Complaints to Supreme Court on Sep 29: Further details of the treason felony mentioned in legal complaints on Sept 24 filed to Supreme Court

Date: 101/09/29 @ 11:34
To: Supreme Court
Name: David CK Chang
Telephone: 29550553
TITLE: Further details of the treason felony mentioned in legal complaints on Sept 24 filed to Supreme Court
Dear Chief Justice Mr Hao-Ming Rai and Supreme Court Justices:

Further details of the treason felony mentioned in legal complaints 101/09/24 @ 13:29 filed to Supreme Court, “The guilty verdict given on Sep 18 Taiwan High Court slander case against Legislator Tsai Trong-rong was with implication of Taiwan High Court subversion case number 101 HE 667 in that Breeze Mr Liao Cheng-Han had an alias pseudonym of Mr Su Chi before Liao’s decease.” The legal complaints mentioned “…causing potential annihilating atomic bomb attack upon the main island of Taiwan, is the implication and legal constituting element of treason felony.” Explains as following:

1. The legal complaints filed to Supreme Court mentioned that Banciao District Court, case number Savant 101 Yi 2318 Libel Case prosecuted against the privy Mr David Chang without any necessary legal constituting elements. The criminal libel case shall be incriminated by the very crime victim Mr Liao Cheng-han by law, but both the legal yet controversial owners of this confusing identity, the Liaos brothers, elder Mr Liao Cheng-han and younger Mr Liao Jun-San, both of the nuclear payload carrying Bomber and Reconnaissance USA plane pilots, were successively deceased. Mr Legislator Tsai Trong-rong “planned for the press and media releasing the death news of the disappeared commissioned reporter Mr Liao Cheng-han, because in 2008 autumn the USA officials ever required Mr Liao Cheng-han to file an important report to his US superior, but the reporter Mr Liao Cheng-han was killed by muffle gun in the community died on scene.” Because the brothers of Mr Liao both were pilot of USA (code name Black Cat) Reconnaissance and Bomber, out of patriotism prompted Mr Liao expressing intention and determination to sacrifice for Taiwan to avert annihilating attack of nuclear payload bomber before his death on March 17, 2008 in the Banciao community.

2.The other reliable source that USA nuclear payload bomber waiting for command to be ready for a revenge attack upon Taiwan, was from the Switzerland government negotiating with the staffs in the Situation Room of USA National Defense Department or the Pentagon. The privy Mr David Chang on July 30, 2002 or July 31 walking in the Zurich suburb sight-seeing route, an intangible message informed that nearby hidden by tree bushes and rocks was a shaft with elevator of the outlet of subway.(Translation footnote: The nuclear payload USA Bomber pilot Mr Laio Cheng-han was said to be just located under the shaft of the desolate route of hidden subway outlet. For some reasons, Mr Liao dare not to use the elevator to come up to ground, while the privy was persuaded and lured into the subway tunnel. Mr Liao said he could escort the privy to be confined to some kind of tourist information center and not necessarily the privy would be killed.) On the ground near the subway outlet, the Switzerland and United Nations officials were negotiating with the USA Situation Rooms apex officers not to make a lethal attack upon the Switzerland visiting tourist and the UN Child Abuse Case privy Mr David Chang. The USA Situation Room revealed information included that “daughter Ms Chelsea of former President Bill Clinton was leaving Taipei, but former President Bill Clinton still has a son staying at Taiwan. (President Mr George W. Bush) ordered the already stand-by B-26 or B-52 bomber delaying their conditional revenge attack mission until the son of Mr Bill Clinton is persuaded to leave the Taiwan area.” Another message delivered on scene was that, “The identity check up of this tourist in Switzerland of a Taiwanese Mr David Chang, and United Nations certain file holder, United Nations child abuse case, is correct. Ethnic Asian and related to the former President Mr Bill Clinton, but he is apparently not the son of former President Bill Clinton.” On July 24 also in Switzerland there was another information coming in, which mentioned about evacuate American citizens from Taiwan. Related context background information about former USA President Bill Clinton has a son staying in Taiwan at the moment is that on November 1, 1990, the Arkansas Governor Mr Clinton had met the privy Mr David Chang near National Tsing Hua University(NTHU) campus at Hsin Chu City, and stayed in Taiwan for three days before Mr Clinton together with Mrs Hillary R. Clinton flied back to the USA. Several days later the Arkansas Governor Mr Clinton came back to Taiwan by civil aviation for several times and staying for a duration around half a year. During this period, Mr Clinton had been inquiring files and newspapers in the library of the former Taipei County Culture Center, about the 1983 Mandarin Daily News contents of the topic “Surrogate Mother.” Therefore when the Switzerland government and United Nations officials in 2002 July negotiated with staffs of the USA Situation Room(seemed to include then USA incumbent President Mr George W. Bush), the apex officers said that former President Bill Clinton having a son in Taiwan and declined to leave, determined to defend and protect Taiwan from the USA nuclear payload bomber attack, the information therefore is held as quite reliable.

