Country woman and infant child were warned in public not to take the train, 1971 Taipei case

United Nations

Young Woman and infant in public were warned not to take the train and infant was slammed on face by passenger in 1971

1. In my memory, one year old infant in winter 1971 or spring 1972, within seat on a train cart, mother Mrs Wu Yee-shing was cued up to the train cart toilet. Meanwhile only ten minute lapse of time, a young woman rushed to the seat slammed the child on its face. In the impression of that very infant child, something like broadcasting media message, appeared to be some kind of mental experiment under laboratory surveillance condition; followed several weeks or months with sort of program driving energy abuse harassed the infant child, therefore every time the infant child boarding the train with its mother would be crying, including later a wicked looking man stared a glance on the infant child and got off the train immediately. Besides some complaints about the crying baby from the passengers on that train cart and the next train cart probably and probably also because of their own economy depression reason, one male passenger ever warned the woman, my mother Mrs Wu Yee-shing, with that infant child, me, “Never come to take the train again or other public transportation system like buses when you are with the infant babe.” Beside that man there was a fashion stylish woman added to say, “You can drive a car! When I was pregnant bore a babe I drove my car with my babe.” “Why didn’t you drive anymore?” The woman appeared not happy with that question. Another day when infant with its mother taking the train again, suddenly a group of young fashion men and women called themselves to be Japanese showed up on the train cart to summarize these events, saying that in society we should educate the lower class people to shut up their mouths in order not to make our society extinct by the noise.” The surveillance of this event followed to our rented house in Panchiao City, I think the landlord might be relatives of the Formost Food Company owned by Mr Goo Cheng-Fu, conducting long term observing and even harassing activities. Finally the chronically crying child was sent to country temple in Chiayi City, with the country side religion authority sheltering and holding some kind of religion spiritual activity called “Alleviate scare” to calm the manic infant child which had been crying every nights for several months. This case has been recovered since 2003 when the very infant child was queried about United Nations Abuse Child Case at Panchiao city, Taipei County. It was told that this case had been recorded another account in United Nations scientific memory research program, UNESCO(United Nations Education, Science and Cultural Organization).

2. There was another university age girl or government female social worker observing the train cart which happening the infant child and woman harassing case, came to investigate those who claimed that they were Japanese in the train cart. In fact, they actually came to Taiwan with president Mr Chiang Kai-Shek and the Nationalist government, but under sort of police inquiry they still insisted that they were Japanese, and said that according to the modern and popular concepts of democracy, their words expressed in public were under protection of law. In spite of the so-called Japanese had this comment to the police investigation, the university girl or female young government social worker filed details of young woman and infant child harassed event happened in train, and also reported this case to USA or other foreign governmental authority. As the original file context manifested and online artificial intelligence polling or sort of polygraph registered results, that is, to understand from lateral information, Madam Chiang Soong Mei-ling had been noticing this case of infant child with mother harassed on train, through the grown up child in 1996 appeared at New York City to study his MBA program, however, Madam Chiang Soong Mei-ling did not mention this to that grown up child. We apparently could not know the reason but there were some clues suggested that when the young female government social worker reported this infant child with woman harassed on train case to foreign authority, there was a Yale Law School Graduate School student Ms Hillary Rodham coming to Taiwan for times and seemed to notice this case but when the female government social worker later mentioned this to her, somehow she seemed to deny it. Miss Hillary Rodham was an alumni from Wellesley College, the same college with Madam Chiang Soong Mei-ling.

3. Ms Hillary Rodham went to Taiwan Chiayi areas around December 1971, met the eleven months old infant child(David, named in 1982 by an English teacher) with its grandmother Mrs Chang Wang-Me. Ms Hillary Rodham told the infant child’s grandmother in Chinese language, “Say Goodbye to them”, because she was going back to the USA for graduate school study. Ms Hillary Rodham also expressed her willingness to adopt the infant child as her own baby to the infant child’s grandmother, and also asking that infant child, although the infant child puzzled by her question out of knowing that she was not its mother. However, one year later, Ms Hillary Rodham did not find out that infant child with its mother harassed in the Taipei train cart, was the same infant child, David. She only asked family member of another young child who once appeared in Chiayi area, Sean Lien’s father, a USA university alumni Mr Lien Chen, where did the infant child’s father live, who was wearing suit coming back to Chiayi to see his babe child from Taipei.

4. The infant child David Chang in 1993 has grown up and earned a bachelor degree from National Chiao Tung University(NCTU), served his national obligated military service in Taipei County Panchiao Military Police Station. In 1994 Lin-Kuo military base, Taipei County, there was US Army camped to assist the military training. There was also dispatched a specialist into the military camp who owned master degree of psychology along with military training of David Chang, she was previously with a counselling job in her focus group alike observing mission upon NCTU campus and dormitory. Obviously after 1994 August 14 the former YWCA English teacher and Sergeant Eva Ivory’s death, along with Eva Ivory’s military academy classmate, also was the military police troop company deputy chief, confronting Second Lt. Mr David Chang with threatening and harassment, the operating crew and observing focus group again using energy program heavy assault the very victim, the same situation as 1971 the infant child endured. It was said that the psychology major specialist who came into camp along with David Chang also died after 1995 May when David Chang dismissed from the military service.

5. From 1971 through 1976, the female government social worker who reported the infant harassed case to foreign authority was warned by that Japanese group in Taipei City that she had to listen to them, but the young female social worker said that she was not a Japanese but had a country called Republic of China, and she directly reported the abuse case to authorities, probably including the United Nations and USA. The following events happened including the United Nations was passing a membership excluding vote, president Mr Chiang Kai-shek died of heart attack, and finally the break off rapprochement of US and ROC(Taiwan) in 1978. If this was an operant conditioning of politics, the training to norm that female government social worker has been done perfectly.

6. The YWCA English teacher Ms Eva Ivory had mentioned the Civil Rights Case of Taipei Public Bus System before 1994 August 14 died at Taipei. The case was obviously having something to do with this dust-laden file.

7. That Japanese group which related to president Mr Chiang Kai-shek(PS. These days before translating this article, from the other sources revealed that they were management class from Taiwan Sugar Industrial Company operated in Japan colony era), through forty years after president Chiang died, if their sons or daughters were twenty-something at that time, their grandchildren and their children and themselves would be in a population distribution scattered from 30 years old, 60 years old, and to 80 years old. From these days dealing conflicts with local authority, it turned out to be the power wielders such as those from that management class of Japanese group which they called themselves, had been kept gripping the energy manipulating privilege for more than two generations or three generations, and also had chased out where the used harassed infant child and mother victims had settled at Taipei, kept conducting the same harassment to them as what they had done in 1971. This is the most important condition and the determining factor of local political and legal environment when dealing with such energy abused conflicts and judicial affairs in Taiwan, the Republic of China.

David CK Chang, SSN057864042, November 15, 2011, National Central Library, Taipei City

Translated by DB, SSN057-86-4042, February, 15, 2012, New Taipei City Library, Panchiao, New Taipei City

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