Words exchanging

English: Broadway show billboards at the corne...

English: Broadway show billboards at the corner of 7th Avenue and West 47th Street in Times Square in New York City (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You know Mike was losing his wife a decade ago in the terrorist attack, but I heard that he had a daughter that he seldom mentioned. They said that she was serving military service. Hmm, maybe in Japan or somewhere in the Far East. And she might have some problems. Also the daughter of Rudy last time was appeared on the newspaper with her Harvard freshman status. What I’m telling you earlier that it shall be something like girl’s talk to her bosom friends, but we should not ’cause we are not girls to have talk like that. Instead we should have talk of something like comrades or cadres. Or at least, like a pen pal style to make the words exchanging. But no matter, there you go.

In the radio that Madonna had told her fans and the audience that she was like their elder sister, not their mother, because she was not that old. Say, if we were back to thirty years ago, someone like me, I was just 13 years old and she was 22, she was just issuing her first popular single Who’s That Girl. And she was kind of my sister but I was just in grammar school to perceive that she was an adult while I was a child. That’s that. Later, eighteen years ago I was going to the New York City(1996 summer), one night she was scheduled to be with Sylvester Stallone to host a show in a closed house at the Time Square. The roads around the Time Square were all blocked until PM 12:00. But that day Madonna seemed to stand him up and did not appear to the theater that night, or maybe the things was not like that. Problem was caused by the other issue of the celebrity guests who was attending the show which I was not notified quite clearly. What I was trying to say in here was that, when I met the young New York girl Miss Ginny eighteen years ago near that spot, the Time Square, she was just like my sister with only three years elder. She had a baby with Nicky. Nicky, everybody knows Nicky because he is a Somebody and is well known to the world. Ginny was to have a baby with Nicky, and that’s right. But I heard Ginny dare not or cannot find Nicky, and occasionally she was close to us in the Far East but disguised her name in that of Mary.

Premium therapies was another important issue. I was told eighteen years ago that the psychological counseling fees were very expensive in the New York City. And that still is today in the New York City. Some of my acquaintances have been having opportunities to access to that kind of premium psychological counseling, perhaps they would be of status of celebrity of rich, or would be convenient with transportation to get there very easy, and perhaps all were consulting that just exactly at these institutions or clinics in the New York City. Hey, what’s wrong with that? Hmm, not something that would surprise me and I believe that was not something that would surprise you, either. These acquaintances of mine not only subscribed to the psychology magazines, some peculiar behavior same as me, but also they furthermore have been counseling to these premium clinics. The odds are on them.

Jesus loves you. On the street we could see some foreign young boys riding bicycles and staying for some years as a missionary in Taipei. Some of them were the Mormons. But there are other Christians in Taipei, for example, the Catholics. I have a question. Are the Catholics often look up the scripture or the Holy Bible? You can see that on the Catholic crucifix there is Jesus Christ and also you can find Virgin Maria in the Catholic church. As I was told, both the Catholicism and the Protestantism are Christians. I think that the Catholics of course would often read the holy bible. But how about the verse, do not bow down to idols and God forbidden idol worship, isn’t that crucifix or Virgin Mary to be some form of that? When we went to the Methodist Church, there was a cross and flame insignia, on the cross in the church you do not see Jesus Christ, we don’t see Jesus Christ because we believe that Jesus Christ has resurrected. And that’s the story that my cousin told me.

David, SSN057-86-4042,

Taipei City, June 29, 2012,


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