Study Tour

The New York Stock Exchange, the world's large...

The New York Stock Exchange, the world’s largest stock exchange by market capitalization (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My cousin said that I have been to the New York City for a study tour.

“Why did you get so mad about it? Why, why, why?”

“Guess what? I’d like to buy you a mug of draft beer there. But how could it turn out to be a blind date for that the date had been going on for several months, still could it be that you were mistaken me for another taller and nicer guy? You with a girlfriend followed that nice guy all the way down to the Wall Street? How was that?”

“You said that you went to Malaysia for a handcrafted luxury apparel which called name brand Naf Naf to be a local made in the New York City? That was not cheap than that nylon green fade away glory one piece seven dollars, for sure.”

“But you criticized my point of view and my proud knowledge of this world. You do not understand that I would not allow this.”

“Are you sure that you went to Malaysia only buy a Naf Naf clothing and not the place in Singapore?”

“Since we are apart, you always think about this. You don’t think that maybe a mob hidden there and he was a bad guy even could sue you.”

“There is no mob, at least no further.”

“Oh, really?”

“I think first you should agree with that.”

“Terrible. But it happened.”

“Did you say that today if I were not here I was suffering a loss?”

“What loss?”

“The loss of the game in court. For example, you are not aware of where the ball is in court, you did not know.”

“What court? Why we have to buy the balls? Something to do with the Vanity Fair? You know the balls in tin can package all go to be chipped into potato crisps”

Slazenger, I know it.”

“You drink Heineken or Budweiser?”

“Didn’t you think that Asahi is more suitable for you? I thought you are appreciating the Asahi, especially when the beautiful Asahi journalist had been putting down so much of those things happened in New York on the newspaper.”

“Sorry, I don’t think it will do or either it can work, you know that. That was the study tour, for sure.”

That is the question I found and therefore automatically answered, by myself. No roaring of motorbikes like the lunatic to be called back memory of the second foreign language beautiful teacher. Because it is a decade later, my cousin and I do not call it a study tour any more. Instead, we call that sight-seeing, Tour de France or the trip of the European continent, a journey once in my life time.

DB, October 13, 2012


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