‪中文(繁體)‬: 台北衛理堂,地址:10653 臺北市大安區新生南路一段113號。

‪中文(繁體)‬: 台北衛理堂,地址:10653 臺北市大安區新生南路一段113號。 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This morning my father stop me at the door when he was repairing something on the second floor of our apartment style building. He was trying to tell me something. I told him that I have to catch the bus, coming to library. I guess it was that something about my articles posted on the internet and he may have read it. That’s just what I think.

Recently I have been regulating my day to night sleeping cycle from 10-to-6 to 12-to-6. Although I still have to confront inertial rooted in my greed for meat and loaf of bread life style, to my glee is that I do not have to face the noise, not the music, coming from the neighborhood out of constructing site any more. That noise made you ill. Actually, the community building construction works had all finished. That construction site seemed to last forever since 2002 in the summer, and the effort I paid to confront that could be gaining returns. You know, I have filed a law suit of subversion against community investor and owner Mr Liao and the New Taipei City Criminal Police Brigade(Department). That could be a temporary rest to this perpetual fire of ordained ordeal. You cannot beat it. All told.

This Sunday morning I went to Taipei Wesley Methodist Church for church worship service. It was just before the National Day at Taiwan on October 10. The preacher was Mr Cheng Hsien-Chang and the topic was about emotions and relationships. But when the preacher exaggerated his gesture he just kneed down twice on the pulpit. Weird enough, you know. But when the preacher said again besides last time he said a year ago that the church communion service is belonging to the church members who had been baptized, therefore on this Sunday I did not have the communion wafer and juice. I know my sister Linda had been baptized when she was in her beautiful high school first year, but I don’t think that she had ever been to this church service in the past. That could be the high school baptism ceremony, she could have forgotten to pay the tribute money to the baptize service.

DB, October 9, 2012

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