Yahoo! Libel case, diary20120117

January 17, 2012, Tuesday, Sunny
Yahoo! Libel case

Last month on Dec 29, the New Taipei City Criminal Police Station, two officers, after Dec. 28 notifying my mother, came to knock my house door at AM 8:30 to take me to the New Taipei City Criminal Police Station in Chung-Her district for interrogating about Yahoo! Kimo blog, my article with title, “Criminal case of (movie star)Ms. Chiu Shru-Chen forced suicide by gangsters, (added Liao Yee-Wen identity theft case who claimed to be Liao Cheng-Han’s daughter, and perjury suspect case to Taipei City Criminal Police officer in Taipei County criminal scene description as Call-Help-Without-Answer to neighbor household, deleted by alibi but the neighbor accounted in Taipei City Criminal Police record for a year was never notified)”. The New Taipei City Criminal Police officers might be with Taipei District Court prosecutor, saying someone from (Japanese)Breeze Center Mr Liao Cheng-Han’s party, came to the criminal police station to report the Yahoo! blog libel case. From 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM, two criminal police officers did the interrogation. At the end of this police inquiry, they printed out the police interrogating report, pressed my fingerprint on three copies and every double spread pages(to seal on the perforation).

When I told the criminal police officers whether they ask the reporting Breeze Center Mr Liao’s representative to revoke the “libel” case, or the New Taipei City Criminal Police Station changed my interrogated suspect role to a witness role of the criminal case, the criminal police officers actually refused me, saying Liao’s not here but would insist to transfer the “libel” case to Taipei District Court.

Some on-line comment message after the police interrogation, without effective confirmation but addressed in US heavy weight political figure Mr BC’s identity, saying that for Mr David Chang(D.B.), this police inquiry defending had defects only in his current lower social status.

D.B. SSN057-86-4042,
Typed by DB in National Central Library, on January 17, 2012


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