Poker Face

English: Queen of hearts.

English: Queen of hearts. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What would you see into the horde looking for a familiar person? Yes or no. I don’t know. You know? You may answer by saying that, “Hmm, you’re asking me.” A poker face is like 12/52. Not 24/7/52, but 12/52. How could you do to make that poker face, you want my opinion? Yes, definitely. Good. If you want to hear that, I would say that it’s basic instinct, too. I would avert it. But if I were you, I would show all the cards on a table to see if there are one or two cards missing. Because I have such experience that several packs of poker cards mixed into it. How could you know, then, all that poker face on the table is 12/52. Are you sure? To have someone to count on. But we do not have our mother with us. Were we not to learn quick enough, we would be dropped out to the water of endless sea. For me, in order to survive I was learning to swim in free-style from YMCA at Taipei City taught by an American coach and learned it in several months. I was then 12 years old. That’s Baptism right? Quick enough? But at that moment I was with my mother to go to YMCA at Taipei City. A decade later, when I was in the New York City, I did not bring my mother there, therefore, I learned quite slowly. Slow motion. I just missed my MBA there. That’s my opinion about it. Thank you.

What if you say that obviously the poker face tells from the other card suit? Hmm, that may be a Johnson, not a Jackson. I say maybe. Poker faces have four different card suits, and still have ranks of King, Queen, Jack, etc. You say that you would see us through? I was quite looking forward to see it through. But when we are watching television programs or reading newspaper reports, at the same time we are interacting with the reporters with our own views, thinking frames, logic reasoning, etc. That’s different style experience. But paper is paper, they are different things and they have their own rules. What I heard was that we may not have that poker face show up in paper, and that should be a tacit agreement. But the paper would be demanded to have the representative ones shown up to have that political correctness make sense. I’d say that I guess the paper was required to do so. You know that, we would reluctantly to have that poker face show up, there. Because I have such opinion previously imprinted in my mind, therefore I am not intended to make it clear here. Maybe for some other reasons, but I do not think that would be my personal ones. That’s all.

DB, October 20, 2012


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