Reply to a red antique bike case concerned Brown University 1996 class Mr Hsin Yang, prompted by CUNY Baruch adviser Ms Tery Mitchel to relate in 2007

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About article September 12, 2010 “George Bush Jr. came to Taiwan investigating a CIA agent executed case, 1992”:

Actually, when I just elected the National Chiao Tung University(NCTU) Control Eng. Junior class representative in September 1991, my classmate Hsing Young(Ivy League 1996 class, Brown University alumni, he was frustrated by the class representative election outcome because he also want to be elected to be a credit for applying US university graduate school in the future), the young son of Japanese company SONY Vice president, told me that the university seniors had left campus with these deserted bicycles and further pushed me to exchange my black KHS racing bicycle with the red antique bike. Two days later when I engaged with those senior chatting communicating in a distance before campus restaurant, I spoke out to the sky to those NCTU alumni including Acer CEO Mr Stan Shih with that red bike senior owner, “Whether lock or not locked by me is not what matters. If you would use the bicycle, come and ask me to fetch it back.” During the chatting, someone told the senior red bike owner that since he had been a business owner in Science Industry Park, he could drive his car through the NCTU Bo-Shan back gate to the campus. That was that.

Above is the additional explanation concerned the content in the fourth paragraph of

Blog Entry George Bush Jr. came to Taiwan investigating a CIA agent executed case, 1992 owner and NCTU electronic engineering department or communication engineering department alumni, first chatting with other Hsin Chu Science Industrial Park business owners..Amid a lot of NCTU alumni participating secret watching occasion, he did not prompt any legal concept like “false accusing.”…Take the red antique iron hiking bicycle of secret file as an is not about the ownership making the case never a false accusing, it is about the motive…”
Blog EntryGeorge Bush Jr. came to Taiwan investigating a CIA agent executed case, 1992

David CK Chang, SSN057-86-4042,
December 14, 2011,
National Central Library,
Taipei City

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