World map showing countries by nominal GDP per...

World map showing countries by nominal GDP per capita in 2008, IMF estimates as of April 2009. Sbw01f’s work, but converted to an SVG file instead. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The urban area we used to feel in modern world is constructed with concrete layers to cover the earth which is called basic infrastructure. Roads, buildings, skyscrapers, and so on. Underground we could see water pipelines, sewage systems, or even subway systems. Power facility could be vital to the city, and were there not a casual blackout we would not see the importance of that infrastructure meant to us. And we could still pay for it as you go. Division of labor goes international, as it goes. It is like a hardware design to set apart seven layers for outsourcing and we could still work together as a project team for a single product or function. It could apply the seven layers to software design as well. You could not dispense with that because you would not want to carry the whole world upon your shoulder. And that introduces perfect competitive market economics, depending on a concept called comparative advantage, although we do not want competition but only win. Therefore, the seven layers prevails in the universe and could be taken to be an only standard or rule without formal consent. Without opponents that could be suspected to be only disguises by which officials sponsored. Those opponents would survive in this reasoning. So would us subordinates. Under the seven layers of basic infrastructure in perfect competition world, we have recognized that standard and rule. The efforts paid or consumption made by us would be counted in to balance our scores. But I think it was apparently out of the question.

Go to the movies. Yes, entertainment is important. Yes, the Hollywood movies. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. And we have budget line which have always been confining us although we hate to admit it in front of our admirers. They had a lot of hope in and wishes sent to us. We could not disappoint them, you know. But who say that we could not make it? Trust me, you can make it, as this sentence went two decades ago, it seemed to amaze an unexpected guest around our campus. By that, of course, yes we can!

DB, October 6, 2012


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