Psychology Today-June 2012, magazine reading

Psychology Today, June 2012

Psychology Today June 2012 issue

Public occasion impromptu on health insurance topic of the soapbox preachers, a private jet passenger without 18-carat diamond-drop earrings, that was not whom you found in ordinary school days. However, you are in a summer vacation transporting something to the east continent of the dream land(Switzerland, Germany). Sunny sky, gentle weather, everything seemed so perfect. Then, a decade lapses, what happened at that time? How do you know? You know, therefore I know.

Recently I checked out several books from the New Taipei City Library using recently renewed library card, The Hunger Games, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and this month with Stephen King’s novel, Under the Dome. I have read a third of this dictionary alike, hardcover book. Hmm, living dictionary with 1074 pages. What I could say is that this is really a good book, teaches me a lot of things, since a decade ago when I first read his Different Seasons novel. When I was in my university days, borrowed a hard cover of Stephen King’s novel but except for the first page the whole book left unread for that all check out period. This situation is improved quite a lot since I have this Psychology Today magazine subscription. To subscribe to the Psychology Today magazine is really, really helpful, and I mean it.

Up to this moment on May 23, I still have to deal with the aftermath of house intruding seizure from the New Taipei City Criminal Police on December 29 just after last Christmas, of a libel case on my Yahoo! website article accused by the Breeze Center owner Liao Cheng-han whom was obscured referred by the criminal police officers during the inquiring. There have already been two investigating courts held, due process as well has been endured lasting for the fifth month. Previously I had filed a malfeasance case against the prosecutor Lieu Dong-yun, but earlier was casually dismissed by the court prosecutor office with judicial arrogance, an arbitrary prosecutor office sealed letter scripted with two irrelevant law provisions inferred that my psychiatric NTU hospital record was queried in that very court and known, also without hiring any lawyer to defend a plea of innocence but paper works myself. The prosecutor accused in my filed malfeasance case, Mr Lieu Dong-yun was my acquaintance who had signed a CIA contract in October 1996, also contacted with the US First Lady Mrs Hillary Clinton to seek her backing and it was notified she granted him and his peers to fight with the US revenge listed international Taipei student and dropout student Mr David Chang, me, whose grandmother had just died of medical gross negligence at TVG(Taipei Veteran General) Hospital Taipei after the First Lady Hillary taken a picture with David on August 2, 1996 the City University of New York school open day. The dialogue alike message was delivered at the Newark airport before the airplane taking off in the midnight on October 22, 1996. I was pestered to leave the City University of New York Baruch Business School graduate program with my grandmother killed on TVG Hospital at Taipei City, message form the notification by the White House staff at city university classroom. It is recently notified that Prosecutor Lieu Dong-yun have just renewed his CIA contract before the first investigating court held on January 30.

by David CK Chang,
SSN:057-86-4042, P.T. Subscribe ID:26–501,
May 23, 2012, Wednesday,
National Central Library,
Taipei City


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