

The Kyoto University Law School graduated Mr Frank Hsieh of Taipei City Council member used the eduction background of the National Taiwan University(NTU) instead of the Soochow University background to run for the city council member election campaign. At that time I was an elementary school student before went to the junior high school. My mother subscribed a children newspaper, the Mandarin Daily News for me at my third grade. One day after Mr Frank Hsieh made a moving speech to the electorate, one Taipei citizen enthusiastically decided to do something for the Japanese Kyoto University alumni city council member Mr Frank Hsieh and for Taiwan’s democracy future. Almost without effort, this Taipei citizen himself wrote an article and published on the Mandarin Daily News. The very week when his article was published, he went to Taipei County Haishan Junior High School to pick out the student composition book of Mr David Chang, which student name Mr Frank Hsieh probably mentioned in his campaign speech to address that was one of the late President Mr Chiang Ching-Kuo’s pupils. That Taipei citizen copied the page of the student composition book of David Chang which citing his article published on Mandarin Daily News earlier that week, and reported to Taipei City Police Station for a criminal case. After this Taipei City police report was known, the student composition books in the Taipei County Haishan Junior High School every week were mandated to send to the Dean’s Office to review and stamped the office seal before returned them back to the students. This was one example of the so-called “Human Resource Second Division File” which Naitonal Taiwan University(NTU) alumni officials, the former President Mr Chen Shui-Bian and the incumbent President Mr Ma Ying-Jeou argued in public. According to reliable sources, the Taipei City Police Station which related with that so-called “Human Resource Second Division File” mentioned above was the Xinyi Police Station in Taipei City, while the enthusiastic citizen who reported to that Xinyi Police Station for a criminal case was called Mr Ho Jung. It was said by some local critic that when the late President Mr Chiang Ching-Kuo was told this Xinyi Police Station criminal case report, “he did not get angry with Mr Ho Jung but appointed him to be the chairman of Mandarin Daily News.” What is the moral of this story? At that time in Taiwan my mother paid NTD$300 monthly fees for me to subscribe to the Mandarin Daily News for children when my father had a salary only NTD$3,000 monthly. My parents was criticized by the relatives of Taipei County Administrative Chief Mr Lin Fong-Cheng to be elevating education price to be only for elites. The relatives of Taipei County Administrative Chief Mr Lin Fong-Cheng, together with parents of elementary school pupils boycotted my family in public and even went to the Taipei District Court to record my name in the law court of Judicial system.(My aunt Mrs Liu Ming-Hui with my cousin Mr Chang Chia-ling used my name to file a law suit in Taipei District Court against a Harvard alumni author, with a lost case but acquired a humanity compensation of NTD$18,000 from the total compensation amount NTD$100,000). This children newspaper, Mandarin Daily News, founded by Mr Hu Shi of the Republic of China’s ambassador to the United States of America, was de facto (selling) violating interests of the four years subscribing customer Mr David Chang, subscribing from ten years old through fourteen years old, with the eligible chairman of an author and editor, to file a secret governmental file at local police station. Until now for almost thirty years(the subscribing children had graduated from university), both the Xinyi Police Station or the Taipei District Court and even the Mandarin Daily News company had never notified the Mandarin Daily News subscribing customer Mr David Chang. The subscription fees collecting company had an inclination and attitude to put the subscribing customer at (a secondary position) the second place when running the newspaper company. After this event, my mother changed my name Mr David CK Chang which was used to subscribe to the Mandarin Daily News and used the name of my sister Ms Mei-Chi Chang to subscribe to this children newspaper. From then on, I did not read that children newspaper anymore(I read this newspaper for five years from ten years old through fourteen years old.) My family kept subscribing to this children newspaper for ten more years using my sister’s name when my sister was graduated from Taipei Municipal ZhongShan Girl’s High School and gained the admission qualification to the Feng Chia University when I was in my sophomore year at National Chiao Tung University.     

Best Regards,

David CK Chang,
Citizen of New Taipei City Panchiao District,
February 8, 2011,
National Central Library,
Taipei City

Translated by DB, September 20, 2011, National Central Library, Taipei City

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