McDonalds (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

Siblings could have very different statures that could vary in inches even to feet of height. When we meet a man not necessarily we will confront him, you know. But the newspaper said that when we would choose a president from candidates, you would have chosen the taller one. Have you ever chosen the taller one before? If you was tall and normal at that moment, it was supposed that you would follow suit. But we are different now, we will rethink the reciprocity concept turning agile to maneuver. We would want to survive and not to be fired from the battle in our life. That’s not the person only with the Big Mac and coke everyday who can learn it from choosing on menu of the McDonald’s. We are not the big Mac. Did she say that?

What about the hamburger store opened recently across the street from the bahnhof terminal? We see that a superman statue stands outside the hamburger store only but that it is called the Woody’s, Woody’s Burgers. Who are you with next Wednesday? For me I have no such worries and confusion because I have been alone for quite a while. Hmm, over a decade, alone. Available. No one with us, when what had happened that just coincided with the timing your car rubber meets the road. Rubber met the road? The Roberts Court? King of the rubber? Or son of the robber barons? What happened? We might be just better off with a shrug and say nothing at all. I have my reasons, after all. Well, did you dye your rubber? I think that is sap coming from a tropical tree. But there still are others made from chemicals. Would that be the true job that makes you work like a jackass? What I learned from lessons in the past decade in applied psychology, if we can call it as that, is that we had better quit talking about this or we would just like them officers doing jobs that have aides. Aides are not for love, you know.

DB, October 8, 2012



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