Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, novel reading

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, 2003 J.K. Rowling, Scholastic Inc.

What is the Order of the Phoenix? We can take an investigating look into J.K. Rowling’s novel in the Chapter Five, “The Order of The Phoenix.”
First is the words said by Sirius, “…at least you’ve been able to get out and about, stretch your legs, get into a few fights…I’ve been stuck inside for a month…There’s not much I can do for the Order of the Phoenix.”
-(A)—Obviously the Order is some kind of static activities which Sirius doesn’t like.

Then is Harry asking Sirius, “how come he’s in the order?”
“He’s useful…also very loyal.”
The third is Harry describing his status, “I asked Ron and Hermione but they said we’re not allowed in the Order.”
“And they’re quite right,” said Mrs. Weasley. “You’re too young.”
-(B)—Children and adolescents are receiving more respect in the west society. Sometimes they have suits and ties just like their adults’ counterpart. They would be also addressed as “Sir”, or “Junior”.

“Since when did someone have to be in the Order of the Phoenix to ask questions?” asked Sirius.
“Harry’s been trapped in that Muggle house for a month. He’s got the right to know what’s been happen…”
“You’ve too young, you’re not in the Order,” said Fred, “Harry’s not even of age!”
“It’s not my fault you haven’t been told what the Order’s doing,” said Sirius calmly.
“He’s not a member of the Order of the Phoenix!” said Mrs. Weasley.
“He’s only fifteen and–”
“–and he’s dealt with as much as most in the Order,” said Sirius.
“Are you kidding?” said Bill incredulously.
“Dumbledore was the only one You-Know-Who was ever scared of!”
“Thanks to you, Dumbledore was able to recall the Order of the Phoenix about an hour after Voldemort returned,” said Sirius.
“So what’s the Order been doing?” said Harry.
-(C)—“Knowledge is Power”, as Francis Bacon said. When Bill asking to confirm that You-Know-Who was ever scared of the Headmaster Dumbledore, the learned scholar, the answer is that Dumbledore was able to recall the Order of the Phoenix about an hour after Voldemort returned.

“Working as hard as we can to make sure Voldemort can’t carry out his plans,” said Sirius.
“Tonks here, for one–she’s too young to have been in the Order of the Phoenix last time.”
“Didn’t you see the Daily Prophet last week? They reported that he’d been voted out…and they’re talking about talking away his Order of Merlin, First Class, too.”
…she looked at Sirius, “You’ve given Harry plenty of information. Any more and you might just as well induct him into the Order straightaway.”
“Why not?” said Harry quickly.
“I’ll join, I want to join. I want to fight–”
It was not Mrs. Weasley who spoke this time, but Lupin.
“The Order is comprised only of overage wizards,” he said.
“Wizards who have left school,” he added.
-(D)—Kind of, sort of saying that wizards are not the best, not only left school, but just like dropouts from schools, whatever reasons they have left school.

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