Relatives died after a slander lawsuit(2006.4.1) appeal transferred proceeding to Supreme Court(2006.6.23-27)

FBI New agent training.

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My cousin Mr Chang Chia-ling filed a slander lawsuit on April 1, 2006 against his former employer who fired him with a reason that he was insane. He found another job around June 23 or 27 in the same year 2006, and his father, my uncle Mr Chang Wu-Shiung acted as my cousin’s legal representative to follow up the lawsuit. My uncle then granted the law court for transferring slander case proceeding to the Supreme Court when he was told that he mentioned two relatives of mine, Mrs Yu Jing-Chi, who later died in July of 2006, and Mr Wong Kuo-Ying, who later died in January 2007, were witnesses in New York 1996 to my grandmother Chang Wang-Me’s medical gross negligence death case, and the testifying referred that the former president Dr Lee Teng-hui of Cornell University had connection with my grandmother Mrs Chang Wang-Me’s gross medical negligence death case on August 9, 1996 at Veteran General Hospital, Taipei City, before I was dropped out from CUNY Baruch business graduate school on October 23, 1996. My uncle Mr Chang Wu-Shiung seemed to be dead of heart operation several months later after the death of my relative Mr Wong to be counted to three death cases after the 2006 June Supreme Court proceeding, but could not be formally confirmed yet.  

Right after a New York State military camp watching Taipei, aiming the range scope to be at observing movie star Ms Chiu Shru-Chen dying in one Panchiao community on July 15, 2004, when her daughter Ms Liao Yee-wen, 17 years old, in New York together with a later signed FBI agent who was an adolescent in 1994 signed by US President Clinton to assist the investigation of 1994 August 14 Sgt. Eva Ivory’s Taipei death case, a 14 year-old overseas Japanese, Ms Gui Mei-loon(a.k.a. Lt. Lien Shi-Ying from Kaoshiung City), at the moment in 2004 was 24 years old, previously served for a while to follow the civilian group of the former Premier and Vice President Mr Lien Chan and his wife Mrs Lien Fang-Yu in New York. The criminal scene in July 2004 was observing by New York which was also giving a system message that read or said, “One Baruch College dropped out was in nearby household”, that is, she did not quite know that CUNY d.o. citizen who was found at an adjacent but separate, not connected household to that one Panchiao community of Ms Chiu Shru-Chen’s death scene when searching for possible assistance. My relative Yu Ching-Chi’s young son living in that one Panchiao community was also studying at Baruch College Taipei School, though. But the very Baruch College drop-out at the moment was not at home, that is me, I was driving my Toyota Altis 1.6 going to Kaohsiung City for three days before sold the car out at the end of that month after several job interview rejections to have difficulty to raise that car.

Perhaps Ms Gui Mei-loon was told to sign the FBI contract leaving Lien’s group and to find Ms Liao Yee-Wen, the daughter of the forced suicide victim Ms Chiu Shru-Chen on July 15, 2004, together flew back to Taipei in several days after the forced suicide case. They seemed to be landing at HsinChu City, a little southern from Taipei, the same city which the Arkansas Governor Mr Bill Clinton(Robert) met the National Chiao Tung University(NCTU) sophomore student Mr David Chang, me, on November 1, 1990. When my relative Mr Wong Kuo-Ying who had signed a NSB contract, received a call at the end of July, 2004 from some National Security Bureau agent, might be my classmate Mr Tsai Wang-Ju, who probably found that Mr Wong and I have the relative relationship from Citibank customer data of my referee, which was her wife Mrs Chang Yee-Ying, he found that there were a CIA agent Ms Julie Kirby whose father was Holland diplomat, and my classmate Mr Tsai Wang-Ju who was acquaintance to Ms Liao Yee-Wen appeared there in Hsin Chu City. From my relative Mr Wong Kuo-Ying’s words when receiving a call asking for assisting an investigation of Ms Chiu Shru-Chen’s death case, my relative Mr Wong found that was a CIA agent which he felt improper for an investigation conducting, the US investigating crew made sure that there was an FBI agent there. In addition to agent Ms Julie Kirby, my relative Mr Wong also found that there was the movie star Ms Lin Chi-Ling who was previously said to have a Canadian University degree in public, my relative Mr Wong finally did not appear to assist the Ms Chiu Shru-Chen forced suicide case investigation because he said that he know Ms Lin Chi-Ling who had a secret file to be connected with me, in which same conversation online Mr Wong turning to me for catching my facial expression changes, but I directly answered him that I did not know Ms Lin of fashion model and movie super star. But finally these days I had just posted a lollipop Human-Resource-Second-Division secret file, probably connected with Ms Lin Chi-ling and my high school year. Also there was another account of UN minor enthnic chairman’s survey on August 7, 1996 happened in YMCA, Pennsylvania, which I had posted it on my Yahoo website on December 2, 2010. There was also USA president Bill Clinton’s anonymous comment connected with my reaction to Ms Lin Chi-ling, the major survey conducting officer from Taipei area.  

There was a video tape of wedding ceremony in June 2003, of my classmate Mr Tsai Wang-Ju and Ms Liao Yee-Wen’s sister Ms Chiu Ling-Chao who was an alumni of John Hopkins University psychology major, supposed to be submitted by my classmate Mr Tsai Wang-Ju to the USA FBI agency for Ms Chiu Shru-Chen forced suicide death case investigation. The video was recorded by Ms Chiu Shru-Chen’s family on the wedding ceremony. When the FBI investigating crew reviewed that video tape, they found that there was 1965 born Mr Liao Cheng-Han, the former Breeze Center owner, and also there was Mr David Chang, me, in June 2003, came to the wedding site greeting the newly-wed acquaintances, having a chatting with Ms Liao Yee-Wen of the bride’s sister. Although the USA FBI agency was using this video tape to assist the Chiu Shru-Chen forced suicide case investigation, however, seven years later, on December 29, 2012, the New Taipei City Criminal Police Station seized me from my house with a previous day brief notice to knock my door to take me to the Criminal Police Station to interrogate for a Libel case on Yahoo! posting article which was said to be reported by Breeze Center owner Mr Liao Cheng-Han to the criminal police station.  It was shameful to use me to assist that criminal case investigating by the police and military institute to conduct life-long harassing, and finally even sue me with a libel lawsuit to close the case, for both USA FBI agency and Taiwan counterpart.

David CK Chang, SSN057-86-4042,

January 18, 2012,

New Taipei City Library,

Panchiao, New Taipei City


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