3. The Arkansas first lady Hillary Rodham(Clinton)’s father, Mr Hugh Rodham was deceased at some hospital at Taipei City on November 12, 1990. Mr Chiang Mian-Heng of Shanghai SMIC (Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corps) in his early twenties, his mother Mrs Chiang later also died at Taipei on the same day, therefore the significance of this precise date was then to be identified clearly. The Arkansas Governor and Attorney General Mr Clinton was staying for half a year in Taiwan for chief magistrate investigating while overlapped the USA presidential election campaign before he was elected the USA 42nd President, Mr Clinton had not mentioned a word about Mr Hugh Rodham’s death at Taipei. From Hillary R. Clinton’s 2003 autobiography Living History and Bill Clinton’s 2003 autobiography My Life, we can both find out that Mr Hugh Rodham’s funeral was held in 1992 April, the newly minted White House couples were flying from Washington DC to Arkansas, and the funeral was held around Mr and Mrs Rodham’s house located beside the Arkansas Governor Mansion. The date notified National Chiao Tung University(NCTU) campus in 1991 September that Mr Hugh Rodham was deceased in 1991 May before the summer vacation, should be deemed as a delayed date and not the precise date of Mr Hugh Rodham’s decease. The newly elected White House first lady when she notified that message, was combining with the dissatisfying that before November 4, 1990 they were leaving Taipei Mr Bill Clinton did not meet the Ivy League Chairman officer(Cornell alumni Taiwan Chairman and President Mr Lee). Another related context of message notifying the Hsin-Chu City NCTU campus mentioned the untrue contents of college student file of curriculum score elevating issue of Control Eng. Dept. student David in 1991 May and the senior forsaken bike within campus fabricated as stolen bike issue in 1991 September, both of which were leading to Hugh Rodham’s death in the Hospital of Taipei some day after the Veteran Day of 1991 September 11. That was for sure not a correct date. Besides, the Taiwan National Defense aides Ms Chen Chu sent a threatening and anonymous message to invite the junior of NCTU student and privy Mr David Chang to sign the national defense department contract, or she would together with the others of Democratic Progressive Party(DPP) national defense contract signed members to force the privy drop out from NCTU university courses by all means, including the law suit in court to harass the university student life. Another event was that on August 2, 1996 school opening day, after meeting with the USA First Lady Mrs Hillary R. Clinton and taking a personal picture, the privy Mr David Chang was harassed to drop out from personal fee-paying public school of New York City CUNY Baruch graduate school program within three months, aggravating the malign abuse and not healing wound was that the privy’s grandmother was suffering a medical gross negligence treatment and died on August 9, 1996 at Taipei Veteran General Hospital(TVG Hospital). These data and information could be analyzed to be considered as consistent contents and posed as authentic.

4. On July 31, 2002 refused to leave Taiwan, the former USA President Bill Clinton’s son(his name was said to be Mr J. James) previously was said to have already left Taipei and have come back to the USA after his seeking for President Mr Ma Ying-Jeou’s support for certain political issue(former president Mr SB’s in jail) was declined. That event would pose a threatening of the nuclear bomb revenge attack which was ordered to be delayed with the condition until the departure from Taiwan of the former USA President’s son, Mr J. James.

Best Regards,

David CK Chang, Citizen of New Taipei City,


September 29, 2012,

New Taipei City Library,

Banciao, New Taipei City

Translated by DB, October 11, 2012, National Central Library, Taipei City 
司法信箱 最高法院:9月24日最高法院訴願文件提及外患罪情事另外說明

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