I Need You

A História de Lisey - Stephen King

A História de Lisey – Stephen King (Photo credit: meeg-el)

Sometimes it is not that easy to express your needs to your, um, whatsoever. For example, when to show that you are timid but not just afraid, because across a long dark alley without proper illumination may scare you. It is not about your career, about your soul or something else. You are tasting the icy coke, a walker, leaves for the toilet would be an option, quivering like you you probably would feel it deeper than soul. What is the freak about that no one would make out for it is myself. For you I only have to care not myself but also lovely one. And your brave one is not with her Lisey’s but with her Insomnia. How is that a dawn both are waiting but feeling more closer? How can that be a replicate to be depicted? If it is not to be forgiven a relationship in between each other, just to be forgotten, will that be a vow to be made, or only a whim, a ring, Tiffany or something else? Whom are you with on Wednesday? I would not interfere with those details in your personal life, or micromanage it for you. I would allow this and that’s your liberty. Freedom. Two of hearts, is two hearts, right? I think we are alone now. What if the way we are leading is to the ending for our love because we do not care enough for it and speak it out to our lovely one, express our jealousy and envy of whom she is with on Wednesday? Would that be a pity in your personal life?

But a need is not a want, a demand. A need is a need. In the novelty books I read it, you need it. Sounds like that. You are right, what can I say? But we have to face the music, books are still books, not a real stuff. What are the adult keeping arguing that it is a serious stuff but only making more bleeding about it. Ignorance is as such that sly trick may play they call help, beside that they sell a diesel car they know have problems. They engrave a new series number on the engine. And you see the incrimination, you cannot miss it! What do you mean? That is that. We are no children, but they are adult. They take care of us. Everybody has his own reasons, and maybe I need you. I want you. I demand you. That would fit into the psychology theory of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. And that’s not something about the theory of consumer behavior you would find in the economics textbook. That’s real. That’s your life.

DB, October 11, 2012

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