I regret ever being a customer of Toyota

Česky: logo firmy Toyota

Česky: logo firmy Toyota (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear Toyota Corp:

Your company representative in email said that the engine series number erased and carved a new series number on the car engine is none of your company’s business, because the sales representative Ms Gao Shru-Yuan(高淑媛) is not Toyota sales representative. Maybe that was true, but Mrs Gao Shru-Yuan’s husband shall be your Toyota employee in Toyota TaoMiao company. The reply was kind of ignorance of the deliberate fraud scandal caused by Toyota company Taiwan, and furthermore to blame the customer who bought the Toyota problem car. That’s not worth it for a movable property buyer to choose Toyota as his investment or car purchase. I regret ever being a customer of Toyota.     
The attached document is the Toyota receipt scanned from local 7-Eleven Convenient Store today, with Toyota customer’s name of me Mr Chaokai Chang, and your company’s Toyota Logo, website address http://www.toyota-tm.com.tw, your Toyota TaoMiao company address at Miao-Li Hsien all shown on the receipt. This was the evidence which the Toyota sedan, Break into Style Altis 1.6, which I filed to Taiwan Banciao customer with a criminal fraud case and murder attempt case against Toyota Corp, and that Toyota receipt on August 6 was submitted to the Taiwan Banciao District Court.  
I know somebody of your Toyota correspondent sent to Taipei could be decease for his mission around 2005, but with the implication of this stolen car and the criminal fraud case was filed to Taiwan High Court on Sept 17, this Toyota receipt photocopy as evidence, also the legal complaints appeal to Supreme Court recently, would be of crucial importance for your Toyota company’s reputation.
David CK Chang, 
F121485303, SSN057-86-4042,
October 21, 2012,
New Taipei City
     David Bryane Chang
    3rd Fl.,204 ChungHsiao Rd., Panchiao,
        Taipei 22064, Taiwan, R.O.C.
     Tel: 886-2-29550553,
        Tel: 886-2-89529809, N/A                 
     Mobile: 886-(0)930568181, N/A
                             0953718256, N/A

From: CRDA@mail.hotaimotor.com.tw
To: chaokai_chang@hotmail.com
Subject: RE: 和泰汽車網路信件回函-09036
Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2012 06:23:00 +0000



From: David Bryan [mailto:chaokai_chang@hotmail.com] 
Sent: Monday, September 24, 2012 11:18 AM
To: 和泰汽車顧客服務中心; 台北事務所池田 維; 聯絡我們台大法律系
Subject: RE: 和泰汽車網路信件回函

     David Bryane Chang
    3rd Fl.,204 ChungHsiao Rd., Panchiao,
        Taipei 22064, Taiwan, R.O.C.
     Tel: 2-29550553
886-2-89529809, N/A
     Mobile: 886-(0)930568181, N/A
                             0953718256 N/A

原案件經由貴公司 日本三井企業於2005年4月於台灣開會資料包括提及林榮三先生與岡一郎帶有恐嚇性用詞部份,已轉交司法院訴願文件,殺人未遂與詐欺案於2012年7月23日於臺灣板橋地方法院檢察署提告,案號荒股他字3499號,他字亦即板橋地檢署告知貴豐田公司與臺灣之國安局為共同涉案之政府犯案者。原案雖已於8月24日等同不起訴之告知結案處分,但已於8月10日提告新北市刑警大隊共同參與之微風廖鎮漢內亂案件,為流氓行為之司法法定告知,依法律政府部門並無任何豁免權規定。原引擎號碼之詐欺新車,據悉為三井家族日籍岡一郎對國安局與警政署秘密作證者,但其人號稱為山口組長,為豐田汽車家人。


Dear President Barack Obama:

It’s about a Toyota car recorded in the police account in Taiwan as stolen for a decade, definitely affected the victim’s personal life for a decade, harassed by the law enforcement, denied hiring by the employers, and finally got sued in law court, this Toyota stolen car fraud case was involved with a CIA agent of Waseda University alumni Mr Miao Hua-bing, sold to victim for a month’s job at German Schmidt in Nov. 2002. Car engine number 3zz4132619, New Car plate number 6E-1022 on New Car plate license. A fraud against Toyota Company had filed on July 23, but got dismissed with least regard from Banciao District Court, on August 10 filed an subversion law suit against New Taipei City Criminal Police instead. 


David CK Chang, 
SSN057-86-4042, F121485303,
Sept. 22, 2012, 
National Central Library, 
Taipei City 

Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2012 10:59:33 +0800
Subject: 和泰汽車網路信件回函





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和泰顧客服務中心 敬上
和泰汽車股份有限公司 顧客服務中心:0800221345

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