Learn to ignite smart flame alone

English: Coat of arms of Hogwarts, the fiction...

English: Coat of arms of Hogwarts, the fictional school created by J. K. Rowling for the Harry Potter novels. Français : Blason de Poudlard, école fictive créée par J. K. Rowling pour l’univers de la série littéraire Harry Potter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many years ago somebody asked why a promising high school and university student like me would never spend enough time to scrutinize words which were said or printed. It was sort of parlor game quiz in the local town. Then my neighbor had answered the question before he died. He said that it was because a student like me hadn’t been frustrated to get a lesson. My neighbor would study Harry Potter novels, and they scrutinized and discussed that Harry Potter novel. Later on I heard that he was dying from some martyred creed that he once related. I was very sorry to know that. But what he said earlier that he would make me frustrated and get a lesson to understand that I always ignore the most important details, skip the fact, and fail to read between the lines, for the words were effectively communicated at last, I would still be thankful for his helping me to ignite smart flame alone. Just like a denim coat which I bought from his retails boutique under the skyscraper in Taipei at that time, saying that I would be appreciated his love yet I did not understand what he said. Now I know what his words means, at last. That was a premium clothes sold in his shop and I did not worth it! He made it clear and told me to wait and feel the difference between what the thing was and what the thing is after the changes, and it was he that made it happen.

For students in prestige universities or their prospect students, he may not be categorized as lacking potential or something. However, there still were many other issues to carry out that kind of moron deeds. For example, the economy issue was very popular. Health issue and medical leaves may happen. Something stunted him to lose his head could happen. That would be stupid, I confess. To speak frankly, a man of good manners and upbringings to have things like that was not only stupid but also sort of behavioral ignorance. Your drugged family member could get the thing worse to prejudice the chance. You could be influenced by political power. You could be hypnotized by their eloquence and tied up by their words to get you. One by one, all these things could happen. Are you stupid enough, say, to forget them, or you would be of ignorance to them?

The stupid song is from a movie sound track which is about that you could be your own companion, and you can learn to be lonely and alone. That’s it. What is the world that used to be? That you had recognized? We don’t have a time machine to carry us back to the past. The thing is, an irrevocably change had led to an inexorable fate, and that it would be your flame. Not your friend? Oh, no. How a deranged being talked in that tone and ignorant rhetoric to the…to the what? to the lord of house? That certainly was the lunatic. And the characters. What we see in Raoul is that rose was red lying on the snowy floor with backdrop that Phantom singing alone. That’s courage. That’s bravery. Oh, that’s insolent boy. That’s his beloved Christine. Majestically laid out sophisticated plot to depend on a charm that would finally free the soul of the audience. Christine and Raoul are both beloved, but what’s the difference between the knowledge of the characters when you have grown up, or have become more elder?

Funny money. That it has difference of blue and red. When the call of dropout in 1996 summer happened, there were agents there to decide it to happen. Not quite the psychology emotional intelligence jargon of hijack which I used to describe the dropout stuff. And the agents would have been made double to include a red one and a blue one. Things were all predicted, the boss did not like surprise. That’s the reason. My reserve officer classmate made it blue, and so did my neighbor. And my neighbor was that agent on the blue side. When Michael Jackson died in August 2009, they said that he was on the red side. Months later Psychology Today magazine spent some paragraphs to argue that you cannot attribute some faults to a dead person because that would be immoral. In the meantime my elementary school classmate Sean used to side with red. We all knew that he had a picture in Crawford ranch. But I read in Apple Daily several years ago, that Junior had personal photos everyday with the visitors to his ranch. That seems stupid to say that we may have an acquaintance or something like that in that occasion. My reserve officer classmate made it blue after my grandmother’s death, which news was delivered from the White House channel to the New York City public school classroom. My classmate was asking that in the situation they had submitted the revenge list upon an innocent New York City public school student who had just taking picture with her on the school opening day, if he could be allied with my aunt who was supposed to have been known me since I was two-month-old baby in Chiayi of Taiwan. There was a picture in the gallery which her president came to visit. She granted my classmate to be his ally, since he had signed the contract, and that would be a contract to be allied with the White House. That was that.

David C.K. Chang,


July 6, 2012,


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