Bill Clinton-Chapter 40 Declaring, biography reading

Bill Clinton, An American Journey, Great Expectations, Nigel Hamilton, 2003
Chapter 40, Declaring;

1. Before page 577 Chapter 40 of the 2003 Random House hardcover Bill Clinton biography, on page 575 titled Part Eight, Democratic Nomination, is a photo of (February 4, 1992) Star magazine’s cover, with both Gov. Clinton and Singer Gennifer Flowers appeared on the cover. We can easily see that Clinton’s head on the cover looked leaner and more slim than the pictures on page 519, Part Seven, The Sun King, Arkansas and on page 471, Part Five, Saying no to a presidential run, 1987. The face looks more like the November 1, 1990’s “Daddy Long-Legs”, when he seemed to get a replying word from me, a sophomore student of National Chiao Tung University(NCTU) at HsinChu City, Taiwan, as an Attorney General and Governor, but was described as a desperado alike character in Charles Dickens’ novels David Copperfield and Great Expectations.

Fraud Busters 1:
On page 579 Bill Clinton’s best friend (both Arkansas, of the same height, both earned law degrees), Jim Blair asked rhetorically, and said, “We’re a close cousin of the primates…”
Actually the former Governor’s daughter, the singer Gennifer Flowers had a cousin who was called by “Geannie” as boyfriend when she was trying to relate to the Governor. He was ordered to commit suicide at Taiwan around 1985.

Fraud Busters 2:
Educational background of Gennifer Flowers:
(1) BA and MBA, Chinese Culture University, 1990-1994
(2) MS in psychology, University of Texas, 1994-1996
(3) PhD in psychology, University of Arkansas, 1996-2001;
(meanwhile, also served as faculty, assistant professor in University of Arkansas)

2.Bill Clinton, An American Journey, Great Expectations, Chapter 40, Declaring, on page 585, “The Debris of a Broken Promise” Nigel Hamilton, as a historian wrote his pretext in this way, “The Arkansas Democrat would, in due course, have to eat its words, but the negative sentiment was widely echoed among those who liked Bill Clinton and/or Hillary–and especially among those who didn’t.”
Then the historian Nigel Hamilton’s citing Meredith Oakley’s words,
“His word is dirt.”
(page 586) “The bleaters who care more for celebrity than veracity are basking in a false and empty light.”
“They trumpet the basest form of political expediency, for they revel amid the debris of a broken promise.”

Fraud Busters 1:
This section on page 585 is opposite to the section “Totally Crazy” on page 584, which is ended by journalist John Brummett’s words, “But why would you want to? Your life will be ripped apart, you’ll be so exposed!”

Fraud Busters 2:
“His word is dirt.” The word “dirt” is slang for “money”.
That could mean you as a privy have to pay money, not only to the author historian himself on the biography, but also to the law firm for lawyers when an implication occurs.

Fraud Busters 3:
The Star magazine cover, Feb. 4, 1992, was used for the pending 1980’s Arkansas Law Court as a piece of plaintiff evidence, and was accepted by the law court against the Rose Law Firm skirted lawyers’ defending. The historian author mentions in the biography of this paragraph could be a protesting in that very law court(1992), and to be a legal document recorded or filed properly in his history masterpiece.

Fraud Busters 4:
The questionable contents is the detail description of Bill Clinton’s daily routine on page 584,
“Jogging downtown in his running shorts in Little Rock on the morning of October 3, 1991, ‘Jell-O’ Bill Clinton thought of the many times he’d nipped in to see Gennifer Flowers in the Quapaw Towers.”
Actually, as a student of Chinese Culture University from 1990 though 1994, Gennifer Flowers would only show up at these places: Taipei, Tainan(Taiwan), and Texas, where in Texas because her Senator father assumed the post after leaving Arkansas. She would not be in Little Rock to be a perfect alibi. And the legal stance is further extended by the following sentence in Nigel Hamilton’s Bill Clinton biography, “Although their sexual relationship had ended in 1989, they were still friends, and they still spoke intimately on the telephone.” Therefore, what could be expected is “Totally Crazy” as the section title goes and hints on page 584.

David CK Chang, SSN057-86-4042,
May 21, 2012, Monday,
New Taipei City Library,
Panchiao, New Taipei City


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