David Chang ever rejected Chen’s invitation to join DPP and sign contracts


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draft20111114, What kind of process inflicted punishment on David Chang due to study abroad at New York City in 1996? Continue from draft20111013, What kind of process inflicted punishment on David Chang due to study abroad at New York City in 1996? . 

Date: 100/03/09 @ 12:26 To: Judicial Yuan
TITLE: What kind of process inflicted punishment on David Chang due to study abroad at New York City in 1996?. 

…The picture 1996 shooting at Sofitel Manhattan could have been related to several possible persons: the 17-year-old Mississippi high school student Ms Maria Perrie who was in summer vacation, the 27-year-old New York Sate citizen Ms Sally Virginia, the subletting landlord Ms Chu Xian-Ying, an immigrant from Shanghai, the international homestay student Mr David Chang, me, from Taipei at Queen Borough, and my cousin Ms Ivy Chang who served as stewardess at the United Airlines. This dispute had an almost confirmed premise: 1. Mayor-elect Mr Chen Shui-bian had known the date on the picture from the Sofitel hotel which was used to report to his superior who was then appeared to be the White House authority, was wrong and altered by mark pen. The file reported at New York City 1996 August surely was a forgery; 2. Mr Ma Ying-jeou only noticed that the date on the picture from Sofitel hotel had a mismatch by two days(or by two months), but he approved it because the penalty for the CUNY Baruch international student David Chang was requested by the KMT party Chairman Mr Lee Teng-hui; 3. As to the First Lady Mrs Hillary R. Clinton at the White House, probably she was very busy with the Federal government affairs, and the family members of the 1994 August Taipei CIA training dead sergeant Ms Eva Ivory and first private Mr Tim Scott Landon at the moment were in New York City lobbying the first lady Mrs Hillary R. Clinton, she probably had no time to notice the mayor-elect Mr Chen Shui-bian, the former Taipei Legislator and the human rights custody report direct account, dropping a file with name and picture date double errors at New York City before aboard airplane flying back to Taipei.

Finally, I want to ask a question: the US international student Mr David Chang who graduated from National Chiao Tung University(NCTU) in 1993 from Taipei Panchiao area, in 1996 applied for City University of New York Baruch Business Graduate School and went to the USA himself with F1-student Visa on June 29, 1996. Mr David Chang ever rejected the invitation to join the Democratic Progressive Party(DPP) and to sign the National Defense related contracts from Legislator Mr Chen Shui-bian, therefore it should be obvious that Mr David Chang had never received any governmental subsidies from ROC National Defense Department or any scholarship from the KMT Party or DPP(similar to Rhodes Scholarships). I want to ask that what kind of penalty process requested by the former President Mr Lee Teng-hui, a Cornell University alumni and the KMT Chairman, to ask the Harvard University Law School alumni Dr Ma Ying-jeou who in 1996 August was at the New York City to approve?

Best Regards, David CK Chang, Citizen of New Taipei City Panchiao District,
F121485303, SSN057864042, March 9, 2011, National Central Library, Taipei City

Translated by DB, November 14, 2011, Internet Cafe, New Taipei City


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