Pinocchio (1940 film)

Pinocchio (1940 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I did not see Pinocchio on the Disney animated movie, but in an epic of were war movie in November 2003, driving my Toyota break-into-style Altis to my childhood’s Sunshine Valley at southern part of Taiwan to see that sort of in-the-parallel-universe forbidden Hollywood movie, again. That Sunshine Valley was in Michael Fox’s movie Back to the Future when in November 1990 I had a two hour lunch chat with governor Clinton. And his nose was cut in that 1990 trip to Taiwan. He seemed to be annoyed with that. My nose in the recent years was progressing to grow like that as well, but when 1996 August 7 at the Philadelphia YMCA talking with the Dutch diplomat daughter freshman Julia Kirby, she reminded me not to make that joke again. But I did not get what she means at that moment. In that movie War of the Worlds with the protagonist handsome movie star Mr Tom Cruise and the sweetie Ms Dakota Fanning, directed by Stephen Spielberg, that’s a shocking perspective to see a troop approaching and the father Tom Cruise having a talk with Dakota Fanning in a horn blaring scene in the movie.

My Toyota was sold in the next July, when something bad happened, not only those horrifying stuffs of deaths in the community next to my house which was built with governmental secret funds to affect my life, but I was also got a shot when I had my job interview in that year, mandated to take a physical test. That was when they manipulated their overwhelming power to exert a Fordyce condition of ectopic lipocyte, fat cell on my lip by the unknown chemical shot, and under certain observation aftermath to sift through a cancer test. But it was for CIA agent to test, and the bling president Sarkozy said his wife France had a shot of this. My Toyota sedan was sold at this threatening situation, when on July 13, 2004 I drove by a local chain California Motel, they used remote control to draw down the driver side window to face a trained killer, although the guy looked kind of friendly and expressed that he would not make a sneak attack to “a respectable competitor”. He was sort of US mercenary who seemed to comb that area for some unknown target on that early evening. But he had personal issue to determine his action. Terrible, huh? I sold this Japanese Toyota car within a month. The Taiwan Toyota dealership at that time was newly changed to local celebrity Mr Koo Chen-Fu. They said that it was not easy to maintain a Japanese best car dealership. Mr Koo Chen-Fu died the next January, but later on I start to know there were other killings happened in that community next to my house when I was traveling to the Europe by airplane and also traveling by that Japanese Toyota to southern part of Taiwan. That was that.

DB, June 8, 2012


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