Prospect law interests for taking follow up legal action(inquiry and filed by the Criminal Police Dept. New Taipei City)


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New Taipei City Criminal Police had an inquiry with me yesterday about Breeze Center owner Mr Liao Cheng-han commissioned law representative to suggest an investigation on my Yahoo! Blog article and also demand to file a lawsuit, the criminal police officer in the two hours inquiry raised two questions before transferred the case to district court prosecutor.

About the law applicable to this case transferred to prosecutor:

First, according to ROC Code of Criminal Procedure Article 159-3,

the words said by witness who was dead can be deemed as evidence. And the words told by witness who was missing or stayed overseas without possibility to contact with at the moment can be deemed as evidence.

During the inquiry yesterday, I had pointed out(right at my Yahoo! blog content which printed out and marked to highlight two lines on my posted article by the criminal police officer,) that Ms Chiu Shru-Chen who died in 2004 with her words saying that Ms Liao Yee-Wen was Mr Liao Cheng-han’s daughter. That is the evidence, item number one.

Secondly, Ms Liao Yee-Wen, who told me(dipicted in a distance by the USA supporting crew as one CUNY Baruch dropped out student and citizen of nearby household to that one Panchiao community which happened organizational coerced suicide) in 2004 when the suicide case of her mother was proceeded by Taipei County Police Station, that she was in the United States(New York), she was observing the coerced suicide conducted by local gang alike organization. But there was an identity theft case followed up to steal her identity, to be known as that was on the suicide scene by the dead body proceeded by the police. If Ms Liao Yee-Wen had stayed overseas or her identity cannot be recovered from the identity theft case, her words in 2004 which I also pointed out(right at my Yahoo! blog content which printed out by the criminal police officer) to the criminal police yesterday, this could be the evidence, item number two.

The case finally was transferred to law court prosecutor after I required the criminal police officer of New Taipei City to ask Mr Liao Cheng-han and his law representative to revoke his reported for criminal police investigation and lawsuit case. Therefore, this could be a significant defect with prospect law interests for taking follow up legal action, sir.

David CK Chang, SSN057-86-4042,

December 30, 2011


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