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October 21, 2011, Friday, Rainy


This week I used internet website form to file a complaint document to Judicial Yuan concerned the Democratic Progressive Party(DPP), of the former Taipei County Administrative Chief Mr Yu Ching, whose name was a pseudonym and used a suspicious doctorate in EE from some German university to run the 1986 Taipei election campaign. He was elected the county Administrative Chief in 1986.

Before he swore in the government post, the former county chief Mr Lin Fong-cheng said that Mr Yu Ching was his National Chung Hsing University law school junior and that it was O.K. let him take the post.

According to governmental message along with a China Times news report those days, a report of runaway criminal’s name coincided with Mr Yu Ching’s real name, which should be “Lee Si-Yeou.” 

D.B. SSN057-86-4042,

Typed by DB in National Central Library, on October 21, 2011

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