English: A schematic showing the monogamy rela...

English: A schematic showing the monogamy relationship. The picture makes it clear that 4 types of relationships are possible (male-male, male-female, female-male, female-female), between each of the involved persons in the marriage scheme. Note:The arrows between the symbols only connects one symbol on each side. I.e. 1 male (or female) symbol with 1 male (or female) symbol. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

IBS in the morning could be something wrong to do with your weak hand but was intended to rouse the adolescent pathos in the preliminary seasons. But Junior may pity at the thought of a baggy suit felt dead within that cheap built stature.

Monogamy is another. Not androgynous, which I think is true and not  your Daddy-Long-Legs’ shannagans. The details of story line could be found in the flow from a draw, umm, drawer, which some other would found the next day in a tabloid bought with one dollar a piece with the Hinterlands gryphon style of wow erratic problem.

I read in a magazine saying that husbands would complain to their wife to engaged in social media for too much time, say, two or three hours a day. That’s because they felt betrayed, and tried to query their marriage partners who took off all their precious shared time in family. That’s terrible, I guess it is certainly something like that, you know. I cannot subscribe to that idea because I could not have one. And that is a fact.

Have a nice weekend!

DB, June 1, 2012

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