Rich Mom Poor Mom

English: Residential satellite TV dish receivers.

English: Residential satellite TV dish receivers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many, many years ago, rich mom made her children not to be watching television but to be learning to read books. That is, rich mom want to cultivate her children outstanding in the school curriculum, staying away from television and the lure of material world. Therefore, rich mom have the children with books and only media news. How did poor mom think, then? Poor mom used to be the mass media follower, therefore, poor mom had the children with televisions. Set top box, TiVo, Cable TV, Satellite Dish, MTV, blah, blah, blah. Late at night lying on the sofa, children always complaint to their teacher, saying that home was not warm enough. That is, the children used to feel cold at home of the poor mom. Poor mom used to made the children with televisions. That’s how terrific children was suffering neglect in the home by their poor mom.

Rich mom always follows the stock market news, television, radio, internet, etc. Rich mom did not walk away when the stock market occasionally collapsed. Rich mom has their savings and investment in the stock market. Rich mom is also not afraid of manipulation of the market speculators and insiders. Rich mom always takes counsel of the financial celebrity, or maybe the host in the television talk show. So, how about the poor mom? Poor mom want a healthy financial environment, a balanced cash flow spread sheet, not too much leverage of financial tools, steady job, a nice wage. Earnest and young, that’s also welcome to everybody. Poor mom looks into financial mutual funds, makes use of banking services, utilizes every small amount of savings disposable income to the bank financial advice. Poor mom does not gamble with two banks, poor mom only follow her bank. Don’t cry over the spilled milk. Don’t what? What’s that? Mop clear the milk on the floor, is it? That’s the difference I see between rich mom and poor mom for these decades.

DB, October 12, 2012

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