Criminal Police(New Taipei City) had an inquiry with my Yahoo! blog article

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Criminal Investigation Corps, New Taipei City Police Dept., earlier this morning at 8:30 knock my door of my house in Panchiao to tell me to go to criminal police station to answer some questions about my Yahoo! personal blog page, posting about the Breeze Center luxury department store owner Mr Liao Cheng-han, movie star Ms Chiu Shru-Chen who was once his mistress to have their daughter Ms Liao Yee-Wen. The criminal police inquiry also mentioned Mr Liao Cheng-Han commissioned someone to report the case to criminal police dept. I answered that their daughter Ms Liao Yee-Wen, told in 2004 that she observed Ms Chiu Shru-Chen coerced by gang alike organization to suicide in one Panchiao community, there was a young girl beside Ms Chiu Shru-chen but was not calling help and left Ms Chiu died on scene. The young girl told Taipei County(New Taipei City) police that she was Chiu’s daughter Ms Liao Yee-Wen, apparently an identity theft case. The criminal police inquiry ended 11:00 AM, briefly asking me if I would remove the article from my website, and then transferring the case to Justice Yuan prosecutor.

About the New Taipei City Criminal Police Dept., Chung-her, had a police inquiry with me, proceeded in this morning from 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM, was about the Breeze Center Luxury Dept Store owner Mr Liao Cheng-han commissioned representative to report to the criminal police of  “reputation damages in cases of written form on Yahoo! blog article”, and that is my website article.
I answered the criminal police inquiry that in my Yahoo! web article: First, in June 2002 [actually it was in June 2003] I attended my classmate Mr Tsai Wang-Ju’s wedding ceremony. Mr Tsai married to Ms Chiu Ling-Chao who was exactly sister of Liao’s daughter Ms Liao Yee-Wen. Ms Liao Yee-Wen at the moment did not know his father, Mr Liao Cheng-han, who was said to be appeared in the wedding of Mei-Yuan Hunan Cuisine Restaurant on Nanjing W. Rd, Taipei City. Ms Chiu had a quarrel with Mr Liao asking him to acknowledge Ms Liao Yee-Wen as his daughter, but declined by him. Ms Chiu Shru-chen therefore got angry and did not enter Ms Chiu Ling-Chao’s wedding ceremony.
2. In the end of 2004 summer [in the mid of July 2004] , Ms Chiu Shru-chen was coerced by gang alike organization to suicide. On the spot(some Panchiao community), there was a young girl beside Ms Chiu Shru-chen, did not call help and left Chiu died on scene. She told Taipei County Police that she was Chiu’s daughter Ms Liao Yee-Wen, apparently an identity theft of criminal case. Mr Liao later (he knew that she was on the spot) found her to take her to call her as step-daughter.
3. From reliable source in 2004 when Chiu was coerced to suicide, could be her daughter Ms Liao Yee-Wen, said that she was in United States(New York), observing her mother died in some community of Panchaio. Then this gang alike organization forced suicide tragedy was high level crime once handled by Taipei County Police Station.
Finally at 11:00 AM the criminal police asked me if I would remove my website article from Yahoo!, I answered that if every details of the above mentioned was verified to be true with Mr Liao and his representative, then there is no need to remove that article. This case therefore with my name signed, pressed several of my finger prints, transferred to Judicial Yuan prosecutor.

David CK Chang, SSN057-86-4042,

Dec. 29, 2011


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