English: Jesus Christ - detail from Deesis mos...

English: Jesus Christ – detail from Deesis mosaic, Hagia Sophia, Istanbul (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently I read from the Bible, Gospel of Matthew, that Jesus was condemned by Pharisee “ate with Tax Collector”. Oh, God…Shouldn’t I eat with a tax collector? My high school classmate Liu was an Internal Revenue Bureau officer after graduated from university since he passed the governmental examination that he took up the job. Last time we had lunch together and that’s his wedding ceremony. I guess the reason that my classmates who attended his wedding ceremony very few could be the other classmates having higher wisdom than I, while in the mean time I was single and started to study the bible? I guess that could be true because they shall be more richer than I was and I am. Money talks, after all. Is this the reason that I had been kept a bachelor up to this moment, to be a man at forty? I remember that my classmate Liu was not married to the US kind of cream of the cream, crop of the crop, beauty competition winner high school sweet heart Mary but another new girl. He seemed to have some Catholics concepts not to use the contraception and both girls got pregnant and each had born him a child. That was that.

What the Evangelist said according to the Gospel of Matthew of Holy Bible about this passage, more exactly? I remember that a double decades ago I watched in television at home, hmm, a televangelism program said in Chinese language, that the moral in bible stories of this New Testament was that new ruler had come to Nazareth, where Jesus Christ lives, and they had political disputes among the villagers. After the young man Matthew was ordered by the new ruler to be new officer to collect tax, but he saw Jesus Christ and then followed Jesus Christ again. The Pharisees were men of the new ruler, therefore annoyed by Jesus Christ because he made that newly recruited man leave the post. That was what I got from the television program about the stories of Bible twenty years ago.

DB, June 22, 2012,


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