There are two Starbucks Coffee stores in this ...

There are two Starbucks Coffee stores in this one small shopping center on Union Turnpike on the Glendale/Forest Hills border in Queens. One of them is set to close. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Where did you first time see the logo of Starbucks Coffee? New York City? Not quite remember that, because sometimes I recall that to be logo of Subway sandwiches. They both are healthy style food with beverage in green color. But the intangible message came in my mind, whether you want to admit it or not, mentioned what that store 1996 in New York City was, Starbucks Coffee. The owner was old lady but so jealous of her that another Taiwanese young madam made a decision to exclude me from the prestige beverage store at Manhattan. Therefore, I was forbidden to go there to have a drink from time to time. The coffee shop was reopened in summer of 1999 by old lady near my house at Banciao in Taipei area. I had a Fabuchino free right after the same week Starbucks Coffee new open and for sales promotion. But before the Coffee shop got bought back half of stocks and ownership to be taken over in July 2003, I had never been to that Coffee shop except two purchases in year 2000 and several cups did in year 2002. The old lady said to the New York chartered manager or her relative close friend, joking that she had no talent for business and making money.

Several years after beheld that logo, when I was preparing for the graduate school entrance examination and went to cram school to mend those courses not learning well in college days, probability, math, etc. I found a Subway sandwiches shop near the cram school on the Hankou Street at Taipei City. I spent quite a lot of money for collecting the paper stamps from the Subway sandwich store for exchanging a free sandwich from the Subway sandwich shop. One stamp could cost one hundred and fifty dollars each, and all the twelve stamps collected could exchange for a free sandwich. I made two or three of that stamp collecting deeds before I took the graduate school entrance examination and came of the age thirty. Finally I passed the entrance examination and went to graduate school of Tamkang University in summer 2001, you know. I have quite enough of that.

DB, October 4, 2012


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