My life became different since you came; Recently novel readings

Cover of "Under the Dome: A Novel"

Cover of Under the Dome: A Novel

This Monday I used my recently renewed New Taipei City Library Card to check out Stephen King’s Nov. 2009 novel “Under the Dome” for 30 days to read the 1072 pages plus 2 pages of author brief. I have read 251 pages up to yesterday.

Most impressive characters up to this 251 pages is the Town Kids called Rory Dinsmore. He took a ride of the ATV with handlebars to go around the hill several hundred yards from his father’s farm house, with a double barreled 0.30 rifle with a box of grains from shelf called XPs reloaded. Sounds like Microsoft’s Windows software product or IBM’s Thinkpad series in the years. For general farmers and alike us ordinary students in those years, that may refer to the price was a little expensive but with premium quality.

Rory splayed his hand and aimed the two barreled rifle at three dead sparrows near the hill, of kind of a C.S.I. spot when “the Dome” appears. The investigating guard had just faced the protested turnout and tried to stop him but the only Reverend seen with Lester’s shirttail out and flying, then hi-impact slug struck the Dome dead on ricocheted, and what scurrying off into the high grass and made the splatters of blood on the hardwood. If only we had a high school midterm exam, I guess this could be sort of the “cloze test”. Sort of, not sore of. See, saw, sore. Sort of. How you got to sharpen the saw when you are Under the Dome, or whatever, Under the Dorm of dormitory days? First to understand and then to be understood, and then? Not forgotten. What I remembered in those days was that kind of local quarrels sounded on campus in the dorm days. Therefore the dorm days under the dome was doomed to be flunked, wasn’t it a good cloze test? The Pixie Light and Pixie Dark characters in Stephen King’s previous novel Cell could not agree more, I think. Or maybe we could find that in a state local gazette, when we all know the reverend father struck a blow on the short figure. We are different not that you say it was difficult recently. We were not different since the salvation hero turned out on the street corner. My life became different since you came. Don’t you agree with me upon this point?

David CK Chang, SSN057-86-4042,

May 19, 2012,



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